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By Mike Johnson on 2/1/2017 11:38 AM

CWE Presents A Seminar Hosted By The Iconic Grappler Len Denton

Thursday February 16th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Indian & Metis Friendship Centre (45 Robinson St.)
Time: 4-10pm
Cost: $20
Register by contacting

CWE's Legends Of Wrestling: Professional Wrestling & Sports Convention is presenting the ultimate fan experience but will also now offer the ultimate learning experience for professional wrestlers who take their craft seriously and want to get to the next level as well as fans looking for an interesting behind the scenes insight into the World of professional wrestling.

"The Grappler" Len Denton is iconic and one of the most legendary wrestlers from the "territory days" drawing huge money in almost every major territory.

Whether it being battling Andre The Giant in Mid South, Bruiser Brody in WCCW, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in Portland Wrestling, or even Bill Goldberg for WCW on Monday Nitro "The Grappler" Len Dento has been in the ring with the biggest stars in the hottest territories battling and winning some of the biggest championships the territories had to offer.

On top of being of the biggest drawing stars of the territories he was also one of the most successful bookers in the history of the business and credited for having one of the greatest minds the business has ever been privileged with having successful runs as booker for Bill Watts in Mid South and Don Owens in Portland.

With The Grappler being considered one of the greatest minds and promos of his era his seminar will focus heavily on psychology which is one of the hardest aspects of the business to master and generally speaking a lost art on the independents. The Grappler will work on psychology, story telling, promos, and character development as he guarantees you leaving the seminar a smarter wrestler than before you entered.

On top of this being a very rare and special opportunity it is also an even better opportunity to network and get your face in front of the writer and booker for the West Coast Wrestling Connection's television program out of Oregon. For those in Central and Western Canada this is an incredible opportunity to showcase your abilities for consideration for a booking opportunity with the WCWC.

The West Coast Wrestling Connection produces a highly successful weekly television program and hosts one of the most impressive regular fly in independent wrestling rosters from across North America on a regular basis which includes the likes of WWE Alumni Gangrel and Matt Striker. CWE's own "Hotshot" Danny Duggan is a former WCWC Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion who highly credits the WCWC for being the first major US organization to fly him in regularly and give him the opportunity to learn to work on top in major angles on television.

It is highly recommend those attending the seminar who are interested in WCWC consideration bring an 8x10 photo, resume, and a disc with a match, and promo for The Grappler to return to Portland with.

Fans with with no wrestling training can register and attend this seminar but will not be allowed to participate in the physical portion of the seminar but can partake in the verbal lessons and Q and A afterwards.

For more information or to register email