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By Mike Johnson on 7/13/2017 7:16 AM

Upstate Professional Wrestling returned to the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York Saturday July 8th for “Red, White, & Bruised.” The show was highlighted by the last qualifying match for the 585 Live Championship tournament and four huge title matches, including a rematch for the UPW Heavyweight Championship. Here’s a recap of all the action.

1. 585 Live Championship Tournament Qualifier (Four Corners Match)

Space Monkey vs. “Just” Jeremy Jensen vs. Eric Rosecroft vs. Coconut Jones

The opening contest of Red, White, & Bruised was a four corners match with the winner qualifying for the 585 Live Championship Tournament which will take place at KDW’s Continuing The Tradition in August. Jensen, Coconut, and Rosecroft play keep away with Monkey’s banana to start out. Monkey bites Jensen’s in the butt. Coconut and Rosecroft try to stop him but they get sent outside. Jensen hits a flip dive on all three men outside the ring. Back inside, Monkey and Jensen fight on the top turnbuckle. Rosecroft powerbombs Monkey off the second rope, who superplexes Jensen from the top turnbuckle. Rosecroft and Coconut exchange forearms. All four men chop each other. Jensen suplexes Rosecroft. Coconut hits jumping neckbreaker on Jensen who DDT’s Monkey. Monkey hits flipping seated senton on Coconut. Coconut ducks the tail whip, but hits the ropes and slips and falls on Monkey’s banana peel. Coconut hits double slingshot spear on Monkey and Rosecroft. Rosecroft hits inverted suplex on Monkey. Goes for one on Jensen, but he lands on his feet. Jensen hits standing sliced bread #2 on Rosecroft and gets the pin. Jeremy Jensen is the final entrant into the 585 Live Championship Tournament.

Winner: Jeremy Jensen

2. KDW Heavyweight Title Match

Anarchy Ashe Aubrey vs. “The Alpha & The Omega” Jason Savior (c)

KDW Heavyweight Title on the line in this one as God’s favorite son looks to continue his title reign against a KDW and UPW mainstay looking to notch his first big signature win. Anarchy nips up before the bell rings. Savior tries one but is unsuccessful. Anarchy does another one, but Savior clotheslines him as he lands on his feet. Anarchy rolls to the outside. Savior chokeslams Anarchy on the ring apron. Back inside, Savior gets just a one count. Anarchy escapes the crucifix bomb, but Savior lands a savate kick and gets a near fall. Anarchy fights Savior off. Goes for cross-body block from the second rope, but Savior catches him. Hits snake eyes and a release face-first suplex for a near fall. Anarchy fights back again. Hits a pair of forearms and a leg lariat. Hangs Savior up across the top rope. Hits top rope missile dropkick for a near fall. Savior goes for a kick, but Anarchy catches it and hangs his leg across the middle rope. Anarchy kicks the rope and then hits a double stomp for a near fall. Goes for swanton bomb from the top rope, but Savior gets his knees up. Savior hits the crucifix bomb on Anarchy and gets the three-count. Another successful title defense for the Alpha & The Omega.

Winner: Jason Savior

3. Shane Sabre vs. “Your Captain” Nick Ando

Nick Ando looks to continue to climb up the ladder in the UPW Heavyweight Title picture with a win against one of Canada’s standout stars. Sabre attacks Ando in the aisleway before the match started. Goes for chop, but Ando moves and Sabre chops the steel ringpost. Inside the ring, Ando hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Dropkicks Sabre through the ropes. Chops Sabre outside the ring. Back inside, Ando sends Sabre into the corner. Ando charges in, but Sabre pulls referee Jason Massey in front of him. Ando stops, allowing Sabre to deliver a shot to the throat and a clothesline. Sabre goes up top, but Ando hits him with a dropkick. Ando goes for a superplex, but Sabre fights him off. Sabre hits flying elbow off the top rope. Chokes him on the ropes. Delivers a snapmare and a running knee for a near fall. Slams Ando and gets a one count. Goes to the top rope again. Ando gets the boot up, but Sabre catches it but misses with an elbow drop. Ando hits a fireman’s carry gutbuster but Sabre throws him to the outside. Back inside, Ando hits a knee to the jaw and a ddt. Clotheslines Sabre from the ring apron and hits a hesitation hilo for a near fall. Ando goes for a piledriver, but Sabre drives him into the corner. Ando hits a back elbow and a clothesline for a near fall. Sabre hits basement flatliner and ripcord clothesline for near falls. Both men roll each other up for near falls. Ando puts Sabre on the top turnbuckle. Hits rana from the top rope and hits his patented piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Nick Ando

4. UPW Tag Team Title Match

Defiance vs. Wrecking U (c) (w/Nick Sullivan)

Wrecking U (Hellcat & Bobby Dipinto) defend their UPW Tag Team titles against Defiance with their newest member, Nick Sullivan, in their corner. Hellcat and Chris Cayden start out. Hellcat nails Maximo Suave and Dipinto hits Cayden from behind. Hellcat chops Cayden several times. Goes for a chop on the outside, but Cayden moves and Hellcat chops the steel ringpost. Back inside, Hellcat hits a flatliner and tags in Dipinto. Delivers a shoulder block and a vertical suplex for a near fall. Hellcat tagged back in and rakes Cayden’s eyes and delivers another chop. Tags Dipinto in who gets a near fall. Cayden fights back. Hits flatliner and a clothesline. Maximo and Dipinto tagged in. Maximo hits lungblower for a near fall as Hellcat breaks it up. Dipinto hits a spinebuster on Maximo. Hellcat hits kick on Maximo and Dipinto spears Maximo for a near fall. Cayden hits knee to Dipinto’s face and Maximo hits running knee for a near fall. Hellcat chops Cayden and Maximo. Charges Cayden in the corner but Cayden moves. Defiance hits D Train on Hellcat. Cayden hits the Understatement on Dipinto. Hellcat hits unprotected ddt on Cayden. Maximo hits rolling kick on Hellcat. Maximo goes for a suicide dive to the outside, but Sullivan comes in and hits Maximo with an over-the-shoulder facebuster unseen by senior official Richard Head. Dipinto slides in and covers Maximo for the pin and the champions retain.

Winners: Wrecking U

5. UPW No Limits Title Match

“The King of the North” Carter Mason vs. “Supercop” Dick Justice (c)

The UPW No Limits Championship was on the line as the fan favorite from “Murica” defended his gold against a man who looked to finally obtain gold in UPW and has had several standout matches in 2017 in Mason. “The King” wanted Dick to kiss his hand to start out, Dick grabs a headlock instead. Carter pokes Dick in the eye. A blinded Dick pulls out his gun at points it at Richard Head, not realizing it’s the referee. Carter takes Dick down and sings O Canada with his foot on Dick’s chest. Dick responds by taking Carter down, tying him up, and stepping on him as he leads the crowd into reciting the pledge of allegiance with him. Carter gets out of it and dropkicks Dick’s knee as he goes into the bottom turnbuckle. Carter hits a flying knee drop for a near fall. Dick tries to fight back, but Carter takes him down by the hair. Series of stomps to Dick’s back. Locks in camel clutch, but Dick gets up and drives Carter into the corner. Series of right hand and a big left hand by Dick. Splashes Carter in the corner and gets a near fall. Carter comes back and hits a pair of kicks and a running knee for a near fall. Carter goes for a superkick, but Dick blocks it and hits a big splash for a near fall. Carter with more kicks. Dick blocks it again. Goes for spinning backfist but Carter ducks it. Carter hits a superkick to Dick’s knee and one to Dick’s head and gets the pin. A new champion is crowned as the King of the North dethrones Dick Justice.

Winner & New Champion: Carter Mason

6. Non-Title Match

KDW Tag Team Champions The Wrestling Liberation Front (w/Bin Hamin) vs. “Eh Plus” Ryan Cassidy and “Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney

Special challenge match which was supposed to be The Wrestling Liberation Front versus the “Eh Team”. Unfortunately, that didn’t happened as Ryan Cassidy was attacked by Bin Hamin’s charges before the match began. But Colin Delaney comes out to make the save. Delaney said that since Cassidy’s partner, Vaughn Vertigo, didn’t show up and since his opponent for the evening, Lionel Knight, was also not there he wanted to challenge Cloudy and Krist Worthless to a tag match and they accepted. Cassidy hits suicide dive on W.L.F. going through Colin’s legs. Colin goes for a dive, but gets stopped by Bin Hamin. The momentary distraction allows Worthless to hit Colin from behind. Cloudy tagged in but Colin fights him off. Hits sliding german suplex on Cloudy. Worthless in and he prevents Colin from making the tag. Tags in Cloudy. Cloudy hits flipping reverse cutter on Colin. Worthless tagged in. Hits blue thunder bomb on Colin for a near fall. Cloudy tagged in. Hits top-rope double stomp and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Worthless tagged in. Hits running double knees with Colin draped across the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Worthless goes for a suplex but Colin counters it and hits a stunner. Cloudy tagged in. Hits a dropkick on Colin for a near fall. Forearms to Colin in the corner. Colin hits a one-man Spanish Fly on Cloudy. Colin tags in Cassidy. Hits driving double stomp on Cloudy in the corner and a rolling facebuster on Worthless for a near fall. Cassidy, Colin take Cloudy over who ends up hitting a yoshi tonic on his own partner Worthless. Hit double superkick on Cloudy with Cassidy getting a near fall. Colin hits kick on Cloudy in the corner. Goes for springboard, but Cloudy knocks him off and Colin lands throat first across the top rope who ends up on the outside. Cassidy gets caught by Worthless in the corner. Worthless and Cloudy hit double-team tombstone and Worthless gets the pin. A great showing by Colin and Cassidy, but Cloudy and Krist Worthless get the victory and their reign of terror continues.

Winners: The Wrestling Liberation Front       

7. The Faculty (Professor Wessler, Dewey, Murray, Bam Bam, & Lunch Lady Rae w/Eon Starrmore) vs. “The All American Irishman” Pat White, “The CEO” Rico Figueroa, Charlie Locke, & Tylicious

Faculty get the jump on their opponents to start out. But White’s team turn the tables and whip all the Faculty members out of each corner and they all collide. Wessler and his team go to the outside to regroup. Back inside, Locke catches Rae and gives her an airplane spin. Rae tags in Dewey. Dewey takes it to Locke. Locke tags in Rico. Rico goes for a cross-body but Dewey catches him. Locke hits cross-body from the second rope on Dewey with Rico getting a near fall. White tagged in. White powerbombs Rico onto Dewey for a near fall. White hits the ropes but Starrmore grabs his foot, allowing Dewey to nail him from behind. Bam Bam tagged in. Suplexes White. Wessler tagged in. Bam Bam splashes White in the corner and Wessler hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Rae tagged in and she stomps White in the corner. Bam Bam tagged in. Kicks White in the back and hits a rolling neck snap. White hits facebuster on Bam. Dewey and Tylicious tagged in. Tylicious with a double testicular claw on Dewey and Wessler. Dewey hits spinning slam on Tylicious. Bam Bam and White in. White kicks Bam Bam. White and Rico hit clothesline/leg sweep on Bam Bam. Wessler goes after White and Rico. Wessler throws Rico over the top rope. Tylicious back in and he kisses Wessler. Goes for german suplex, but Starrmore comes in and hits Tylicious from behind with Wessler’s sign board. Starrmore and Rae go after Tylicious as Wessler ties up referee Jesse Woodruff. Tylicious goes after Starrmore, but Rae hits him low and rolls him up for the three-count. Post-match, LaDiva comes out and attacks Rae. The Faculty get the win, but it appears the issue between Lunch Lady Rae and LaDiva is far from over.

Winners: The Faculty

8. Main Event

UPW Heavyweight Title Match

“The Young Lion of the West” Mattick vs. “The Infamous” Bobby Fish (c)

Rematch from UPW’s Anniversary Anarchy 14 with the former champion Mattick getting a rematch against the new and current champion in Fish. Mattick shoves Fish to start out. Fish responds hitting a roundhouse kick to the head for a near fall. Fish hits a kick to Mattick’s midsection and locks in a cross armbreaker. But Mattick gets to the ropes to force a break. Fish chases Mattick. Fish with a leg sweep and comes back in hitting a hilo for a near fall. Mattick begs off, but sends Fish into to turnbuckle. Hits a hilo of his own and the Inner Loop for a near fall. Mattick rakes Fish’s eyes and steps on Fish in the corner. Connects with a driving boot and an air raid crash for near falls. Mattick goes for a clothesline, but Fish ducks and locks in a sleeperhold. Repeated kicks to Mattick and a backdrop suplex for a near fall. Mattick connects with a forearm and hits a driver onto the knee for a near fall. Mattick hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Mattick goes outside and grabs the the UPW title belt. Goes to hit Fish with it, but senior referee Richard Head takes it away from him. As Richard puts the belt away, Mattick kicks Fish low. Puts Fish in a small package and gets the three-count. Mattick is declared the winner and new champion. But Commissioner Casey Doyle comes out. He says he saw Mattick’s actions and that’s not how the match is going to end. He orders that the match be restarted. On the restart. Fish goes after Mattick. Hits exploder suplex into the corner and a falcon arrow and gets the pin. Fish retained his championship. Post-match, a frustrated Mattick once again attacks Kount C, throwing him in the ring and locks him in a crossface. Mattick goes after Fish as well, but Nick Ando comes out to make the save and he and Fish run off Mattick. As Fish and Richard Head check on Kount, Ando grabs Fish’s UPW title belt. Fish sees this and takes exception. He grabs the mic and says he didn’t need Ando’s help and that he shouldn’t have put his hands on something that didn’t belong to him. Ando tells Fish he was trying to be a nice guy and do the right thing. Fish challenges Ando to a title match at Headlocks & Homeruns 6 and Ando accepts. So the stage is set for Headlocks & Homeruns 6 as Nick Ando takes on Bobby Fish for the UPW Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Bobby Fish