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By Mike Johnson on 7/29/2017 3:46 PM

Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling announced this week that they have booked David Starr vs. Dave Crist for their 10/5 event, with the two facing off in a two hour "Double Iron Man Match."

Starr fought Crist for 104 minutes in an Iron Man bout in 2016 for Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton, Ohio.  At the time, Rob Smith filed the following report:

The King of Taunts” David Starr & “The King of Dayton” Dave Crist have been at a competitive struggle over the course of 2 years. Whether it was Juicy Product feuding with OI4K, or the two batting heads as singles competitors, David Starr vs Dave Crist has always delivered. This feud reached a boiling point at Rockstar Pro in Dayton, OH on November 6, 2015. A match, originally scheduled as a 60 minute ironman match, wound up as an incredible 104 minute extravaganza.

The bout started out as a technical mat wrestling match then picked up with some stiff shots and face paced back & forth action. As the two traded control throughout the 60 minutes of regulation, time expired at a draw. Rockstar officials decided there had to be a winner and called the match into sudden death rules! Almost immediately after the overtime period started, the referee was inadvertently knocked out! With no voice of reason controlling Starr or Crist, the two wrestlers spilled over the guardrails going into the crowd! They used weapons including chairs, trash cans, anything they could find to gain the advantage.

Eventually they went to the outside of the arena and continued to beat the snot out of one another. Taking turns slamming each other into the garage doors and dropping each other on concrete.

The match eventually went back into the arena where the pace stayed fast and heavy. Both men hit multiple maneuvers that would put any normal man down but neither couldn’t get the pin.

Finally, after 1 hour 44 minutes 32 seconds of drama, intensity, and fighting, the match ended with a pinfall. The locker room spilled out to ringside to pay their respects to the two gladiators. This truly was a special moment and a feeling that both men will always carry with them.

Starr sat down with Mike Johnson to discuss the match and more in the Elite section of PWInsider at this link.