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By Mike Johnson on 5/11/2017 10:20 AM

This Saturday Upstate Pro Wrestling presents "Anniversary Anarchy 14" at the Eagles Club on 1200 Buffalo Road in Rochester, New York. Doors open at 5:30 PM and belltime is at 6 PM. Tickets are $15 presale and $18 at the door and are also available online through the official UPW website at Here's the updated card and preview of the show:

Main Event

UPW Heavyweight Title Match

"The Infamous" Bobby Fish vs. "The Young Lion of the West" Mattick (c)

Anniversary Anarchy 14's main event will see two of the top stars on the indies do battle with the UPW gold on the line. Mattick has taken on any and all comers and has so far has been successful in his reign as UPW Heavyweight Champion. The Young Lion of the West has certainly proven to be a fighting champion, but this Saturday he'll have to be as he faces his biggest challenge to date in Bobby Fish. Fish is arguably the hottest free agent in independent wrestling and one of the top talents in the world today. He has made his mark in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and NOAH, but also here in the States with Ring of Honor where he's a former TV Champion and three-time Tag Team Champion as well. But local wrestling fans may know Bobby from his time here in UPW as Jerk Jackson where he had some memorable matches with Brodie Lee, who's better known now as WWE superstar Luke Harper. It's been a long time since the Infamous one has stepped foot in a UPW ring, but he'll look to make his return a successful one in hopes of becoming the new UPW Heavyweight Champion. Be there this Saturday for what promises to be a hard-hitting physical encounter for the UPW gold.

UPW NO-Limits Title
"Supercop" Dick Justice(C) VS "Extremely Cute" Colin Delaney

These two insanely talented wrestlers have only faced in singles competition a handful of times. This coming Saturday, they lock up again with the NO-Limits Title on the line. Dick has been champion since winning the vacant title at the Upstate 8 when former champion Mattick relinquished the belt. Dick has been a fighting champion and had successful title defense after successful title defense. If I were a betting man, I would say Justice has no plans of letting that title go from his possession. Colin Delaney has had some bad luck in recent months here in UPW, he has had 2 tough losses to Jason Savior and Carter Mason. However, Colin is no stranger to adversity. He always gives it everything he has, win or lose. With this great opportunity in front of him, he will be looking to make the most of it and walk out of Anniversary Anarchy 14 your NEW NO-Limits champion! Come see this titles match plus much, much more this Saturday May 13th!!!!

UPW Tag Team Title Match

Wrecking-U(c) vs The "Eh" Team

Last UPW show Ryan Cassidy & Vaughn Vertigo lost their UPW Tag Titles to Hellcat & Bobby Dipinto after Defiance basically had the champs beat but Hellcat came in with a handful of powder, pimp slapped Maximo and stole the pin. The Eh Team has not been happy since and they want their rematch. Cassidy and Vertigo have been training harder than ever, studying Hellcat & Dipinto very closely trying to find any advantage they can get going into this match. They want their titles back and they want them back now. Dipinto & Hellcat have formed a solid team, using Dipintos strength and Hellcats veteran knowledge in tag team wrestling to gain tag team gold. All be it in controversial fashion, they are the champs nonetheless and they are going to have to defend them against two pissed off youngsters come this Saturday. Will the Eh Team be able to regain what they have held for so long? Or will Hellcat & Dipinto make these two the next graduates from Wrecking-U? Find out this Saturday at Anniversary Anarchy 14!!!

Gaunlet for #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles

I.E.S vs The Wet Bandits vs Wrestling Liberation Front vs Defiance

At the last UPW show new Tag Team Champions were crowned when Hellcat & Bobby Dipinto were able to steal them away from the Eh Team. With Cassidy and Vertigo getting their rematch Saturday, whoever comes out the winner is going to need opponents. These four teams will battle it out in a gauntlet match with the last team remaining becoming the new #1 contenders. The Interstate Educational System have been two very pissed off men since December when they lost their KDW belts to the Wet Bandits. They have been hellbent on returning gold to around their waist. Their first step would be to win this and earn the right to face the champs. The Wet Bandits are your current KDW Tag Team Champions but they have had a thorn in their side in recent months in the form of the Wrestling Liberation Front. Rosecroft and O'Connor aren't just happy with one set of tag titles, they want them all. They want to prove that they are the best tag team in Upstate NY. To do so, they need to outlast the others and come out winners to earn the right to go after another set of titles. The Wrestling Liberation Front seems to only care about one thing, and that's themselves. They just want to inflict pain and punishment to anyone that gets in their way. Do they even want the Tag Team Titles, or do they just want to see the Tag Team division burn? Defiance is a team of two former heavyweight champions. Two guys who know what it takes to win, no matter the cost. Maximo Suave and Chris Cayden are two experienced guys looking to take the Tag division by storm. There goal is the Tag Team Titles, this gauntlet is their ticket to a future match against the champs. Will they reach their goal or will the other 3 teams stop them short and punch their own ticket to a future title match? Only one way to find out! Be there this Saturday and celebrate 14 years of Upstate Professional Wrestling as we bring you Anniversary Anarchy 14!

"Your Captain" Nick Ando vs "The Amazing Canadian" Lionel Knight

Back in March, these two were involved in a 4 way title match for the UPW NO-Limits Title, however neither of them were able to walk away as the new champion as "Supercop" Dick Justice pinned Lionel to retain his title. Clearly there is some unfinished business between these two and hopefully they can settle whatever that is this Saturday. "Your Captain" has been in some incredibly hard hitting matches since his return from injury almost a year ago, he has chased the UPW Heavyweight Title as well as the NO-Limits title and has come so, so close to winning both, but ultimately hasn't been able to pull it off. A win here would put him right back in the running for another shot at the title. Ando will have his hands full in this one as Lionel Knight is one tough competitor. "The Amazing Canadian" has also been searching for his first title here in UPW since making his debut. Like "Your Captain", Knight has been ever so close to capturing gold on a few different occasions, but he too hasn't been able to pull it off. That's not to take anything away from either man, but for these two, somethings gotta give. Only one of these men can walk away a winner this weekend, the question is, who will it be? Can "Your Captain" rise to the challenge of Lionel Knight and send him back to Canada a little less amazing than when he came? Or Will "The Amazing Canadian" rock the boat and shipwreck the Captain? Anniversary Anarchy 14 happens this Saturday!!


"The King of the North" Carter Mason vs. "The Night Train" Justin Sane

For a little over a year now, Carter Mason has been a mainstay in UPW. His arrogance hasn't won him many fans but his success speaks for itself as Carter has gotten the job done in the ring and at March Meltdown Carter arguably gave UPW Heavyweight Champion Mattick his toughest challenge to date. Carter was scheduled to face UPW fan favorite Coconut Jones, but due to personal reasons Coconut will be unable to make the show. UPW officials found a suitable replacement though in Justin Sane. Like Carter, Justin has also made a name for himself north of the border and now looks to make an impact here in the States and impress UPW officials and fans with a breakout performance. Will Carter Mason continue his standout year in 2017? Or will the Night Train derail his hopes for victory and make a name at Carter's expense? Be there this Saturday to find out!

Rochester Rumble

This years rumble is a little different. Commissioner Doyle informed us that this years winner will get a spot in the 585 Live Title Tournament to crown our first ever 585 Live Champion! This is huge news and has everyone involved very excited about the opportunity. The Rochester Rumble is one of the most looked forward to events of the year and that's because it is so unpredictable, you never know what former wrestlers will show up or what new wrestlers may be making their debut. With the introduction of a new title and a spot in the tournament on the line, this years event promises to be bigger than ever. With many of our current wrestlers already entered into the rumble you will see all of your favorites battling it out to be the last man standing. Who will walk out of Anniversary Anarchy 14 as the first entrant in the 585 Live Title Tournament?? Find out live this Saturday!