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By Dave Scherer on 7/4/2017 7:12 AM

Future Stars of Women’s Wrestling holds its inaugural event on Saturday, July 15th with a special 5PM Bell Time at the FSW Arena located at 6034 Harrison Drive in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many of the matches featured on this event will have a bearing on the Tournament to crown the first ever FSWW Women’s Champion on September 8th!!

Matches include..


Gina Mazany takes on Mazzerati!

Gina Mazany is a two sport star, competing in both Pro Wrestling and in UFC where she put up a valiant effort on very short notice against UFC Bantamweight top contender Sara McMann. Gina has refocused her efforts in pro wrestling and is ready to stamp her ticket into the FSWW Women’s Championship Tournament!

Mazzerati believes that FSWW is “her house” and will not just let Mazany steamroll her way into the FSWW Women’s Tournament. With her partner Nick Buggati, the “Power Couple” of FSW is more than ready to make their mark in FSWW!!


Laura James of “The Killer Baes” takes on WWE/TNA Star Katarina Leigh f.k.a Winter.

Laura James is one half of The Killer Baes with her partner Heather Monroe. James is best known for videos that have gone viral where she showed Joey Ryan the Power of “a woman” on more than one occasion. James wants FSWW Gold and is willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

Katarina Leigh is no stranger to Wrestling fans Worldwide. As “Katie Lee Burchill”® her and her brother Paul Burchill made their mark in WWE® and were a very popular duo on Monday Night RAW®. As “Winter”® on TNA Impact® Katarina was heavily featured on TNA programming and won the TNA Knockouts Championship® on two occasions and also the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship® as well. Katarina Leigh is no stranger to winning Championships and wants to add the FSWW Women’s Championship to her trophy case and said she would defend the Championship and belt “anywhere on Earth against anyone, anytime!!”

In a Match to determine the #2 Seed in the Tournament:

Heather Monroe of “The Killer Baes” takes on Ruby Raze!!

Monroe and Raze are no strangers to each other and this conflict has boiled over more than once throughout The Country. Both Monroe and Raze, upon finding out each other was in the tournament, demanded to face each other hoping to knock the other out of the tournament. On July 15th, the winner of this match gets the #2 seed and in the event of any double eliminations, would be in line to receive an automatic bye into The Semi-Finals. This match is as much for positioning in the tournament, it is also very personal between them!

In a Match to determine the #1 Seed in the Tournment:

Hudson Envy takes on Desi Derata!!

Hudson Envy has cut a path of destruction in FSW over the last year, bringing Strong Style and the Japanese style of Pro Wrestling to FSW with great success. The “Tattooed Metalhead Pitbull” will be an uphill challenge for any FSWW Competitor in the FSWW Women’s Championship Tournament.

Desi Derata on the other hand, is no stranger to Strong Style Wrestling herself. The Queen of “The Arrow Club”, Derata is very proud of her Native American heritage, some would say sometimes too proud. Derata also just won her first MMA contest, defeating her opponent in the very first round of a WAMMA event last month. Derata has stated she is not impressed with Hudson Envy’s success in FSW and says Envy has finally run into “a bigger, badder Pitbull” and she will be the one earning the Number 1 Seed in the FSWW Women’s Championship Tournament!!


Also, in a very special event, 2 students from the FSW Junior’s Division class will compete in an “Exhibition Match” on FSWW’s inaugural event on July 15th. Both of these young ladies, who are still in High School, want to put on the best performances that they can on July 15th and each wants to show they are the true future of Future Stars of Women’s Wrestling!!

This event will also feature:

Allie Parker! The “Vegas Wrangler” is ready and willing to take on anyone and wants into the FSWW Women’s Championship Tournament and does not care who she has to face to get there.

Violet Payne! This relative newcomer, although not the biggest competitor, makes up for it by having the biggest heart and the most courage. Payne is often outweighed by 30-40 lbs or much more at 5’2 and 105 lbs but her never say die attitude and belief it’s “the size of the fight in the dog” has carried her to victories against much larger and more experienced opponents in the past. When asked who she wanted to face on July 15th, she said “Anyone and everyone!”

As we speak, FSWW is still negotiating with many top talent and a couple surprises are sure to come about as FSWW wants this first event to be a blowaway show for you the fans!!


The FSW Arena is located at 6034 Harrison Drive in Las Vegas, Nevada!! Tickets are on sale now either at the FSW Arena or by contacting FSWW at Front Row seats are $20 but are going very quickly and General Admission is only $12. Get your tickets early as FSWW Officials believe this event will sell out before July 15th and we’ll see you there!!!

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