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By Mike Johnson on 6/26/2017 7:27 AM

The first annual DYNAMITE CUP TOURNAMENT took place Sunday, June 25th in Lafayette, Indiana at the Greater Lafayette YWCA Gym, filmed by the ultra-talented Grant Sawyer and his crew from CWF MID-ATLANTIC for upcoming release on the POWERBOMB.TV streaming service.

The event was a fundraiser for TOGETHER WE RISE, a wonderful non-profit charity that works to enrich the lives of children in the foster care system across the country. All together, we raised $3,106.29 that will be going to Together We Rise thanks to seats sold and raffle ticket purchases.

Results below...

1) In a first round match, "The Indestructable Idiot" DALE PATRICKS defeated "The Bone Collector" DOMINIC GARRINI in a bout where Brazillian jiu-jitsu purple belt Garrini tested Patricks' mat wrestling game further than it ever has been before.

2) In a first round match, "Have Mercy" PERCY DAVIS defeated Reed "BY GOD" Bentley in the most absurd battle of the evening, including an absolutely ridiculous dance-off unexpectedly instigated by Bentley.

3) In a first round match where both team members advanced, The Carnies of NICK IGGY & KERRY AWFUL defeated The Hysteria of SAGE PHILIPS & COLE RADRICK. The Carnies lived up to their billing of "the best unsigned tag team in America", but Philips and Radrick had a breakout performance in defeat.

4) In a first round match, MANCE WARNER defeated "The Blue-Eyed Devil" TRIPP CASSIDY in one heck of a slugfest. Warner got the pinfall with his feet on the ropes after ten minutes of a brutal, hard-hitting battle that went all over ringside.

5) In a first round match, "Diamondcut" ACE PERRY defeated "The Realest" ALEX DANIELS, GPA, and KEVIN KU in an incredible high-flying sprint. These four innovative stars from different points of the country amazed the live audience with an incredible display of innovative moves in a short burst of time.

6) Legitimately put together by 3-year-old Nolie, the world's youngest booker, ANGELUS LAYNE won the first-annual Nolie Rumble - which also included Nolie's uncle James getting involved to smash a vinyl record over the head of loudmouth SULLY O'SULLIVAN and a huge showdown between giants PB SMOOTH and BUCK BOULDER.

7) In the Dynamite Cup Finals, "The Indestructable Idiot" DALE PATRICKS defeated ACE PERRY, PERCY DAVIS, MANCE WARNER, NICK IGGY, and KERRY AWFUL in a tremendous Ultimate Match of Survival (six-way elimination match). Perry and Patricks teamed up early to eliminate the bragadocious Warner, followed by The Carnies of Iggy and Awful coming together to demolish Davis. In the ultimate show of friendship and sacrifice, Perry saved Patricks from certain injury after jumping in the way of a diving knee strike to the back of the head from Iggy, causing himself to be knocked out and pinned. Patricks divided and conquered the Carnies, eliminating Iggy and then - after the locker room cleared to root him on - found the heart to fight back and take down "The Dog-Faced Gargoyle" to become your reluctant, but deserving first-ever Dynamite Cup winner.

After the bout, Patricks embraced his trainer, Dynamite Cup Tournament namesake, and longtime Midwest indie wrestling figure BILLY ROC in mid-ring.


Again, we give a big thank you to everyone who participated yesterday - whether you wrestled, helped on the logistical end, bought a ticket, donated to our raffle, or donated in any other way. Because of the indie wrestling community, the Dynamite Cup was able to be a success for kids across the country who needed some help.

Later this summer, we will be announcing dates for the 2018 Dynamite Cup, coming in June. Yes, we said "dates" plural. Stay tuned to our Twitter (@DynamiteCup) or for the announcement!