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By Brian McIntyre on 1/6/2018 7:42 AM

WCWO "Getting Warm" 1/5/2018

1. WCWO Outlaw Heavyweight Champion Johnathan Wolf came out and issued an open challenge which no one answered. The referee Marshall, then took his ref gear off and dove on Wolf. Wolf eventually fought back and began to clip off parts of Marshall's hair until Corey made the save.

2. Ace Perry defeated Shawn Kemp.

3. Jake Garvin w/ Joey Dice defeated Joey Venom. After the match, Jake turned on Venom.

4. Sage Phillips and Bret Havoc survived an elimination scramble also involving Jordan James, Jax Rivers, Kid Thunder, and Bradley Prescott IV, but the match was thrown out as Sage and Bret fought in the crowd eventually forcing WCWO Management, Officials, and part of the backstage locker room to separate it.

5. Pogo and Calvin Tankman defeated Dynamite Dillen and WCWO Fight Or Die Champion Matthew Galloways w/ Skull Crusher when Calvin pinned Matthew. After the match, Calvin held the WCWO Fight or Die Championship up and said he was coming for it.

6. WCWO Commishioner Joey Owens came out and cut a promo about how things were going to change in the WCWO. He mentioned a lot of new exciting things coming including huge indy wrestling stars that would be coming in, as well as a supershow every two months.

7. Mance Warner defeated Tripp Cassidy.

8. Percy Davis and Miles Morales defeated The Young Dragons (Dale Patricks and Josh Crane). The Young Dragons seemed to have trouble communicating during this time.

9. Tom Van Zant defeated Levi Everett. After the match, Tom announced he wasn't done with Joey Owens, and went to attack Levi some more, but Owens came for the save. Jordan James then got involved and attacked Owens.

10. Main Event: Johnathan Wolf defeated Corey Storm to retain the WCWO Outlaw Heavyweight Championship by rollup. Johnathan almost won the match by disqualification by using the "Eddie Trick" but Marshall came out and called out to the other ref that the belt wasn't really used. This resulted in Wolf superkicking Marshall.