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By Dave Scherer on 3/14/2017 12:34 PM

Tag Team title match announced for March 18th!

Team Classic will defend their WORLD-1 Tag Team titles on March 18th against The Favr-ite Brothers at the Bull Pen in Morganville NJ.

The Favr-ite brothers consisting of the popular Mayor, and W1 Television champion "Super Sweet" Travis Lee will be teaming up for the first time ever in WORLD-1. Mayor hopes to bring his unblemished perfect record of 1-0 and walk away with the Tag Team titles.

The Classics see things differently. After battling Kid America for the duration of last season they were finally able to defeat him, and partner Erik Bromley, and walk away with the Tag Team titles last October. Will their first title defense be their last?

Join your favorite W1 stars at Pizza Hut before the event!

Every once in awhile something comes along that shakes you to your very core. Everything you have worked for, sacrificed for, all of your hard work, leaning towards one moment. For the WORLD-1 roster, this is that earth shattering moment.

The WORLD-1 roster of core guys such as Jay D Luscious, Travis Lee and The Mayor have always subscribed to the "body by Pizza Hut" regimen for the duration of their existence here on this earth.

Today we can officially announce that those three men have been called up to the big leagues, and will be appearing LIVE at the Howell NJ Pizza Hut for a MEET AND GREET just hours before our March 18threturn to Morganville NJ's Bull Pen arena.

They will be giving away tickets, prizes, and also selling discounted tickets and offering discounts on that already low priced and delicious PIZZA HUT menu items.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and hang out with W-1's elite. You can share a breadstick with the Mayor like in Lady and the Tramp. You can sail away on a Pizza Hut box while Jay D Luscious sings "I can show you the world." Or you can pop in your favorite VHS tape and chug some Mountain Dew while getting your Book-It sticker with Travis Lee.

The festivities, not unlike the lighting of the Olympic Torch, will be talked about for years to come. It all goes down on March 18th from noon to 1pm and admission is FREE. Later that night at 7pm W-1 returns to the Bull Pen in Morganville NJ for a night of pro wrestling excitement. Tickets are on sale at

Pelle Primeau Vs Matt Tremont, first time ever! W1 North American title tournament action

Back in September at the Bull Pen in Morganville NJ, Pelle Primeau met "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan in a battle that went thru the arena. At one point we saw Pelle dive from the column holding the ceiling in place at the Bull Pen.

Fans saw a new side of Pelle that night, and many wonder if he enjoyed the all out brawl style he was forced into on that September night.

Whether or not he enjoyed it, it appears he will have that same style of hard hitting action when he takes on "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont in the first round of the WORLD-1 North American title tournament! Tremont, as experienced as you could be in brawls, will still have his hands full. This one is a can't miss contest!

Archadia Vs TJ Blade - W1 North American title tournament action

The next match in the March 18th WORLD-1 North American title tournament has been announced!

TJ Blade Vs Archadia has been added to the already stacked lineup of first round matches to crown a new WORLD-1 champion.

"I've seen these guys tear the house down all over the state and steal the show every single time, most recently at UWA Elite. This is exactly the type of action and excitement I owe to the W-1 fans. These guys will possibly steal the show, on a show filled with a bunch of show-stealing matches," Commissioner Nic Osia said earlier today to


The North American title tournament has become a topic of conversation in many circles in the last few weeks, with people from all over trying to enter. Be sure to grab your tickets today for WORLD-1's 2017 season premiere live at the Bull Pen.

L.A Vin Vs Kyle "The Beast" - W1 North American title tournament action

The third match in the North American title tournament has been announced!

Kyle "The Beast" will make his W1 debut when he takes on former North American champion, L.A Vin in Morganville NJ on March 18th!

The last time we saw L.A Vin, he was put thru a table courtesy of Kyle Kristopher (who will be taking on Blue Meanie in this tournament). Rumors have been that L.A Vin has not been the same since that match and was even possibly considering retirement. W1 commissioner Nic Osia assured us that Vin is ready to go and will address the crowd on March 18th at the Bull Pen.

Meanwhile Kyle "The Beast" has been on a tear of the northeast independent wrestling scene winning championships everywhere he goes and demolishing the competition. If you haven't seen him before, you are in for an excellent match.

W-1 Title rematch - The Main Event

At our season finale in October Jay D Luscious did what no man could do for nearly seven years. He defeated Prince Christoph for the W-1 championship. Since then, Christoph has been silent. We are expecting to hear from him soon, maybe even this week.

In the meantime, W1 Commissioner, Nic Osia has made the rematch official. "Love him or hate him, and I know plenty of people do, Christoph was a great champion. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Luscious will be in for the fight of his life."

In addition to this huge main event a tournament for the vacant W1 North American title will be taking place in Morganville NJ. 

ALL WORLD-1 live events are family friendly and budget conscious! Be sure to get your tickets today at