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By Dave Scherer on 7/21/2017 9:16 AM

Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman guest hosted "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro", and discussed Shane McMahon's helicopter crash, Jinder Mahal's assertion that he controls his character, manipulating Vince McMahon, OJ Simpson's parole, and his prediction for Mayweather-McGregor.

Sean Knew Not To Worry About Shane McMahon's Helicopter Crash

"My first response was of course he survived a helicopter crash, it’s Shane McMahon."

Sean Doesn't Think Jinder Mahal Has Creative Control of His WWE Character

"No, not in the way that people are interpreting what he's saying. No one does, and no one ever has. I think that Vince probably did tell him you have the final say on this because some of it could be racially sensitive, or ethnically, cause he's talking about a lot of things that are ethnically charged."

When talking about whether Mahal should have more input, Sean said, "he should because he's the one that's out there saying these things. So I understand, if that's what he's talking about then ok, yes, but as far as like, ok, I have creative control so I don't, I'm not going to lose to this person, no, I'm not dropping the title...In our industry when we talk about creative control, usually it means ok, they have control over everything that that character does. Who they wrestle, who they win, who they beat, who they lose to, what they say, you know, everything."

When asked about who had the most creative control, Sean said, "Steve Austin, a lot. Rock, a ton. Us, D-Generation X. We had a ton!"

Sean Remembers How He Used To Manipulate Vince McMahon

“This is how it used to go all the time you guys. It was somebody would go, and I’ve been this person, 'Oh that’s it this time I’m not backing down, I’m sticking to my guns.' And you walk in there, and Vince will talk you into circles, and basically you’ll end up shaking his hand and saying thank you boss, and walking out doing exactly what you said you weren’t going to do."

"Actually we used to convince him that our idea was his to get shit done around there. Honestly that’s how it used to happen." 

Find Out Who DX Excluded From Joining The Group

"Triple H turned on me so some people like that were in the creative department thought that we must need a new member, and we didn’t. And the guy was Sean Morley aka Val Venis and he’s great, and it just wasn’t right, you know."


The Advice "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Gave Sean About Podcasting

"He really gave me some of the most valuable advice, other than the help I've gotten from our fearless leader Keven Undergaro...Mainly it’s just about putting in the work, being prepared, and doing your homework."

Sean Hopes the Conor McGregor-Money Mayweather Fight Gets Dirty

"That's going to be a hug fest all day long. Either that or it's going to break down, Conor is going to slip an elbow in there, you know, or a low knee or something like that. I mean, that's the kinda thing that, I hate to say it, but I kinda like to see that happen."


Sean Wasn't Surprised OJ Made Parole 

When asked if Sean was surprised that OJ made parole Sean said, “Not at all was anyone?”

Sean Hates The New Series from "Game of Thrones" Creators

“It’s like one of the worst f***ing ideas I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean for a show. Especially coming from, you know, from these guys.” 


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