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By Dave Scherer on 7/15/2017 8:10 AM

NOVA Pro Wrestling


American Slang 2017

Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia 07/14/2017

Sold Out House - 200

Pre-show Match

Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Isaiah Frazier defeated AC Hawkes & Sage Philips when Sharpe rolled up Philips following a double team referee distraction (time 7:10)

Match #1

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) defeated The Gymnasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike) with the Ducksday Device (time 9:13)

Match #2

John Kermon submitted Rory Gulak via armbar (time 8:38)

Match #3

Faye Jackson defeated Sahara Seven with cannonball senton (time 4:04)

Match #4 - Title for TItle: wXw Shotgun Championship & AIW Absolute Championship

David Starr (wXw-C)  v. Tim Donst (AIW-C)

Both battled to a double count out after 4:18. Starr demanded the referee restart the match with a no count out rule. The match was restarted and the two battled for about eight minutes to a double disqualification after David Starr threw the referee to the ground. Donst demanded the match be restarted again adding a no DQ stipulation. The referee refused so they attacked him prompting another referee to come to the ring. Starr & Donst intimidated the new referee to start the match again to which he complied. The match ultimately ended in what appeared to be a double pin situation which saw Starr land a german suplex on Donst. The referee declared Starr the winner of both championships and declared him the new AIW champion. The original referee, now revived, consulted with other refs at ringside and declared the match to be a no contest. (total match time 10:54)

Match #5
The Sandwich Squad (Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs) defeated Mance Warner & Reed Bentley (time 10:13)

Match #6 - A Feud Renewed
Sonjay Dutt defeated Matt Cross following a blocked la magistral cradle (time 13:48)

Following the match Dutt talked about battling Cross all over the globe in many countries. He announced he was honored to have finally fought him in his backyard home of Northern Virginia.

Match #7 - 1% Gauntlet Match

Arik Royal defeated Tripp Cassidy, Bobby Shields, and Alexander James (match time 10:06)

Royal will now face the 1% leader Logan Easton Laroux in September 22nd

Match #8

Angelus Layne defeated Brittany Blake (match time 6:19)

Following the match Angelus Layne cut a promo on her originally  scheduled opponent Taeler Hendrix and NOVA Pro booker/co-founder Mike King. King  came out and asked to speak with her backstage. As Mike was leaving Layne responded by throwing a fireball in King’s face seemingly blinding him. Many of the wrestlers then chased after Layne as she escaped through an emergency exit door.

Match #9 - Special Grudge Match

Innocent Isaiah defeated Beau Crockett following a low blow/schoolboy combo (time 11:35)

Match #10 - Ladder Match for the PWI Ultra J Championship

Logan Easton LaRoux defeated champion Chet Sterling in 18:43 after LaRoux seized the title and became the new PWI Ultra J Champion

Following the match LaRoux celebrated with his 1% Gated Community fanclub.