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By Paul Jordan on 7/17/2017 9:22 AM

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Rey Mysterio is negotiating with both Global Force Wrestling and WWE. 

If I was the 42-year-old Lucha legend I might go for the Global Force schedule. Given how he left WWE a few years ago I'm not sure how much they are willing to bend over for Rey Rey. Not to mention GFW have a relationship with both AAA and Crash Lucha, I think that just at this point it makes the most sense. The article points out that he may decide to go with the WWE again not only for the money but to help get his son Dominic a Performance Center .tryout.

Mysterio currently appears on Lucha Underground but as soon as the third season finishes airing on El Rey he will be free and clear. There is speculation whether a fourth season is even in the works. So you have to wonder where Mysterio will be this fall?