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By Mike Johnson on 1/16/2018 8:07 AM

The first CWF Mid Atlantic event of the calendar year began with introductions of the new CWF Worldwide lead commentator Cecil Scott, the evening's returning guest commentator Smith Garrett and the host of CWF Worldwide, C.L. Party. Moments later, Coach Gemini and the All Stars interrupted, with the new CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title belt around the waist of Roy Wikins. After announcing that Wilkins would later "defend" his title, but only against another champion, the All Stars retreated and the event began in earnest with ring introductions for the opening bout.


Ethan Alexander Sharpe sauntered into the arena to face Chet Sterling in singles action. Sterling got grounded early by a persistant Sharpe, but proved to be even more resilient and defeated Sharpe by pinfall.


Donnie Dollar$ entered and awaited scheduled opponent Dirty Daddy and went ballistic upon the bell, tearing into Dirty and quickly setting him up for a big leg drop, and deciding it wasn't worth it. "Assassin" Ray Kandrack made his way to the ring figuring he'd fight whoever was left, which he did, until the referee called for the bell and stopped the match.


"Wrestling Machine" Otto Schwanz and All Star Mace Li entered for tag team action against Nick Richards and Michael "the Fury" McAllister with William L. Cross. Li hit and ran and Otto became even more incoherant but McAllister and Richards kept getting up and fighting, turning the tides and winning the match by pinfall.


An angry Mike Mars, of recent Rising Generation League Championship fame, entered with an attitude to take on the Rampaging Beast Aaron Biggs in singles action. In a literal battle to be bull of the woods, Biggs stood tall and defeated Mars by pinfall.


Cain Justice entered next for a singles bout against rival Jesse Adler. Justice came in with a wrestling mindset and Adler obliged, showing off his arsenal of abilities up close. After the ten minute mark, however, Cain Justice seemed to change up to the "make him tap" mode and began working exclusively on one arm and hand of Adler's. Adler showed a lot of heart continuing to fight back with an apparently injured shoulder, but was forced to submit giving Justice another win.


"Golden Boy" Aric Andrews entered next to take on popular high-flyer Cam Carter in singles action. Carter had the crowd fully behind him early on and he turned on the jets for the fans and Andrews kept getting up to fight some more. With the match in Andrew's favor late, Cam Carter turned the tides and got a huge pinfall win over the veteran Golden Boy.


One half of the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champion Dawson Brothers, Dave Dawson, hit the arena from the lobby to take on Snooty Foxx in one-on-one action. In another battle of big men with history, Foxx stayed in the face of Dawson from bell to bell but found himself on the wrong end of a Dave Dawson pinfall victory.


The All Stars' Roy Wilkins and entourage entered and as promised announced the champion Wilkins would face. Brand new Rising Generation League Champion Kool J hit the ring and the fans erupted with cheers for their most recently-crowned champion. Wilkins, with both Coach Gemini and Jarry Carey in his corner, did eventually wear down Kool J and win by pinfall over the guy with the biggest heart in CWF. However, it took Wilkins and Company over twenty-two minutes to finally defeat young Kool J.


Coach Gemini presented his CWF Worldwide Television Champion "Ace" Arik Royal for the main event drawing for a title challenger. Somehow, El Dandy's name was drawn and he was not actually in attendance. Gillberg's name was drawn but we didn't have his entrance music. After another miss or two, the name of Shane "Hurricane" Helms was drawn and the superstar enters for the main event to the surprise of everyone in the building.


Arik Royal probably put his hands on Shane Helms more in a less than ten minute match than anyone in his career ever has. Royal showed off his moxy and strength and kept the world traveller baffled for most of the traditional ten minute television time limit. However, the Hurricane seemed to be on the verge of dropping in the final minute and turned a Royal attack into a surprising pinfall win, making Helms the new CWF Worldwide Television Champion.

C.L. Party announced the title change and asked Shane Helms if he would defend the title at the next event on mic and Helms informed everyone he would most certainly defend the title and would be a fighting champion!


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