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By Michael LeBlanc on 7/24/2012 10:36 AM

Hello, Wrestling Fans!  I thought I’d pop in and join in on the pomp, circumstance and  hysteria of the 1000th edition of Monday Night Raw.  I expect a wild ride, so buckle up (but not too tightly, we’ll need the bathroom for sure), hold on tight, and let’s get Wringing!

*     *     *


Phenomenal opening, mixing recent clips with historical ones!  The new set is great, although it’s really not that much different than the old one.

Hmm, isn’t someone missing from that DX crew?  Wonder why?!  And X-Pac didn’t get to say much, did he?  Wonder why?

How come every time I hear the name “Damien”, I think “Anti-Christ”?

First match:  8:34 MST (by my watch) – you didn’t expect anything less, did you?

So Sheen gave them a “make good” for dumping his Twitter account?  Interesting!

Did AJ actually say the wedding would be “private”?  Is she kidding?!

“Mae Young’s son” – the Handman – they really went there?!

Wow, how blatant was the product placement with Sonic?  And suddenly Jack Swagger appears right next to the announce booth?  How low on the totem pole has he gotten, anyway?

Could you use the Funkasauras’ tights as a real flag?

Back in the Attitude Era, wouldn’t it have been Triple H bending over Trish?!

Anyone else disappointed that AJ didn’t skip down the aisle for the wedding?

Was Slick having fun presiding over that lunacy, or what?

Okay, is that something WWE’s never had – a crazy chick as GM?

And did you notice AJ was wearing tennis shoes with her wedding dress?

Miz wins the IC Title – does it really matter?

Great segment with Triple H and Heyman.  Don’t ever bring up the kids, Paul!

Did Regis sound awfully hoarse/gravelly in that promo?

Wow, those Tout segments are gonna be the Next Big Thing, huh?....NOT!

Why is Maria Menounos, of all people, commenting on an Attitude Era segment?

Oh, look – it’s Legends on steroids!  No, no, it’s just an expression!

100 million social media followers?!  Surely this number can’t be “distinctive and different” followers, can it?

I still can’t get used to Taker’s mohawk, can you?

Charlie Sheen vs. Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam?!  That could either be the most awesome thing ever, or the biggest train wreck in WWE history!

*     *     *


Overall, a very entertaining show tonight.  I didn’t expect a lot of actual wrestling, and we didn’t get much.  We did get the “who cares” title switch with the IC Title, and the good-but-riddled-with-shenanigans WWE Title/MITB Cash-In match that inevitably meant nothing (except perhaps a “rematch” due to no clear winner being determined).  But the Legends were out in force in some clever and entertaining segments (particularly the Layla/AJ locker room segment), and we got a wedding that was the vehicle to introduce AJ as the new GM.  That will be interesting to follow, for sure.

For all the past Superstars that did appear, it was most telling (at least in certain cases) about who didn’t appear – the lists are below.

Hopefully, they can keep things interesting for three hour shows, but I have serious doubts.  For this special show, at least, they did keep it interesting and entertaining.

*     *     *

Superstars and performers that returned tonight (not counting McMahons): Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Jesse James, X-Pac, JR, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Roddy Piper, Mae Young, Dude Love, Trish Stratus, Slick, the Rock, Bret Hart, Howard Finkel, Lita, JBL, Ron Simmons, Road Warrior Animal, Vader, Doink, Sid Vicious, Rikishi, DDP, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Backlund, Sean Moody, Mean Gene Okerlund, the Undertaker.


Noticeably absent (of those available):  The Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, Goldust, Val Venis, Shane McMahon, Stacy Keibler, Maria Kanelis, Sable, Torrie Wilson.

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