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By Mike Johnson on 11/7/2017 7:50 AM

CWE Surpasses Historic Milestone.



Canadian Wrestling's Elite has learned that it continues to cement itself as a part of Canadian wrestling history!


CWE recently produced its 327th live event in company history and with the last few CWE is officially ranked number 11 for most shows ever produced by an organization in the history of the West four provinces dating back to the 1940s!


Who did CWE surpass to take the #11 spot?! The iconic AWA who produced a total of 325 events across Western Canada during their legendary run during the territory dates.


Now sitting in 11th place all time the 10th spot is next on CWE's radar and held by legendary promoter Alex Turk who promoted 389 shows between 1944-1964.


The top 12 promotions/promoters of all time across the four Western provinces based on volume of events promoted and the amount of events they promoted is the following,


1) Stampede Wrestling 1948-1989 (7,043)


2) Sandor Kovacs 1968-1977 (1,575)


3) Cliff Parker/Rod Fenton 1949-1967 (1,444)


4) Al Tomko- Vancouver 1977-1989 (1,406)


5) ECCW (888)


6) Tony Condello (732)


7) The Madison Club (632)


8) Stampede Wrestling 1999-2008 (454)


9) Canadian Wrestling Federation- Ernie Todd/Kryss Thorn (444)


10) Alex Turk 1944-1964 (389)


11) Canadian Wrestling's Elite 2009-Current (327)


12) AWA- Verne Gagne (325)



A huge thank you to wrestling historian, published author, Canadian wrestling legend, & CWE Alum "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada for this in depth information and bringing it to our attention!


CWE has THIRTY dates on the schedule between Nov 24th-Feb 24th with more still unannounced.


Check out www, for information on all of those events!