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By Mike Johnson on 1/9/2018 6:55 AM

Brian Pillman, Jr., who is the son of Brian Pillman, will make his professional wrestling debut in Michigan for the first time on Saturday Night February 3 as part of Blue 
Water Championship Wrestling's "Blue Water Bash" in Port Huron, MI. 

Tickets go on sale Monday January 8 at American Legion Post 8 & PKSA Port Huron as well as online. Advanced tickets are $15 with tickets going up to $20 the day of the event. Also for the first time BWCW is offering advanced family 4-packs for just $50. 

The BWCW Rising Stars Division will in fact be the premiere place to be in 2018 with wrestlers traveling from all over the United States to be in BWCW, including: 

* D.R.H (Devils Right Hand), most notably known for being apart of XICW, BWCW & Freak Show Wrestling out in Las Vegas. 

* Tony Scott, coming out of the metro Detroit area, looks to make a name for himself in BWCW. Scott has proven to be a powerhouse for his size working his way onto promotions in Michigan & Ohio area. 

* "Prince of Shoop" Atlas Hytower!! Atlas has been making his way up the ladder in BWCW in competition... 

* Jack Perry aka "Jungle Boy" 

Doors open at 6:45 pm. Belltime set for 7:30 pm. Advanced tickets are $15 in advance, going up to $20 the day of the event and for the first time ever.....Come join the fun and witness BWCW with live "In Your Face" experience. 

Jungle Boy (aka Jack Price, and son of actor Luke Perry) will be working for BWCW in 2018 as part of the Rising Stars Division.