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By Mike Johnson on 5/12/2017 10:17 AM

MCPW from Friday May 5 in Kalkaska, MI:  Jack Verville b Adam Sniper, Jackson Stone, Jamie Hall, & Jack Price b Cole Radrick, Percy Davis, & Slade Porter, Christopher Saint & Aaron Orion b Zach Gowen & Greg Iron, Jack Verville won gauntlet over Hakim Zane, Tripp Cassidy, Jumal Kyng, Caden Ames, & Mikey Zeroe, Max Morrison & Alex Beardslee b Frankie The Face & Jimmy Shalwin, Cody Rhodes b Jake Omen

From the promoter:  This past Friday May 5th, Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling brought in the "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes in Kalkaska, MI. As a promoter, I've booked plenty of "names", but I can honestly say Cody was by far the best. I'm not saying the other names weren't great to work with, but Cody went above and beyond. He traveled over 17 hours from Japan to land in Traverse City, MI at 2am the day of the event, wrestled a fantastic main-event match with Jake Omen, and was more than accommodating to fans. Before the event Cody took over an hour to meet every single fan that wanted a picture, autograph, or to just say hello. After his match, he invited any fans that may have came in later to the ring to get pictures with him, despite having an early morning flight to San Francisco. Cody sat with everyone in the locker room, shared stories, advice, and was truly one of the boys. I'm not sure if or when Cody will be signing a contract to a major promotion, but I encourage any promoter to take advantage of bringing Cody in while they can. A true pleasure to have in any locker room.