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By Mike Johnson on 5/10/2017 8:53 AM

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on May 6

From SFCW:

Feel the Power results from Nowell Rec Center with attendance of 135 were as follows:

*Jagged Edge and Stryknyn over Dogs of War earning a title match later in the evening.

*Geter came though the front door and destroyed two security guards. He was pissed about not being booked for Shindig 4 and demanded to be entered into the Showcase Rumble where he would destroy everyone. Nobody was going to argue with him.

*Tetchi Makuji (with Joseph Brock) over Fry Daddy. Fry fought valiantly but Tetchi is on a roll these days. Brock had an injunction stating that Tetchi must be included in the title match at Shindig. Matchmaker Todd Sexton made it a three way dance.

*Drew Blood's celebration/this is your life/coronation complete with cake, poppers and birthday hats is finally interrupted by Sexton. Brock was perturbed that Todd stopped his sermon about Blood's greatness. Sexton announced Blood would be facing a mystery opponent at Shindig 4. Blood told Sexton he wanted him. Sexton maintained his cool and told Blood that's a road he did not want to go down. Blood demanded to know if he was facing a male or female. Sexton simply said he wasn't sure.

*Brian Kane over the debuting Andrew Duckworth in a strong match. Excellent work by both. Monroe hates Duckworth already and serenaded him with the quack-quack throughout the match. Post match Duckworth violently attacked Kane. After regaining his composure, Kane promised to win the rumble and if it came down to him and his mentor Jagged, he would throw his ass out too.

*Rave Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins) over Jagged Edge & Stryknyn in a match of the challenger's choosing was a streetfight. The champs beat a hasty retreat. Jagged and Stryk chased them down and brought them back into the arena. Wild brawling all over the building involving many chairs, coke cans, cables, barricades and even basketballs (Yes, a damned game of Dodge Ball broke out). Dogs of War attack Jagged and Stryk, who got double-teamed for the Rave Approved victory.

Judas vs Odinson was one helluva battle as both men hit each other with everything they had. Hawkins and Blood interfered causing a no contest. Sexton said since Rave Approved continued to do Jimmy's dirty work, it would be Judas vs. Tetchi vs. Rave vs.......Odinson in a 4 way elimination. Also Rave Approved must defend the tag titles vs.....The Washington Bullets with Rave banned from ringside. Oh yea one more thing.....turn around. Odinson drilled Hawkins halfway to Atlanta. Blood was scared feceless of Odinson and backed into Judas. After praying, cursing and crying, Blood was choke slammed almost through the ring, sending the Monroe fans happy.

Note that the Lynch Mob were unable to appear due to work issues.