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By Mike Johnson on 2/5/2017 6:00 PM

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena  in Columbus, IN with a 155 of the best wrestling fans in the business. HPW  Fans went home happy seeing a great show by the HPW Wrestlers who brought their best tonight.

HPW Wrestling



4-H Fairgrounds

Columbus, IN

ATT 155


JKO beat Cole Radrick and Kenny Cage in a Three Way Dance

Big Country Clint Poe turned heel and gave Cousin Cooter a beating

Drax O'Brien and Guy Lombardo beat  El Rayo and Dave the Rave when Rave left Rayo to take the double team loss

TVZ beat Flash Flanagan & TJ Kemp  when Shawn Kemp interfered to save the HPW Tag Belts for TVZ

Johnathan Wolfe pinned Shawn Kemp

Scarecrow Eddie Felson beat Timmy Danger to keep the HPW Cruiserweight Belt Danger  escaped leaving HPW due to

not being pinned.

Flash Flanagan challenged Timmy Danger to another loser leaves town match Danger took it and Flash made Danger Tap out

Danger was then carried out the front day of the arena and sent on his way to wherever as the sang Na Na hey hey goodbye

Cowboy Marc Houston pinned Dynamite Dillen to keep the HPW Wrestling Heavyweight Champion



HPW Wrestling Returns Saturday March 4th to  Columbus, IN