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By Revin Samuel on 8/28/2012 9:18 AM

RAW - 27/08/2012 E:
What this show needs to accomplish?
Night Of Champions promotion. WWE has several matches laid out for NOC, but it’s just a question of whether they can bring themselves to announce these matches. We know how WWE has issues with rewrites and over thinking things so I wouldn’t be surprised if alot of the undercard matches aren’t announced until the go home week like Summerslam. None the less they’ve got storylines in place with the tag division, Kaitlyn-Layla and Santino-Cesaro where matches could be announced for the pay per view
•Punk-Cena. Two things I don’t want to see tonight, CM Punk telling us that he’s turning heel because the whole audience loves John Cena and a drawn out promo segment that concludes with AJ coming out and announcing Punk-Cena to piss Punk off.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the drawn out promo segment between Punk and Cena, because it’s usually great stuff, but I don’t need the standard GM-villain nonsense that WWE loves to do. I thought last week’s segment with Punk and Cena was really good and perhaps the best Cena has been since his last program with Punk, imagine that. My concern is that Vince McMahon seems to be on a kick of again of telling the audience what they’ve been cheering when that’s not the case (The fans were chanting Yes to mock Daniel Bryan. Raw is a “sea of green” every week). I also don’t want this Punk turn to become another attempt at getting everyone to cheer John Cena. That’s just not going to happen ever, because John Cena’s charisma and personality just rubs people the wrong way. Take a look at this clip from NXT and tell me if you in anyway want to cheer a guy who talks like this -
•Punk-Lawler. I would like them to move away from this part of program this week, because NOC is about Cena-Punk, not Punk-Lawler. Also let’s hope WWE doesn’t have Jerry Lawler team with Cena in attempt to get him unanimously cheered as they’ve tried with Bret Hart and Jim Ross in the past
•Daniel Bryan goes to anger management. I assume Bryan will make this work. I assume Kane will be involved and I hope it won’t be too hokey and make Bryan look too much like a comedy figure, but I think that’s a losing battle. I think Daniel Bryan goes to anger management is being done to entertain The Bubble backstage and I guess that’s the curse of being extremely good at what you do
•Tag Division. WWE wants to push the tag division and have thrown a bunch of teams into a mix. I put this into the bad column in my Smackdown column and I’d really like to put it in the good column, but that would involve WWE developing the teams, giving them promo time and allowing characters to shine. You can’t randomly give me Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel out of nowhere and expect me to care
•Kaitlyn-Layla. This might be the first women’s storyline WWE has done since Wrestlemania and I think they are doing it based off the pay per view name, but none the less let’s put an effort in to telling a story and developing the Kaitlyn character. Where does Eve fit in? It could be a compelling story if The Bubble is up for telling it.
•Triple H returns. First and foremost, please be selling the broken arm. I don’t want to see them build to a rematch unless Hunter is going to lose again and I doubt that. I’d actually like to see them build to a Punk-Hunter match, because Punk needs that win back, but I know that’s not happening. None the less, I’d actually take this in the direction where Vince McMahon terminates Triple H’s contract as a wrestling talent at the board’s request so you have the story of coming full circle. Triple H relieved Vince of his duties of having any power over Raw, and now Vince takes away Triple H’s ability to get the rematch and then you can tell a story from there where Triple H eventually gets the right to compete again. Also this should have been promoted last week on Raw.

Show Breakdown

  1. I like the opening video package, which gave focus to Summerslam and what happened the next night on Raw.


  1. I just noticed on the opening intro package that CM Punk receives third billing after John Cena and Triple H. Gotta love the insecurities that encompass The Bubble.


  1. WWE opens the show with a few different camera angles of the crowd and it doesn’t look that jammed to me. I guess that’s what happens when your show consists of a sock puppet that has a mind of his own; a franchise player who not everyone wants to get behind and one half of your tag champs has an invisible friend!


  1. Jerry Lawler starts the show in the ring and he wants an apology from CM Punk. The crowd begins chanting CM Punk and I’m sure Vince McMahon is bewildered backstage.


  1. I like when WWE incorporates realism into a promo when the guy being told what could be construed as the truth can’t be damaged by it like a commentator in Jerry Lawler.


  1. Punk is excellent playing the heel here and Lawler’s body language is just outstanding.


  1. The crowd still chanting for CM Punk, because he’s just so good at what he does and it’s going to be I’d say pretty much impossible to turn him.


  1. Lawler finishes the promo segment as Punk is walking to the back with “Hey Punk, I’ll think about it!” that was lamer than Brock telling Triple H, “I’ll see you at Summerslam” before exiting the ring. Who comes up with these weak close out lines? Sixteen writers.


  1. Jack Swagger in the ring for the first time in a few weeks and Cole immediately breaks into the losing streak storyline.


  1. Swagger is facing Ryback and I just don’t understand sometimes why Kevin Dunn tweaks theme songs.


  1. Cole calls Swagger the toughest competition Ryback has faced and so the guy on a losing streak that has lasted a few months is Ryback’s toughest competition...this company


  1. Ryback beats Swagger and Swagger should talk to Brock Lesnar and consider a career in MMA, because this company isn’t giving him the time of day. I remember when Swagger came in and was on ECW, I thought the dude was a B version of Kurt Angle, which is great, but it looks like politics got the better of his career.


  1. Cole lets us know that it could be Game Over for Triple H’s career and seeing that I hope we get to see a Tell me a lie video focused on Triple H’s career.


  1. John Cena vs The Miz...and why couldn’t WWE book Cena against someone who doesn’t have a title.


  1. Natalya in the ring and I figured she’d be doing her best to make Kaitlyn look good, but its Layla. I suspect Kaitlyn will get to squash Natalya on Smackdown. It’s unfortunate how WWE treats Natalya, and sometimes I wonder if it’s some grudge Vince and Hunter have against her for being a Hart.


  1. Vickie wants to make an announcement so she wants the diva match over early. I assume they are doing this angle because Vince is insecure about the divas segment.


  1. The crowd doesn’t care about the divas match, but it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.


  1. I’m surprised how much time WWE has given this match. I expected it to go 90 seconds, but instead they gave it about three minutes...


  1. Vickie tells Layla she is done and she politely leaves the ring. This is how WWE treats their babyfaces in 2012. Imagine a heel coming into a ring even ten years ago and saying “Your done, you can leave now” and the babyface leaving without issue.


  1. I don’t even know what Vickie is saying. She is getting tons of heat and she is screaming.


  1. Okay, I’ve managed to figure out that Vickie was saying she wants to be GM. It’s interesting that WWE is attempting to use Jerry Lawler to make CM Punk a heel, which is smart, but doubtful that it works and now are using Vickie to try and get AJ over as a babyface and she did get a good pop coming out, but this isn’t reality. This is like when they bring a legend back for one night to pop a rating. These characters can be over in certain scenarios because the person they are dealing with is hated or liked more, but you can’t do that every night.


  1. AJ in full suit and WWE clearly isn’t learning anything when it comes to AJ’s attire.


  1. AJ says nothing and just smacks Vickie and that is the best use of AJ, WWE has made since they made her GM.


  1. Dear god were getting Triple H moments all night...


  1. We get the first anger management skit and as suspected Daniel Bryan made it work. The live crowd seemed to like it as well.


  1. I was going to say I don’t need to hear Jerry Lawler get on the mic to tell us he’s accepting Punk’s challenge, but man that was a helluva babyface promo.


  1. Michael Cole is alone at the broadcast booth and I hope they don’t try and have Cole, Joey Styles this for the rest of the night.


  1. Cole lets us know that Raw is in Chicago next week and mother of god do I hope Vince doesn’t get it in his head to try and turn Punk heel in Chicago.


  1. Thank God, Josh has joined Cole on commentary.


  1. Michael Cole acknowledges that the crowd is split in their reaction to John Cena and I’m a little surprised they recognized it.


  1. I’m shocked they let Miz get to the rope in the STF. In the past he’d tap out before the hold was even properly applied.


  1. Cena and Miz having a somewhat solid match. I don’t really think they have great chemistry, but it’s not bad tonight.


  1. Miz, the IC champ does the standard loss to Super Man. The commentators go right into protect Miz mode, which tells me that Vince knows he shouldn’t be doing stuff like this, but he does it anyways. The man is lost; he’s totally forgotten what brought him to the dance.


  1. We get a flashback to Triple H’s 2002 return and what a pop that was...remember how quickly he fizzled out as a babyface?


  1. Kane shows up in anger management and this is only working because Daniel Bryan pulls it off.


  1. Santino with the puppet that has a mind of his own aka the only people laughing are Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn takes on Heath Slater. I liked it alot better when Slater was that guy you knew when he came out he was facing someone special.


  1. The crowd chanting boring and perhaps Vince should take note that Santino’s strengths are in small doses.


  1. This Santino’s puppet is smitten with Aksana is worse than when Carlito ran into a wall trying to chase Hornswoggle. This is the type of storyline where Vince and company say the kids like it without thinking about the long term ramifications that everyone else is embarrassed to be watching it.


  1. Brodus Clay is out and if anyone gets a chance they should check out the WWE 13 panel discussion that can be found on Youtube where indeed Cameron , the first person eliminated from Tough Enough tells Steve Austin she was the last person standing. This company...


  1. Slotted Rhodes in a slotted match with Damien Sandow against the weird tag team of Sin Cara and Brodus Clay.


  1. Of course Cody gets jobbed out, because Brodus needed a win here and Triple H’s protégé isn’t taking a loss any time soon. Eyes are rollin


  1. Kane’s dialog in anger management recapping his career of nonsense was tremendous.


  1. More flashbacks to Triple H’s career highlights. They might as well show the U2 video.


  1. R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan with Kofi on commentary. Big pop for Michael Cole bringing up that R-Truth didn’t know they were in Milwaukee last time they were there for Raw.


  1. Daniel Bryan loses via a count out due to his anger issues and Josh lets us know that anger management will be continuing next week.


  1. I forgot to mention earlier that WWE is letting the fans know what type of match Lawler and Punk will have between Tables, Cage and No DQ. I’d assume cage wins it, but perhaps table does too so at least it’s a good poll this week.


  1. Triple H out and low and behold he’s selling the arm, but not the way Shawn sold it.


  1. WWE immediately focuses on a sign that says “You tapped out”.


  1. Triple H slapping hands with the fans, very unlike him.


  1. Michael Cole and Josh are standing and for some reason Cole’s head is bopping to Triple H’s music.


  1. Triple H trying to milk a chant and you’d think he’d learn after the “You tapped out” chant at Summerslam not to do that.


  1. Triple H’s promo talks about guys who held on too long and one immediately thinks of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan as he brings up cripples and the guy who will wrestle for anyone willing to pay him.


  1. Triple H is moving that so called “broken arm” alot.  This man is far too insecure for his own good.


  1. Triple H trying to build to a rematch with Brock, and I don’t approve.


  1. The crowd is at least into his promo and chanting “You can do it” in regards to beating Brock so at least he’s conveying sincerity.


  1. Triple H getting a “Thank You Hunter” chant and he even managed to break out the ears like his father in law. He truly is a McMahon.


  1. Quality promo from Triple H and he brought the audience with him so as much as I don’t like that they are building to Hunter-Brock 2, it worked.


  1. Sheamus and Orton vs Ziggler and Del Rio and Sheamus out to a lukewarm pop at best, but it is late in the show.


  1. Ziggler won the big one last week and this week he’s beaten again. No PROTECTION. I’ve wondered before if Stephanie McMahon understands the business, I’m not going to wonder if Vince McMahon understands the business, because I know he does, but I think the bubble around him has made him so arrogant that he thinks he can get anyone over no matter how many times they lose. Ridiculous.


  1. Lawler telling Cena not to interfere so they can telegraph when he loses. Predictability, but hey the Bubble is insulated.


  1. Josh takes off and Kane joins commentary. I guess this show really is about The Bubble getting a laugh. Oh and Kane is watching a Zack Ryder match, so we know what’s going to happen here. The bastard child is about to get ejaculated on.


  1. Ryder like Layla is a 2012 babyface who doesn’t care when people bullying.


  1. A faint “Let’s go Ryder” chant and it’s clear the universe would like to cheer for Ryder, but unfortunately were dealing with a company that gets to make money even if their fans don’t like what they are feeding them.


  1. Zack Ryder gets a surprising win over David Otunga, and then even more surprising gets spared by the Bubble and Kane obliterates Otunga. You know I don’t like when The Bubble treats Otunga like trash, but I guess they need to punish him for doing a movie.


  1. Smackdown main event announced as Orton vs Ziggler, yet Ziggler just lost tonight so who cares?


  1. Cage match wins the poll and surprisingly NO DQ got more votes than Tables, which I’m skeptical about, but I’ve always heard these polls are legit.


  1. I was going to put WWE usage of AJ tonight in the good column, but instead they had to bring her out again to let us know that John Cena will be getting his billionth title shot against CM Punk at NOC. At least they announced a match.


  1. The commentators kind of foreshadowed that Lawler might win by saying Lawler shouldn’t be in the ring with Punk and then Punk went ahead and won anyways. I like that. It wasn’t the usually trick of he hits his finishing move and then Cole saying it’s over, thus telling you the guy is going to kick out.


  1. Why doesn’t’ Cena climb the cage?


  1. Punk destroys Lawler and walks away, I’m just not sure Cena is the hero everyone wants standing up for The King, but t hat’s never stopped Vince McMahon before

What this show accomplished?
The Good
•Promo segments. CM Punk, Jerry Lawler and Triple H all delivered on their promos tonight with verbiage and body language.
•Punk’s character change. Punk continues his turn. Again, I don’t think it will work, but the effort is being put in
•Anger Management. As expected it was pretty damn good and WWE didn’t do anything too hokey with Kane
•AJ. The handling of AJ was alot better tonight. She wasn’t overexposed and the one segment she was in was with a person the audience actually hates so she could play babyface. The suits still need to go
The Bad
•The treatment of Slotted Rhodes. It’s unbelievable how Cody who has been around for six years is being tossed aside for new and fresher talent like Damien Sandow, Brodus Clay and Sin Cara
•Tag Team Division. WWE wants to establish all these tag teams in the tag team division yet none of them can make Raw
•Kaitlyn. Nowhere to be seen on the A show and another character they need to develop. At least put her in a pre tape interview with Striker or something
•Dolph Ziggler. Like Cody Rhodes, this guy is getting no protection from The Bubble. The audience knows how good he is and they will continue to cheer him ala Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes in certain cities, and that will just piss The Bubble off even further
•Santino and the puppet with a mind of his own. I don’t think the inner circle of WWE realizes what a turn off these types of storylines are to the fans who actually spend money on the product
Overall Thoughts
•Another solid show, but I’ve got some major pet peeves with the handling of certain characters when you have three hours to get things done!
What needs to be accomplished on next week’s show?
•Pay Per View promotion and more matches announced
•Protect talent like Rhodes and Ziggler. I know it’s a lost cause, but both these two deserve better and one of them is holding on to MITB
•Tag Division. There isn’t a need to limit this storyline to Smackdown when you have three hours on Raw!