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By Mike Johnson on 11/10/2017 7:53 AM

Upstate Professional Wrestling presents "November To Dismember" this Saturday at the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Bell time is at 6 PM. Some tickets are still available at $15 for general admission, then it's $18 at the door. 

Main Event: UPW Heavyweight Title

"Your Captain" Nick Ando (C) VS "Hybrid" Sean Carr

Originally this was supposed to be Ando VS Ethan Page. However due to unforeseen circumstances, Page is unable to make it. So one of the most heated rivalries in WNY is going to be reignited here in Upstate in just 2 days. Nick Ando & Sean Carr have taken each other to the limit each and every time they have faced off. They bring out the best in each other. I'm sure this Saturday will be no different. Your Captain is one of the most hard-working individuals around and he proves that anytime he steps into the ring. He has a really unique style and can hit you with a variety of moves that will leave you in a world of hurt. At Headlocks & Homeruns 6 he achieved a goal he set for himself since coming back from injury by capturing the title when he defeated Bobby Fish. Ando's voyage at the helm has just begun and he will fight with everything he has to continue to sail the open waters as the Captain of UPW. Sean Carr has made lots of waves over the last few years and continues to do so where ever he goes. He knows what it's like to face Ando, and he knows what he has to do to score a victory. The Hybrid is able to adapt to his surroundings and flourish during big moments. This right here is a big moment, this is a big match and there is more than just a title at stake. Will Sean Carr be able to dethrone the champion? Or will Your Captain continue on his maiden voyage as UPW Heavyweight Champion? Find out in just two days at November 2 Dismember!!!

UPW "Canadian" No Limits Title

"Eh Plus" Ryan Cassidy VS "The King of the North" Carter Mason (C)

Since winning the No-Limits Championship back in July at Red White & Bruised,Carter Mason has made a successful title defense against Jay Freddie, who is a top athlete and someone who reached the finals of this year's Upstate 8. "Eh Plus" Ryan Cassidy was a UPW Tag Team Champion for almost a year. Vaughn Vertigo and Cassidy lost the tag titles and the subsequent rematch. Since that time Cassidy has been trying to get some traction and make some moves within the UPW roster. He gets arguably his biggest opportunity this Saturday for the NO-Limits Title. There is no doubt that Carter Mason is not liked by the UPW crowd, some might not like his attitude, the way he carries himself or the fact that he's Canadian, but you have to respect him as a wrestler. He was able to defeat Dick Justice for the title and shows no plans of giving up his title reign anytime soon. The King of the North will look to exit November 2 Dismember the same way he walked in, Champion. Cassidy will need to bring everything in his arsenal with him to get the job done this Saturday. If he is able to pull off a victory and walk out as the NEW champion, many would consider that a big upset and by far the biggest singles win of his career. Ryan has a never say die attitude about him and I'm sure he's not listening to any doubters. If anything, it's fuel for the fire to prove them wrong. Will it be an "Eh Plus" for Cassidy or will it be long live the King? Be there this Saturday for this and much more!!!


Jay Freddie vs. "The Young Lion of the West" Mattick (w/Kount C)

At the Upstate 8 both Jay Freddie and Mattick reached the finals of the tournament. Freddie was trying to win the tournament for the first time, while Mattick was trying to become a 2 time champion. However, Jay's hopes of winning were cut short. The tactics used by Mattick over recent months have been more than questionable. He used outside interference to advance from the first round and fooled everyone when Kount C once again got involved in the end of the match as he appeared to still be unconscious from the spinning back fist of one Eddie Kingston. Freddie is a man of integrity, he is a clean wrestler and uses his heart and determination to push him forward. He does not take the cowards way out, which is exactly what Mattick has been doing. I think fans are going to see a different side of Jay Freddie this Saturday, a more intense and determined side. He has been in the gym training, lifting and watching tape to find weaknesses in his opponent. Will Jay Freddie be able to get a small amount of revenge on Mattick this Saturday? The Vile Society has grown by one member as "Just" Jeremy Jensen has joined Kount C & Mattick, what role could he play in this match? Will Mattick play fair and try and win this one on his own? Or will he rely on the help of the other Vile Society members to defeat Jay? This is an important match for both men involved and a win for either of them will have a significant impact going forward as we know both want to hold gold here in UPW. Who will rise to the occasion and walk out a winner and who will have to live with the disappointment of a loss? Find out in just a few days at November 2 Dismember!!


"The Alpha & Omega" Jason Savior VS "Just" Jeremy Jensen


In October, Jason Savior & Eric Rosecroft were in a battle for the KDW Heavyweight Title when Mattick and Kount C came to the ring trying to recruit Savior to join the Vile Society. Savior countered, asking them to join him. Words were exchanged and Savior grabbed Mattick for a chokeslam. Mattick, desperate to get out of his clutch hit Jason with a low blow and started putting the boots to him. Jeremy Jensen who had faced Mattick earlier in the night came out with a chair to make the save, or so we thought. Jensen turned on Savior and used the chair on him and revealed that it was a ruse and he had joined the Vile Society. Rosecroft, who had no idea what happened covered Savior and picked up the win to become the new champ. Afterwards, the Vile Society tried getting Rosecroft to join them to which he declined and tried fighting them all alone which didn't work and Savior ended up delivering a double chokeslam to both Mattick & Jensen. There is no love loss between Savior & Jensen as Savior is the one who defeated Jeremy for the KDW Heavyweight Title, a loss Jeremy still hasn't recovered from. Commissioner Casey Doyle has made this matchup so Savior can get his hands on the man that ultimately cost him the title. Will the hand of God bring the pain to Jensen and once again put him down for the 3 count? Or will Jensen and his new band of cronies prove that there is strength in numbers and that the Vile Society is going to be a force to be reckoned with? Find out Saturday!


5 on 5 Elimination 
Team Defiance VS Team Wrecking-U


Defiance and Wrecking-U have been at odds for most of 2017. They went to war in a danger zone match that left all 4 men hurting for weeks after. Still this score is not settled. This Saturday they have picked teams and will collide in an epic match-up. Defiance has added their 3rd member in Risk and have brought along the young team of the Board of Directors who have a lot to prove to themselves and to the UPW fans. Pat White & Rico have fought hard each and every time out and helping their team win would be a huge moment for them. Chris Cayden, Maximo Suave and Risk are a cohesive unit that has fought side by side and know each other's strengths and weaknesses. They have a fire under them that they are going to try and use to propel their team to victory. On the other side, Wrecking-U has aligned themselves with the current KDW Tag Team Champions, The Wrestling Liberation Front, Krist Worthless & Cloudy. Since the beginning of their title reign they have had their sights set on being duel champions. Saturday, they get a chance to get their hands on the current UPW Tag Team Champions. Nick "The Natural" Sullivan is one of the strongest humans to ever step into a UPW ring. Back in September he threw around every opponent he could get his hands on. 5 men will stand across from him and the Natural plans to throw them all. Bobby Dipinto and Hellcat want their tag titles back. Dipinto has been an angry man since being put through a table by Maximo back in August and he hasn't forgotten about it for a second. On his mind is sure to be retribution. Hellcat feels like he has assembled a team that is going to crush Defiance and put them on notice that they are coming for the tag team titles. As the captain he plans to use his veteran knowledge to his advantage to walk out this Saturday a winner!! Will Team Defiance continue to do what they have done and defy the odds? Or will it be Team Wrecking-U that proves they are the superior wrestlers? Find out this Saturday!!!


The Faculty vs Team Icon Ace


585 Live Champion Icon Ace has been having a lot of problems with the Faculty over the last 6 months, especially since winning the 585 Live Tournament. He defied the odds when he beat Boz for the Title and once again when he defended it against Bam Bam, however he has not walked away from either of those encounters unscathed. The Faculty have used the numbers game to gang up on him at any given chance. Professor Wessler has assembled 3 talented, young, up and comers to take under his wing and share his vast wealth of knowledge with. With Boz, Bam Bam & Lunch Lady Rae by his side, Professor Wessler hopes he can lead his team to victory by any means necessary. Icon Ace knows that he can't do it alone, but he needs people he can trust. Which is exactly what he found when he put together this team. Fireheart is full of so much passion, he's ready to explode at any given moment. He doesn't take to kindly to bullies and that's exactly what the Faculty is. 2017 Headlocks & Homeruns Battle Royal winner, Charlie Locke has had an impressive streak of matches these last few months. He too, doesn't like the Faculty, largely in part because they tried to cheat to win at H&H6, but were foiled in the process. Lastly he looked to friend and fellow title holder, the new KDW Heavyweight Champion Eric Rosecroft. Rosecroft was involved in a year long feud with the Professor that ended last December. A year ago at this very event, the Professor & Rosecroft were forced to be on the same team prior to their Christmas Deathmatch at Xmas Chaos. This Saturday, they once again stand across the ring from one another and that feud is going to be rekindled. Will it be the Faculty that walks out at the top of the class? Or will it be Team Icon that proves that they have what it takes to put the Faculty in detention!! Find out this Saturday!!!


"The Amazing Canadian" Lionel Knight VS "Extremely Cute Wrestler" Colin Delaney


This will be a rematch from Headlocks & Homeruns 6 where these two locked up for the first time in years and had one hell of a match-up. I'm sure the 2nd time around will be no different. Colin is one of the best professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. He has the ability to adapt to anyone's style that he is in the ring with. He can be technical, he can brawl, and if need be he can fly. They don't call Lionel Knight "The Amazing Canadian" for nothing though. He is so athletically gifted, as strong as they come and has a mixture of quick attacks and power moves. There really is no telling what will happen when these two stand across a ring from one another but you aren't going to want to take your eyes off the action as it is sure to be fast paced and highly intense. This Saturday, November 2 Dismember!!!


Card Subject To Change