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By Mike Johnson on 11/1/2017 9:00 AM

WORLD-1 returns HOME to Morganville NJ this Saturday November 4th at 7pm!

As a special thank you to all of our fans World-1 has a special ticket offer for you. All General Admission tickets are $18 no matter your age! Simply visit and purchase any amount of children's tickets to guarantee admission to our end of the year event as we return home to Morganville NJ this Saturday night November 4th!


The Franchise returns to WORLD-1

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas makes his return to WORLD-1 to challenge for the W-1 championship in a match he made famous! A Three Way Dance between current champion, Jay D Luscious and former fan favorite, Travis Lee! Will the innovator of the Dance be returning home to Pittsburgh as the WORLD-1 champion? Last year Shane was able to walk out of Morganville as the W1 Television champion when he battled Travis Lee. Will lightning strike twice?



Current W1 North American champion, Pelle Primeau has been avoiding any and all challengers for his title since winning it several months ago after defeating Kyle The Beast, Archadia and Matt Tremont all in one night. Now Pelle must take on his biggest challenge to date, literally. The monster of a man, Chuck Payne, who towers over everyone in WORLD-1 is looking forward to delivering a beat down in a match that will be drawn randomly in front of the live crowd on November 4th at the DUGOUT in Morganvllle NJ.


BROTIEN Pack will find their own challengers

The current WORLD-1 Tag Team Champions, the BROtien Pack of TJ Blade and Mike C-Way have made it clear to W1 officials that there is no need to schedule a match for them on November 4th. The Champions claim that they will find their own opponents in Morganville NJ! What does that mean? Find out on November 4th when W1 returns home to the Dugout inMorganville NJ (712 Ginesi Dr) with this match


Mayor is hoping to recapture W1 gold

The Mayor once again challenges for the W1 Television title as he battles L.A Vin! Will Vin’s reign continue or will Boonton’s favorite son take back the championship! Join us on November 4th at the Dugout (712 Ginesi dr in Morganville NJ) for a night of exciting, family friendly pro wrestling action! Tickets are on sale at


Travis Lee - WORLD-1’s favorite son, turned evil?

Travis Lee stood across the ring from his brother holding the W1 Championship he failed to capture. He had just viciously attacked the new champion, Jay D Luscious to the shock of the W1 fans. Travis Lee has been a fan favorite since he started with WORLD-1 in 2007 and has never captured the W1 title and apparently that frustration manifested last month. When W1 returns back home to Morganville NJ on November 4th, Travis Lee will address his actions!


You will not want to miss a great night of family friendly pro wrestling action this Saturday night at 7pm at the DUGOUT, 712 Ginesi Drive, Morganville NJ. Tickets are available at