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By The Tomorrow Show on 9/1/2017 7:22 AM

Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman guested on "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro" and celebrated his 1 year anniversary hosting a show for AfterBuzz TV, discussed his favorite memories from his podcast, gave his thoughts on Ric Flair & more!

How AfterBuzz TV, Keven Undergaro & Maria Menounos changed X-Pac's life!

“I could tell he [Keven Undergaro] was dead serious [about X-Pac doing a wrestling podcast]. My question was, not knowing he or Maria, was and, it wasn’t like, thinking about it negatively. I just wanted to know what was in it for Keven. You know?...He immediately told me, and it was a very good reason, and it’s a reason that I would do something for, and he said, ‘ten percent karma’...Okay. Boom! You got me.”

When asked how he feels AfterBuzz TV has helped with his transition of feeling more confident on the mic:

“Wow. I just, I think a lot of it has to do with just the experience of coming here, being able to do this show [The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro]…Who gets to co-host a show or do a show with Maria Menounos every morning, come on?!”

“On a personal level...Being around Keven and Maria, you can’t help but be a better person. So, you know what I mean? Of course you do. So I’m around just the best people in the world right now. Like all of you, you know?”

When asked what he feels like has changed most about who he is since knowing Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos:

“Well, here’s how I look at it: When you’re your best you, then you’re able to be a lot better to others…So I can have a better relationship with my kids now, just everything…A better friend to my friend, a better son to my Mom…better brother to my sister…All that shit, you know? And I wasn’t being good to myself, because I didn’t like myself.”

Sean's most proud of his interview with Darren Young

"One of the ones I'm most proud of would be Darren Young, who's the first openly gay wrestler in WWE...I'm extremely proud of that because it's also not just a bullshit wrestling interview. It's about some real like shit"

Sean hasn't booked his WWE BFFs on his show because...

"I have my friends I haven't even asked yet. I've got my friend Kevin Nash...Only Scott Hall has come on. I haven't asked any of the rest of them. Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, any of them...Once you play your friend guest card, the card is gone. They no longer have to go 'oh yeah I'd love to," because they already did you the solid."

Why it took Steve Austin a year to come on Sean's show

"So I had Steve Austin on my show yesterday Stone Cold Steve Austin...I don't like to ask anybody for anything. So it's really difficult for me to go “hey would you take a couple hours at least out of your day to come on my show on your day off?...They don’t mind doing it at all but it's just my hang up about asking people... I don’t even like to ask them to come in studio, because you know LA traffic on top of everything. So when I asked Steve to come on the show, first he gave me shit when I was on his show about a month ago because I hadn’t invited him on yet, and I just wanted to get good, because I didn’t feel like I was good when I started. So a year later, I felt like I was good enough... He actually got in a car, and actually drove to the studio. I was just expecting him to Skype or call in...he's like,'No. You came to my house, did my show, I’m coming to yours.' He had a great time. Amazing time. He loved it…at the end, he said, 'You've gotten really good at this, and I don’t blow smoke up people's asses. I don’t say shit that’s not true.' And that was huge for was great, because truthfully, besides Keven [Undergaro], nobody has helped me or been more supportive behind the scenes, or in public than Steve. His advice, you know, just some really really good, simple advice, but really important good advice."

Sean says no one can imagine the industry without Ric Flair

"The whole industry is just like, oh my God, can't even imagine not having Ric Flair around."

Christy Saint Cloud & X-Pac are reuniting!

"She's[Christy St. Cloud] coming to town tomorrow and she's gonna come by...she's gonna come by and we're gonna go see a wrestling show tomorrow."


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