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By Mike Johnson on 5/11/2017 10:24 AM


Miocic on his motivation to win: “I’m fighting the last guy who beat me. The last time I lost it was to him. I want to get it back.”

 Los Angeles – On UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier preview this weekend’s UFC 211 and interview champion Stipe Miocic, challenger Junior Dos Santos and strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk before their title fights. Plus, Karyn Bryant adds reports.                                                                                                                               

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier responds to Jon Jones’ recent tweet: “What is he talking about? The champ is here? The champ is right here in Los Angeles in this chair. He lost the belt when he ran that pregnant lady over and when he tested positive for steroids. You’re no champion. Sign the damn contract. Enough with these tweets.”

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on what Junior Dos Santos needs to do against Stipe Miocic to win the fight: “For Junior, he needs to utilize his boxing and go to the body more. That was very successful for him in the first fight. Stipe got tired in that fight. He’ll also have to be perfect with his takedown defense. The longer it’s a boxing match, the better it is for him. His keys are utilizing his movement. He has to get in and get out without getting taken down. He needs to avoid the traps and not get caught against the cage, and he needs to defend the takedown.”

Cormier on how Dos Santos has improved: “In his last fight against Ben Rothwell, he looked phenomenal. He mixed everything up so much. He had Rothwell lost. He couldn’t find a pattern.  I think the training at ATT was paying off. When he goes first, he’s very dangerous.”

Florian on how Miocic should adjust from the first fight with Dos Santos: “For Stipe, I see two things. First is his kicking game. Junior ducks down to throw to the body. Stipe needs to throw that lead kick to the head to counter it. And he has to throw the combos off the break, when he’s in tight.”

Cormier on how Miocic wins the fight: “He was a little overzealous in the first fight with Junior. He kind of wore himself out. You’re the man now, Stipe. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. That was his first big fight. He fought well. Now he needs to slow it down. He knows he’s the champ now and should take his time. He’s got to move forward, but be smart and not be overaggressive. He needs to get inside and throw combinations from the clinch. And he should find a takedown to mix up the timing of Dos Santos.”

Florian picks Miocic to defend his title: “I’m picking Stipe. I thought Stipe won the first fight. It was very close, but I think Stipe is the better guy and has learned a lot from the first fight. It’ll be a great fight.” 

Stipe Miocic on what’s the biggest difference: “You and Rogan talk about it. The rub. I know I can hang with a man who beat me. I went five rounds with him and took everything he had. I know I can be the champ and hang with anyone.”

Miocic on his motivation to win this fight: “I’m fighting the last guy who beat me. The last time I lost it was to him. I want to get it back. I like winning. I want to be the champ. I like walking out with the belt.”

Miocic on Dos Santos saying he’ll finish him in two rounds: “Good for him. It’s good to be confident. But he knows it’s not going to happen. I guarantee that. He said it last time and it went five rounds. I’m completely different than three years ago. His eyes will be wide open when we get in there and I shut him down.”

Junior Dos Santos on if he got the proper attention with so many ATT fighters fighting at UFC 211: “Yes, I think so. I was looking for this. We have like nine guys fighting on this card. It’s amazing. We did a song for it. From AC/DC: ‘I’m ATT, I’m dynamite.’”

Dos Santos on if he feels this will be his last chance at a title fight: “I’m just 33 years old. I have a lot to give for this sport. I’m very confident I’m going to be champion again. I make my opportunities. I’m going to make it happen.”

Dos Santos on if Stipe is his biggest rival: “I don’t think so. He’s a nice guy. I think my biggest rival is Cain Velasquez. We did the trilogy together. But right now I’m facing the champion of the world and he deserves my attention and my respect, and the way I’m going to show it is by giving him 100 percent of my attention in the Octagon.”

VIDEO: Interview: Junior Dos Santos previews his UFC 211 fight vs. Stipe Miocic


Cormier on how Jessica Andrade can beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk: “Andrade needs to put the pressure on her. She needs to throw her punches with conviction. She thinks Joanna has a weak chin. She thinks she can’t defend the takedowns. Andrade needs to move forward. This is a very dangerous opponent for Joanna.”

Florian on what makes Jedrzejczyk dangerous: “What makes her so dangerous is when she throws a combination, she’ll throw four or five punches. Plus, she uses her elbows when she’s in close. She’ll feel the weight on her and throw the elbow. As soon as she feels her opponent moving forward, she’ll use that sharp elbow to punish her.”

Florian picks Jedrzejczyk to defend her title: “I think she’s just a better striker. She’s more experienced and she’s gone five rounds before. I’m picking the champ to stay the champ.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk on staying the champion: “I’m happy I did this move to American Top Team because I train with the best coaches in the world and have many great sparring partners.”

Jedrzejczyk on if this is the toughest fight yet for her: “I hear that all day long. After the fight, I’ll tell you if she was the toughest opponent. She’s the challenge and my next opponent. There’s no easy fight. I don’t feel the pressure. I work hard every day in the gym. The fight is a pleasure. She’s very strong. She’s won her last three fights. She’s a challenge. She throws looping punches and goes for the high crotch takedowns. But we know that and worked on it.”

Jedrzejczyk on how hard it is being a champion: “That’s the difference. In the UFC, there are 500 fighters, but only 11 champions. Last year was crazy for the other champions, so many lost their titles. It’s easier to become the champion than to defend the belt.”

VIDEO: Joanna Jedrzejczyk previews her UFC 211 fight vs. Jessica Andrade


Cormier on the addition of the women’s flyweight division: “The UFC needs main events, so the more divisions, the more champions and you get more main events. But is the level going to be high enough to be UFC quality?”


Cormier on if there should be an interim middleweight title: “I say yes. It’s taking too long for Bisping to fight St-Pierre. Give Romero, Rockhold, Whittaker, Mousasi and other guys a chance to fight each other. That way an interim champion would be waiting for Michael or GSP for a title fight.”

Florian on if McGregor vs. Mayweather happens this year: “There’s way too much money on the line for this fight to not happen. With Floyd’s age, it needs to happen in 2017.”

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