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By Mike Johnson on 3/15/2018 8:28 AM



Wrestling fans only have seven more days to wait until 5 Star Wrestling returns to LIVE UK television and Facebook Live across the world!

5 Star Wrestling's Thursday night slice of grapple action will be back next Thursday night (March 22) live from the Manchester Arena.

The three-hour show starts at 7pm on FreeSports and will feature the stars of international and UK wrestling from one of Britain's most iconic venues.

As always the show will also be streamed live at our Facebook page from 6.30pm that night.

The full three-hour show will be repeated on FreeSports at 1am on Friday, March 23 and at 6am on Saturday, March 24.

A one-hour Manchester highlights show will air at 12.55pm on Saturday, March 24 and at 8.30am on Monday, March 26.





Hot on the heels of his successful Real Wrestling Championship defence at a CSF event in Wiltshire on Saturday, Eddie Ryan has scheduled another defence of the title for next week.

'The English Lion' will put 5 Star's "British championship for British wrestlers" on the line against the formidable Iestyn Rees at an Ultimate Pro Wrestling event in Wincanton, Somerset, on Saturday March 24.

This is of course, assuming Ryan is still the champion coming out of next Thursday night's live 5 Star Wrestling TV show from Manchester Arena.

The Real Wrestling Championship is becoming unique on the UK wrestling scene because Ryan is determined to defend it in other UK wrestling promotions.

The belt was introduced to 5 Star Wrestling by Zack Gibson, who said he was sick of the American superstars keeping the Brits from being on top.

After winning the Real Wrestling Championship from Gibson in Belfast, Eddie has been given the go-ahead by 5 Star management to establish the new title as a legitimate UK-wide championship.

He beat Jack Starz in Devizes on Saturday and will now face Rees at Wincanton Memorial Hall on March 24.

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But the question is, what does Ryan's arch-rival the 5 Star Champion Jake Hager make of all this?

After all, the 5 Star Championship is the main championship in 5 Star Wrestling.

The self-styled 'Father of British Wrestling' won it by beating long-reigning champ John Morrison in Newcastle last month. Since then Hager has successfully defended the title twice, including in a controversial bout with Ryan himself in Plymouth.

We won't have long to find out. Our two rival champions 'The All-American American' and Eddie Ryan will be in the same building next Thursday night LIVE on FreeSports when 5 Star Wrestling comes LIVE from Manchester Arena!





5 Star Champion Jake Hager will return to 5 Star Wrestling on March 22 at Manchester Arena. But will he put his 5 Star Championship on the line? And if so, who will his opponent be? In no particular order, we have five suggestions...


5) Tor Atterhagen

Who wouldn't want to see the 5 Star Champion risk his title against a gas mask-wearing monster from Sweden? The Scourge of Scandinavia made a massive impact in decimating three hapless Pilgrims when making his debut in Plymouth but we are yet to discover what Atterhagen can do within the confines of an actual wrestling match. His size, intimidating presence and power would surely cause problems for the champion and make for a very tough night's work for the self-professed 'Father of British Wrestling'.


4) Rampage Brown

Jake Hager has been very public in his views that "American wrestling is up here and British wrestling is down there". So how about 5 Star management make the champion put that opinion to the test against Britain's toughest and meanest brawler, Rampage Brown? If he needs any more convincing, Hager could always ask Moose and Rey Mysterio if they think Rampage is deserving of a shot. 


3) Grado

We would love to see Grado get a shot at the 5 Star Championship. There are few more popular stars than the Scotsman in the whole of 5 Star Wrestling and he is a breath of fresh air every time he comes dancing down the aisle to the ring. Grado has two victories under his belt in tag team action on FreeSports but can his unorthodox and enthusiastic style upset the dual sports superstar? It would be fun to find out.


2) Matt Riddle

Now here's a dream matchup if ever there was one. The 5 Star Champion and his anklelock versus the 5 Star Wrestling: Tap or Snap Champion and his Bromission. Hager may be a submission expert but could he beat The King of Bros in a battle of holds? Hager vs Riddle. We would love to see it in Manchester!


1) 'English Lion' Eddie Ryan

This match writes itself. Eddie Ryan and Jake Hager have been at war since the very first day both set foot in 5 Star Wrestling. Now Hager holds the 5 Star Championship, Ryan holds the Real Wrestling Championship. How about we hang both titles high above the ring in the Manchester Arena and have ourselves a title vs title ladder match, to find out who is the REAL champion of 5 Star Wrestling - the 'All American American' or the 'English Lion'? Let's just make sure Bram and his pals are banned from ringside first.




5 Star Wrestling will return to FreeSports next Thursday night (March 22) LIVE at Manchester Arena.

Here are 5 big questions ahead of next week's event. Will we get the answers next Thursday night?


5) Will Pure Dead Brilliant FINALLY get a match?

Since they turned up late at the Echo Arena in week one, the Glasgow trio of Lou King Sharp, Kid Fite and Krieger have entertained and infuriated with their innovative campaign to get a match in 5 Star Wrestling. They have tried everything - drop kicking management office doors in Liverpool, bullying our backstage interviewer SoCal Val in Newcastle, disguising as security to invade the ring in Sheffield, bringing their own opponents to Plymouth, even rushing in last-minute off the ferry to challenge The Masters of Cool in Belfast. But nothing has worked. Will this change next Thursday night..and will Granny Jane finally get to see her boys in action?


4) Who will replace Joe Hendry on commentary?

Our 5 Star Wrestling commentator, pro and amateur wrestling star Joe Hendry, is part of Scotland's team for this year's Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia. As such, Joe will be jetting off to Oz to take part in the 97kg freestyle wrestling category and will miss several 5 Star shows, starting in Manchester. This means there is a temporary vacancy alongside Greg Lambert at the 5 Star Wrestling commentary table until Hendry returns, hopefully with a gold medal around his neck. Who will take it?


3) Can anybody stop Joey Axl?

The Australian Pop-Punk Powerhouse has made a huge impact during the first five weeks of 5 Star Wrestling:LIVE on FreeSports. The Aussie with Attitude made three men tap out in the first ever 5 Star Submission Elimination Match. Then he put Primate on the shelf by attacking him on The Modcast in Newcastle and during a live interview with The Star newspaper in Sheffield. Then his Ayers Rock Lock made Flash Morgan Webster, El Ligero and Ricky Knight Jnr tap. Then in Belfast he assaulted BT Gunn, the number one contender to the Tap or Snap Championship. The Melbourne Mohican seems to have a rage that can't be contained. Can anybody end his reign of terror?


2) Will Flash Morgan Webster win?

The Welshman from a Town called Malice has earned an army of fans during the formative weeks of 5 Star Wrestling:LIVE on FreeSports. The Modfather's weekly in-ring chat show, The Modcast, has seen him 'facilitate' a number of dramatic developments in 5 Star Wrestling, including Joey Axl's attack on The Primate, the arrival of Grado and Colt Cabana, and the revelation of the new Real Wrestling Championship. But in squared circle competition, Flash has yet to make the same impact as he's made as a chat show host. Defeats to everyone from Big Grizzly to Matty Mayhem have left the popular star's in-ring career stuttering. Can Webster win at last in Manchester?


1) What is Bram's agenda?

For weeks, a shadowy figure stalked Eddie Ryan during his matches on 5 Star Wrestling. In Plymouth, this man and an accomplice, neither of whom were officially part of 5 Star Wrestling, cost 'The English Lion' his chance to become 5 Star Champion. Then in Belfast, as Max Money firstly attacked Ryan and then shockingly turned on their erstwhile ally Zack Gibson, the King of All Evil revealed himself by climbing over the crowd barrier and entering the Belfast ring to stand side-by-side with the 5 Star Tag Team Champions. What does this mean? What does Bram have in store for 5 Star Wrestling? We may only have seven more days left before we find out...


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