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By Jason Kendall on 9/28/2017 8:37 AM

The WWE is always on the lookout for new, talented fighters to enter the ring and faceoff against their resident superstars. While many wrestlers go through the grind and the hard work to make it to the top, the WWE also makes some great occasions by inviting celebrities and stars from other sports to compete in one-off matches or events.

UFC 217 isn’t far away now; the main card is stacked with great combatants all leading up to the main event: Michael Bisping versus Georges St-Pierre. The defending middleweight champion pits his title against a returning legend of the octagon who has been on a four-year hiatus.

The UFC has made sure that 217 is going to be a huge sporting event, one which could create further opportunity for the great Georges St-Pierre.

GSP to reclaim a world title and his star power


Source: CBC News, via Twitter

If he can win the headline fight at UFC 217 on November 4 against Michael Bisping, Georges St-Pierre will be able to recover a lot of the star power that he left behind in the octagon in 2013.

As it stands, the Canadian superstar athlete is at 4/6 to defeat the defending champion, and given his immense skill spanning so many disciplines, GSP to win would make a good use of the £60 bonuses from Betfred.

WWE and UFC trade stars regularly


Source: It's Real Wrestling PC, via Twitter

Many big names have made their way over from one organization and their respective sport to the other, with the likes of CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, Bobby Lashley, and many more switching between WWE and UFC.

Before the over-hyped Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight earlier this year, there were murmurs that the Irishman would make an appearance at a WWE event, or even crossover once more to expand his repertoire. But, despite Triple-H inviting the duo to come to Raw, nothing came to fruition.

If the WWE did want Georges St-Pierre to fight at one of their events, everything points to him accepting the offer. For a start, GSP continued his MMA training during his off-time, but also made several appearances in big films to claim some acting credits – so he can make time for his other interests.

Secondly, before he returned from his break, GSP stated that performing in the WWE is something that he “would really enjoy [doing] if [he] had the opportunity.”

With a win, St-Pierre could push on to further cement his legacy as one of, if not the greatest fighter of all time. An immediate return to champion would put his star power through the roof once more, with the WWE presumably more than willing to have him fight in their ring.