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By Mike Johnson on 12/29/2016 12:03 AM


Tate Believes Nunes Wins: “I’ve never been hit so hard in my career as I was by Nunes. It only takes one right hand to rattle anyone.”

Los Angeles – On UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian, Daniel Cormier and guest host Miesha Tate preview UFC 207: NUNES VS. ROUSEY and interview champion Amanda Nunes and challenger Cody Garbrandt. Guest host Michael Bisping interviews Dominick Cruz and Karyn Bryant add reports.

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier on his next fight: “I’m looking to fight in April. I’ll beat Anthony Johnson and then move on.”

Cormier on Amanda Nunes’ keys to victory over Ronda Rousey: “Key one, she’s got to keep the fight standing and frustrate Ronda. Then, she has to utilize angles and can’t be a stationary target.”

UFC TONIGHT guest host Miesha Tate on what Nunes has to do to beat Rousey: “She has to throw combos against Ronda to keep her on the outside and keep those punches in bunches.”

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Rousey’s keys to victory: “First, she needs to close the distance on Amanda and get on the inside of her punches. Second, she’s got to get the clinch and use her judo throws.”

Tate on how Rousey can beat Nunes: “Ronda needs to get the fight to the ground and finish the fight on the ground.”

Cormier picks Rousey over Nunes: “Nunes is very tough. Nunes is a skilled and dynamic striker, but in a transition, Ronda will catch an arm and get the submission.”

Tate picks Nunes to beat Rousey: “I fought both of them. I’ve never been hit so hard in my career as I was by Nunes. It just takes one right hand to rattle anyone. I’m going with Amanda.”

Florian picks Rousey at UFC 207: “Because Nunes gets tired in fights and she hasn’t been in a fight this big, I’m going with Rousey.”

VIDEO: Strikezone and Predictions: UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey


Amanda Nunes on the key to beating Ronda Rousey: “When I step in the cage I’m going to be ready. I’ll be strong everywhere the fight goes.”

Nunes on if she’s prepared for Rousey’s ground game: “I’m black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I’ve been training judo at the same time. I know everything she’s going to try. She’ll try a judo throw and try an arm bar on me.”

Nunes on issues with her endurance in the past: “This is not going to happen anymore. I’ve been working on it.”

Nunes on if she’s upset with all the promotion of Rousey before the fight: “No. I’m not the kind of girl who likes to be in the camera and do interviews. I like to keep it simple, focus on my weigh cut and think about when I step in the cage and do my best. Then take the belt home with me.”

VIDEO: Interview: Nunes isn’t scared of Ronda Rousey’s return

Cormier on what sets Dominick Cruz apart from Cody Garbrandt: “I believe Dominick has all skills to win the fight. He’s ahead of the game with his speed and footwork. And he’s getting scary, finding his consistency again after a long layoff. This is his third fight in a year.”

Tate on what makes Cruz so hard to fight: “He’s moving target at all times. Everyone else has been standing in front of Cody. I think Dominick will pose a problem for Cody and do what he always does.”

Cormier on what Garbrandt can do to win: “Garbrandt has bombs in his hands. I know all the FOX Sports analysts want Dominick to get his hands up more in fights. But he’s so elusive. Cody’s got to do more in the fight against Dominick. He can’t go straight with a boxing approach.”

lorian on Garbrandt’s strengths: “If Cody can back Dominick up and keep him guessing with feints, it can be over in an instant with the power he possesses.”

Dominick Cruz on what makes him different from Garbrandt’s other opponents: “I’m not a stationary target. It’s easy to shoot something if it’s stationary.”

Cruz on if he’s been picking on Garbrandt in interviews: “I’m not picking on him. He found me. He came and got after me when I was walking out of the Octagon from my last fight. He’s yelling at me. There’s no respect there. I just had five rounds of war. Then, I’m working on the FOX desk and he intercepted me when I was going to work and started talking trash. He’s disrespected me time and time again and that’s why we’re fighting.”

Cruz on what’s going to happen in the fight: “I see myself going out there and making him look silly and miss. And when he’s going back to the stool, he’ll be wondering what he’s doing and walking out with the zero.”

VIDEO: Interview: Cruz thinks Garbrandt has disrespected him one too many times

Cody Garbrandt on the key to beating Cruz: “I’ve got to cut off the cage. He has great unorthodox movement. I have to be calm and patient and stick to what I know - believe in my striking, and find the opening. He dips into strikes. His hands are low. I’m faster than him.”

Garbrandt on his team not being successful vs. Cruz: “I’m very thankful for Team Alpha Male and for moving out there. We have new coaches, so it’s a different coaching staff taking over. We’ve really dissected Cruz this whole year. Our goal was to be world champion.”                                

Garbrandt on if this is too soon in his career for a title fight: “There’s always going to be the naysayers. When are you going to be ready? No one in the division is going out and performing like I have been. My fights are getting faster and faster.”


Garbrandt on if Cruz has gone below the belt with his trash talk: “He’s said childish stuff. He’s trying to make it personal, get me emotional and get me out of focus. I’ve just got to stay calm. He knows I’m the better fighter than him. He’s trying to get an advantage over me. I knew it going into the interviews. I was going to go smack him over there, but security wouldn’t let me.”

VIDEO: Interview: Garbrandt gives us the keys to beating Cruz

Florian, Cormier and Tate all pick Cruz over Garbrandt. Florian on how Cruz prevails: “You can’t hit Cruz. You can’t find him in the fight. Dominick has too much experience for Cody.”

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