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By Jason Kendall on 12/19/2017 7:36 AM

Call it whatever you like- a show for gimmicks or a display of true character and strength-the WWE is anything but fake. Everyday, wrestling fans tune into their favourite TV show to watch their superstars battle for fame, supremacy and various titles. For hours, these fans are absorbed into a dirty frenzy as they expect the "unexpected" from the superstars in the ring. Of course, this is no different from how gamers feel without the best internet casino online.

Unfortunately, it is the WWE universe that has often been on the receiving end. Most times, people have to deal with the angst and frustration of seeing their favourite wrestler loose out, often to the "bad guy", when it should have been the other way round. Fortunately there are still many wrestlers who also tap fans into the richness and value of the game. And even though they're not liked by everyone, they are still the coolest bad guys around. It is in this space that Jervis Cottonbelly belongs to.

A mysterious character in professional wrestling, Jervis Cottonbelly is one man that should be in the WWE making waves at the moment. The yellow masked English billed wrestling gimmick that has been used by multiple wrestlers since its debut in 2005. The character originated in Chikara and has also appeared for several independent promotions, including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. At the moment, the Jervis Cottonbelly persona is being portrayed Dwayne Johnson.

Unlike most superstars, it is not Cottonbelly's super freaky moves or rigid physique that endears him to fans. Neither is it Cottonbelly’s ability to rock opponents to sleep when he cannot stop them from being violent (although we find this amazing). Rather, it is his unbridled connection with his fans and huge sense of humour that makes Cottonbelly rare. The attention Cottonbelly draws to his acts is remarkable as he hugs and meets many while still action.

Cottonbelly's approach to matches is what makes him fun to watch and what he does after the match is even more captivating. Just recently before losing his title to the Squared Circle, Cottonbelly made a big show posing and taking shots with many fans after he won the WrestleCircus 24/7 title. While this could be considered "normal", it is not everyday you come across an athlete doing such things or a casino with jackpot247.

Apart from posing with fans, Cottonbelly is also active on Facebook, Reddit and other social media platforms. Even online, Cottonbelly still strives to maintain the same attitude of cheer and comfort to people which is springs from the strength drawn from his past life of depression. Though he uses his life to put smile on the faces of fans, Cottonbelly also derives joy and happiness from doing what he does. For him, it's more than wrestling or the WWE universe; it's a about living a life of positivity. This is why Cottonbelly makes it his business to see the light in every situation no matter how bad it may appear to be.

On his social media presence, Cottonbelly has made it clear that he wants to be a beacon of light on the internet. Of course, it is rare to see a professional wrestler who has such duality which is why it's pretty difficult figuring out why Cottonbelly has chosen to live that way. However, meeting people like The Rock has encouraged him in his quest to be nice.

By choosing to do things differently, Dwayne Johnson has made the Jervis Cottonbelly persona better and more impactful. Of course, he may not have achieved this on his own as a man. And now WrestleCircus is so much better, all because Jervis Cottonbelly puts so much effort into making fans smile.