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By Kendall Jenkins on 10/3/2017 9:18 AM


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Nothing denying that betting on the MMA fights is great fun! However, it can get even better if you consistently win your bets. This is where a services like SBAT betting tips come into the picture. Let’s take you through some generic MMA betting strategies that can help you register regular profits from your MMA betting endeavours.

Never overlook the prop bets

Punters have a habit of overlooking the prop bets, while they’re after seemingly more profitable betting options on the MMA fights. Anyone who follows MMA on a regular basis would know you always have a fair idea how a fight might end, keeping in mind the weaknesses and strengths of the fighters. Betting on someone to beat the other by submission may or may not be a wise decision depending on the surface the fight is happening on.

Never bet blindly on the heavy favourites

You should always avoid betting blindly on the heavy favourites, as every fighter is in with a chance to win. You just need one lucky punch from the underdog or one silly mistake by an overwhelming favourite to lose out on a big chunk of your betting bankroll.

Another important reason to steer clear of huge favourites is that the betting lines are always swayed based on the general public sentiment, often making them longer than they actually should be. Why this happens is because everyone loves backing a favourite (as they win more frequently) regardless of how it might hurt their bankroll in the long term. Betting consistently on favourites always holds negative expected value.


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Underdogs fare pretty well over the long term

This holds true in almost every sport because of the reason we provided above. All general sports bettors love backing the favourites, in the hope of winning their bets. And the same applies to the MMA fights. However, you must go against the general sentiment to be successful in MMA betting.

Select your fights strategically

If you’re into MMA betting to make a livelihood for yourself, you should avoid betting on every fight. Bookmakers are almost always spot on for a large majority of MMA fights, implying that they never leave any room for anyone to take undue advantage of them. You should stay away from betting activity if the odds seem pretty accurate to you. On the other hand, feel free to bet on all the fights if you are in it simply for entertainment!


Shop around to get the best value

You should never stick to one bookmaker for the long term. It’s always recommended to open accounts with multiple bookies and shop around for the best lines while betting on the MMA fights. Having said that, please keep in mind that you’re least likely to get the same odds for the same fighter at two different bookmakers. In fact, this is all the more applicable in MMA wherein you can regularly find huge differences in the odds offered by different sports books. Anyone who wishes to be a profitable MMA bettor over a period of time should always continue line shopping until he/she locates the best odds.