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By Mike Johnson on 9/23/2017 8:08 AM

9/23- CWE This Means War! Results Ft. WWF Legend The Warlord.

It was packed just hours ago inside Rookie's Sports Bar for a red hot CWE show and the 2017 Super J Cup! Here is what transpired,

1) In what has to be considered a major upset rookie Jak Lydon pinned 2016 Super Jobber Tasty Travis in the first round of the Super J Cup.

2) Wildman Firpo appeared to a HUGE ovation after returning to the ring against doctors orders after a brutal vehicle accident but was quickly defeated by the returning Tyler James in a Super J Cup Match first round match.

3) "First All Star" Brian Rich pinned "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon in a Super J Cup First Round Match.

4) DRAGNEEL captured a pin after a crucifix/sunset pin combination on CWE Tag Team Champion "The Crazed Cowboy" Jacob Creed in the first round of the Super J Cup.

5) Wildman Firpo defeated Tasty Travis to a deafening response in the Super J semi final.

6) Jacob Creed beat Kevin Cannon by disqualification when DRAGNEEL intentionally attacked Creed forcing the DQ to force Cannon into the finals after Creed agreed to lay down in defeat To his Clan leader.

7) "Misfit" Mike Mission was victorious over "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy in a bloodbath that ended when Mission blew fire in Chevy's face.

8) Tasty Travis pinned Kevin Cannon in the Super J Cup Final after what looked like a Cannon win with Creed interference was diverted by DRAGNEEL who assisted Travis pick up the win making Kevin Cannon the 2017 Super Jobber.

9) In a match taped for CWE Coliseum Home Video The Warlord made short work of Kevin Cannon with the full nelson.

10) WWF Legend The Warlord, CWE Champion "Wrestling's Strongest Man" Tyler Colton, & "Hotshot" Danny Duggan bested "The Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez, "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom & Kevin O'Doyle in a six man tag.

CWE returns to action at Rookie's Sports Bar on Friday, November 24th!

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