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By Mike Johnson on 9/14/2017 7:55 AM

Welterweight Wrestling 2 Update - New Names Announced For Oct 22 Live iPPV Including Jason Kincaid, Sonny Kiss & more!

Hot off of the critically acclaimed debut event, Welterweight Wrestling 2 picks up where the inaugural event left off. With a young, hungry roster of professional wrestlers 185 lbs and under, many overlooked, underappreciated, or deemed to be this generation’s version of “too small to be in the main event”, just like cruiserweights and junior heavyweights in eras before them. Now, these athletes get their chance to compete on a level playing field, where size won’t hinder them, and the size of their heart can propel them to greatness! See the action unfold 100% live in a 3-camera full-HD shoot that captures every second of the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled action!

Last week we announced Welterweight Champion Ace Perry, "Mr. Excitement" Ryan Kidd" and Ace Austin as the first three names confirmed for the event. We can now add the following six competitors to October 22nd's field!

Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes... Jason Kincaid

Age: ??
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lb. 
Years Pro: 14
Hometown: Mount Hope, West Virginia

Sometimes complex and always captivating, Jason Kincaid's state of mind is often as difficult to wrap your head around as his always-innovating and trendsetting wrestling style. Born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, without many of the luxuries or technologies we take for granted, Kincaid searched inward for his fulfillment, and such began a lifetime of yoga, meditation, and the search for his own personal nirvana. While his methods are unconventional (yes, he refused to provide his age), his results are undeniable. Whether it be the ECWA Super 8, ROH Top Propsect Tournament, or his current status dazzling crowds in EVOLVE and the WWN extended family, more and more fans are realizing the true bizarre brilliance of the man dubbed "The Gift". Kincaid has his own ways to describe himself, however, including, but not limited to "post-punk monk", "self-actualizing mystical madman", "introverted innovator", and "surrealist artist". Now, Kincaid brings his innovative style to an innovative brand... on October 22, Jason Kincaid officially becomes a Welterweight!


Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes Sonny Kiss

Age: 23
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180lbs.
Years Pro: 4
Hometown: Sidelines of the Gridiron

Sonny Kiss is called "The Concrete Rose" for a reason. Those that may only look at his soft side and positive demeanor will be more than surprised when they step in the ring and realize how hard he can hit. A professional dancer turned wrestler, Kiss is sometimes referred to as "Pro Wrestling's Resident Cheerleader" and actually trained in the NFL Cheerleading Prep course. The years of athleticism and body control only serve to aid in a ring style that has proven most difficult for many opponents to counter-act, as Kiss is known to be "hard hitting and split legging". Sonny Kiss has become a bit of a cult hero in his travels throughout much of the United States and into Canada, dazzling fans wherever he goes. A licensed yoga instructor outside the ring, but a fierce competitor inside of it, just hope you stay on Sonny Kiss' good side.


Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes Nate Wings

Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135 lbs
Years Pro: 8
From: Dayton, Ohio

The man who embodies the welterweight ideology more than perhaps anyone else, Nate Wings has been out-sized in likely every single match he's competed in. That includes Welterweight Wrestling, where even in spite of a strict weight limit, Nate was still out-sized by nearly fifty pounds in his Qualifying Round battle with Cam Zagami during the inaugural Welterweight Wrestling event. Nate went on to make it to the final four of the Welterweight Championship Scramble before being eliminated by Gory, a moment Nate has still not forgotten, as he and Gory's issues have run deep before and since that altercation. As he always does, Nate is coming back twice as determined and twice as fearless as he counts down the days to Welterweight 2. Constantly looking to better himself, be it in the ring, at the gym, or anywhere in between, Nate is determined to show the world what he's truly made of, and finally have his critics look past his size once and for all.


Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes Gory

Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lb
Years Pro: 13
From: Ogden Marsh, IA

"The New Age Plague" was among the final three in Welterweight Wrestling's Elimination Scramble to crown the first ever Welterweight Champion. As leader of a group called The Culmination, which includes fellow Welterweight Atticus Cogar, Gory has terrorized events throughout Ohio and beyond, even surfacing in CZW last month. Gory's mantra of "Infect the World" has been slowly but surely realized, as Gory adds more and more numbers to both his list of sadistic followers, and especially to his body count of victims. Gory's goal of domination in Welterweight Wrestling is more about destroying the goals of others than realizing his own. Gory looks to spread pestilence throughout the land at the expense of every other welterweight in attendance. Who will Gory's next target be at Welterweight Wrestling 2?


Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes Atticus Cogar

Age: 20
Height: 5’9
Weight: 165lb
Years Pro: 2 Years
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

A product of his surroundings, and a monster created by circumstance, Atticus may be best described as one of the ones that society "left behind". Growing up ostracized, surrounded by turmoil, anger, and resentment everywhere he looked, and with only big brother Otis to turn to, a hatred began to fester inside of a young Atticus. As time progressed, the hatred turned to an uncontrollable vengeful rage, and suddenly the young man so mired in negativity and violence around him soon became the purveyor of those same things, on a much larger and more destructive scale. Wearing his first pair of handcuffs at age 13, Atticus seemed destined for a world of solitude, void of any love or compassion, fueled by the isolation that has defined a mentality that gives no value to livelihood or happiness. Atticus simply takes what he wants in order to achieve the euphoric feeling of watching another suffer for his own amusement. At the inaugural Welterweight Wrestling event, it was Bryen Douglas who was defeated in record time by Atticus, who was not even scheduled or invited to be part of the event. This time Atticus will have free reign to enter... but can he be stopped at Welterweight Wrestling 2?


Welterweight Wrestling 2 welcomes... Alex Jordan

Age: 21
Height: 5'9
Weight: 155lbs
Years Pro: 2
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

A man who has studied virtually every style of combat sports possible, Alex Jordan was untouchable in his days as a mixed-martial artist, proficient in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai & American Style Kickboxing, and sporting a spotless win-loss record. Once he transitioned into pro wrestling, the absence of weight classes and his inexperience ensured his climb in this profession would be a bit slower. Undeterred, Alex has persevered and has slowly amassed more and more fan support, press, and victories. Always willing to throw caution to the wind, a dive-gone-wrong led to Alex being stretchered from the building and his future in question, but those who questioned Alex don't know the true Alex Jordan. Less than four hours later, Alex walked out of the emergency room under his own power and was already anticipating his next fight. At our inaugural event, Alex joined forces with Shawn Phoenix in the evening's tag team attraction, Alex's biggest career match to date by far. What battles await Alex on his return iPPV on October 22?



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