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By Kendall Jenkins on 8/28/2017 7:38 AM

Mexican wrestling has mainstream popularity among other entertainments, such as card games, gambling "Mexican train" and other forms of leisure. Wrestling is not just entertainment; it is a whole show, an indescribable staginess of which will appeal to the most refined and passionate admirers. You can watch the ring show for hours. In Mexico, these fights are called Lucha Libre.

"Lucha Libre" fights are fascinating. Classic wrestling is characterized by colored masks and various costumes. Mexican wrestlers are known as luchadores, a large number of which are members of the Mexican Wrestlers Association. Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Eddie Guerrero are the most striking and famous examples. Luchadores use different techniques, including jumps, rapid sequences of holds and artistry. Such fights collect many views in the Internet and video hosting services and enjoy unimaginable popularity.
In 1863, a pioneer of wrestling Enrique Ugartechea became famous due to his appearance and using techniques of different complexity.

The year of 1942 is a period when "Lucha Libre" was developed by El Santo, another prominent representative of this style. He wore a bright mask typical for Luchadores, and thoroughly concealed his real name. His sports career spanned for more than forty years. He was one of the first wrestlers who gained international popularity and made achievements in this sport. Emerging Luchadores imitated their hero and copied his unusual style. But even copying their idol, newcomers made much headway in Lucha Libre.

Mexican casinos hold unforgettable shows and broadcast fights with luchadores online. The temperamental fighting of Mexican athletes always provide more vibrant emotions. Compared to Mexican wrestlers, fighting of wrestlers from other countries is less impressive. Mexican fighters must be anonymous and wear colored masks even out the rings that completely hide the face. Female wrestlers also actively compete in Lucha Libre.

Nowadays many users prefer online casinos to the land-based rooms, not least because they can play there for free (click here to get more information). They have their own benefits. However, if you are planning to visit Mexico, we don’t recommend to play at online casinos. Visit land-based ones to watch one of these performances.

There exist many other fighting styles in Mexico. Mexican athletes are learning different techniques used at the international level. Wrestling is popular among Mexican children, teenagers, adults, old people, and even women. The most famous scene for holding Lucha Libre fights was built in Mexico City. Staged fights are held every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit Mexican wrestler performances, that’s okay - you can always watch them on TV and online TV. In Mexico, "Lucha Libre" is not less popular than classical sport.