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By Dave Scherer on 7/9/2017 7:06 AM

FS1 UFC 213 POSTFIGHT SHOW Quotes and Videos – 7/8/17                                                                          


Florian on Whittaker’s Heart: “Whittaker was down two rounds and had a hurt knee. The fact that he was able to battle back through the adversity was extremely impressive and should be applauded.”


Los Angeles – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 213 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz and Kenny Florian providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.


FOX UFC analyst Dominick Cruz on how Robert Whittaker beat Yoel Romero: “It was the tactics of Whittaker that won this fight. The pressure and moving forward forced Romero to shoot when he didn’t want to because he didn’t want to get punched. Romero is a world class wrestler but Whittaker stuck everything. I gave the first two rounds to Romero because of the kicks to the legs, but after that, it was all Whittaker.”


FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on Whittaker overcoming a slow start: “The young Robert Whittaker was down two rounds and had a hurt knee and was able to put it together. The fact that he was able to battle back through the adversity was extremely impressive and should be applauded.”


FOX UFC analyst Michael Bisping on Whittaker vs. Romero: “The fight was amazing. I thought Whittaker would pressure him through the fight. He got rocked on a few occasions. Both guys did great. This was a fight. I take my hats off to both of them.”


Bisping on what both were doing well: “Both had very good shots. Romero had fantastic flying knees. He just explodes, with no wind up. Robert’s takedown defense was fantastic. His hands were low so he could defend the takedowns. It was good. Robert keep the pressure on him through the fight. If you’re pressuring them, you’re leading the dance.”


Cruz on Whittaker’s push kicks: “I like what his coach said after the first round when he said he was injured - turn that off and just punch him in the face. Once he turned it off, he used that push kick and he kept attacking that body and slowing down Romero. Then he got the takedown and he kept him down for two minutes at the end of the fifth, and that was a high level wrestler he kept down. That really sealed the fight for him. Yoel was moving back and back and he pulls you into his power doubles, but Whittaker was pressuring him the whole time.”


Florian on what he thought Romero did wrong: “Romero didn’t continue to attack the knee. He was hitting the takedowns, but he wasn’t following through and letting Robert back up. I thought Romero took his foot off the gas and took it easy in the third. And you can never do that. Daniel Cormier did that against Jon Jones. You can’t ever do that in a fight.”                          


VIDEO: Florian, Cruz and Bisping breakdown Whittaker vs. Romero


VIDEO: Highlights: Romero vs. Whittaker


Robert Whittaker on fighting Romero: “He’s so good. Everyone was afraid to fight him. But he’s just a man like everyone else.”    


Whittaker on what he was expecting from Romero: “I knew he was always backing away and trying to get that flying knee. But that’s hard to get.”


Whittaker on Romero’s wrestling: “I knew he tried to control the pace with his wrestling. I was surprised on the pace of the wrestling early, but it tired him out more than me.”


Whittaker on his injured knee: “I had forgotten about it until he jumped on it in that first round.”


Whittaker on fighting Bisping: “That’s going to be a tough fight. You’ve got all the experience. I have respect for you. I’m the sort of fighter who goes in without emotions. It’s a sport. But in my rugby days it was whatever happens on the field, stays on the field.”


Whittaker on how he beats Bisping: “We were supposed to fight once. We had a game plan then and it’s tucked away. We’ll bring it back out when it’s time. It’s Australia vs. England, which is always massive. It’s been a journey. I’ve got the best team in the world. This fight means nothing after this.”


VIDEO: Interview: Robert Whittaker


Cruz on Alistair Overeem beating Fabricio Werdum: “Werdum just didn’t quite do enough. It wasn’t enough output from him. In the third round, he rocked him and went to the ground and he needed to get the submission at the end, but he couldn’t get it.”


Bisping on how Overeem beat Werdum: “Overeem looked more fluid with his striking. I didn’t like his chin was high. But it was clear he was the more fluid striker. Werdum is a dangerous striker, but he didn’t do enough.”


VIDEO: Bisping, Florian and Cruz debate the Overeem – Werdum verdict


Alistair Overeem on what he thought of the third round: “It wasn’t the most beautiful round. I thought I was in control before he knocked me down. But he didn’t really do anything.”


Overeem on if he was ready to fight him on the ground: “The plan was dominate him everywhere and the knock out would come. I’ve fought him twice before, and I’ve been in his guard. I wasn’t worried about it.”


Overeem on who he wants to fight next: “Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title in Madison Square Garden. I’ve developed as a fighter since that loss. I learned from that lost.”


VIDEO: Interview: Alistair Overeem on beating Fabricio Werdum


VIDEO: Highlights: Overeem vs. Werdum


Dana White on Whittaker’s victory: “His corner did an amazing job walking him through what he needed to do after that first round. And his takedown defense was phenomenal.”


White on Whittaker vs. Bisping: “Robert is 26 years old, he’s great and has an amazing team behind him. Bisping doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. He always puts pressure on you, pushes the fight, punches, kicks, and wrestles. Plus, this is England vs. Australia, which is great.”


White on if Overeem did enough to earn another title shot: “That isn’t the greatest fight you’ve ever seen. But I don’t know how you give anyone a 10-8 round like Werdum got from a judge. But I bet Werdum is kicking himself for taking him down at the end of the fight. He had him out on the feet. But Alistair is one of the best in the world.”


White on the weekend: “Both main events were really good, which makes me happy, especially after all the fights that fell off this card.”


VIDEO: Dana White Interview


VIDEO: Highlights: Anthony Pettis vs. Jim Miller


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