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By Mike Johnson on 8/7/2017 7:24 AM

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena before the loyal HPW fans who saw a great night of HPW Wrestling!

With 3 new HPW Champions!!

HPW Wrestling


August 5th

Columbus, IN


Kid Thunder became the new HPW Cruiserweight Champion winning a 5 way dance over Kenny Cage,

Scarecrow, Jawan and Johnathan Wolfe 

Drax O'Brien beat Dave The Rave

Newcomer Duke The Nuke destroyed Buck Sexton

Lightning Bolt keep the HPW Tri State Belt when Vic The Bruiser was DQ for interference from Tank & Jawan

Clint Poe sent Abraham Mohammed packing in a loser leaves HPW Match

Flash Flanagan beat Tank by DQ when Jawan came in the ring and attacked Flash, then

Vic the Bruiser entered and got the Kendo Stick Flash uses and surprised the crowd  when he turned on Tank

and Jawan. Flash and Vic cleared the ring to cheers of the fans

The Bambino Family became the new HPW Tag Champions beating Dillen Swango and Troy Van Zant

The Midwest Mutt Shawn Kemp pinned TJ Kemp to become the new HPW Heavyweight Champion

HPW Wrestling returns to Columbus, IN Saturday September 2nd