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By David Conroy on 4/6/2013 2:02 PM

Below is a letter I sent to WWE.

Dear WWE,

I'm writing just to share an opinion, and to let you know that I will NOT be ordering Wrestlemania this year.

I'm a long time fan, dating back to before Arnold Skaaland threw in the towel on Bob Backlund. I've seen almost every PPV you've put on since I got PPV access around 1990. I've seen every one of Undertaker's 20 wins, including watching him beat Bossman from my $400 seats in the third row at WM XV in Philly.

I won't be watching this year simply because the show is just not worth the $70(I have Directv) to watch only one match I have any interest in, CM Punk vs the Undertaker. I really don't care to pay to see any other match on the card, because quite frankly the characters have been so poorly developed and utilized that none of them stand out and hold any interest.

Yes, this includes the big John Cena vs. Rock match. We saw this match last year, and the only thing that adding the title to it this year does is make it a no win situation. If Rock wins you have a part timer continuing to hold the belt and not appear on TV. If Cena wins, well, we've seen that quite enough by now, and what's worse, Cena winning would mean they each beat each other once, laying the ground work to do it all again next year.

I love(d) the Rock, but as a part time player, he loses a lot. Cena would be fine as well, albeit in smaller doses. CM Punk is the only guy with any heat, and you may have been overexposing him of late as well.

Punk v. Undertaker I'm sure will be fantastic. I'm sure HHH will probably get the best match possible out of Brock Lesnar, but, it's Brock, so even HHH can't make it great. That's it. Nothing else on the card stands out at all, even the other title match. Certainly nothing worth once again raising the price tag.

So, for the first time in over two decades, I'm sitting this one out.