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By Peter Siddorn on 6/15/2017 2:37 PM

Simply put, I look forward to NXT.

Ever since 2013, when my friend Martijn told me to check it out I have been hooked on NXT. Sure, there were some people I wasn't a fan of  (The Ascention and Liv Morgan mainly) but still I know even on shows that are not the "greatest show" I came away pleased I invested my time and can see where stuff is going. 

I remember the first time I saw Bayley and how William Regal would talk about how his niece loved Bayley. Sure she lost, but I just loved her being so positive and just been so happy I couldn't help but smile.

I remember  being so annoyed that I couldn't get the first Takeover show on Sky Sports and waiting for NXT and the Network to come to the UK and when it did I went to that show because I wanted to see that historic first show.

I remember making sure I stayed off the Internet because I don't want to see the results of Sasha Banks vs. Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and when it was over, standing up clapping at my laptop and getting tears in my eyes when Charlotte and Becky joined them before doing the Four Horsemen sign. 

I remember staying up to 2 AM to watch NXT Takeover London despite having working a 14 hour shift at work because I needed to see that show live as it happened.

Hell, during NXT Takeover Toronto, it was so good, I legitimately forgot wrestling was 'fake' and screamed at Johnny Gargano not to quit because he had to beat the those no good bastards the Revival and when they did I lost my mind.

Seeing Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have a match that will likely be the match of the year with Jim Ross calling it just heaven.

Seeing so many great talents that I have heard about but haven't had a chance to check out because of my situation and being like wow.

Then there is NXT how it is right now with all it's great talents:

- Bobby Roode A modern day mix of Ric Flair and Triple H with the best song in wrestling

- Roderick Strong A man who I liked as a wrestler but thanks to those two who is Roderick Strong made me want to see him be successful for his family and get that title to make that happen.

- AOP This team that has just been a destructive force to all in front of them.

- Askua Just watching her and wondering just who can stop this amazing run as champion she has had

- Heavy Machinery Just two big guys starting out

- Drew McIntyre Being treated like a truly big deal once more and not just one guy in a meaningless trio.

So Many others who make me drop everything to see what's the next twist in the story is.

I would say if not for NXT I would have cancelled the WWE Network by now.