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By Mike Johnson on 4/15/2017 11:50 AM



Jackson-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at L.B.J. Elementary School: Kyle Maggard pinned Bad Henrey... Stan Lee pinned Michael Jameson... Daniel Richards pinned Eddie Browning... John Noble pinned Krutch ... Kyle Maggard and Clinton Stacy beat Stan Sierra and Beau James

(4/13/17)                                                                                                     Nathan Lyttle


McKee-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at The Jackson County High School: Kyle Maggard beat Stan Lee... Larry D. pinned Izzy Real... Clinton Stacy beat Daniel Richards by countout... Beau James pinned Kyle Maggard... Appalachian Mountain Champion Stan Sierra pinned Nick Vicars

(4/14/17)                                                                                                          Nathan Lyttle



APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN WRESTLING: Champion-- Stan Sierra: 1-- Kyle Maggard; 2-- Clinton Stacy; 3-- Beau James; 4-- John Noble; 5-- Daniel Richards; 6--Stan Lee; 7--Larry D.; 8 Eddie Browning; 9-- Michael Jameson; 10--Krutch 

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Beau James on John Marshall's Talking Wrestling Podcast


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They discuss Beau's involvement and career n wrestling from 1988-now, His wife's career, How wrestling has changed, advice for people wanting to get into wrestling, his books, Appalachian Mountain Wrestling, and more 


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