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By Mike Johnson on 3/21/2018 6:34 AM

IWF Pro Wrestling presents: Shamrocks And Headlocks this Friday at the Brockport Elks Lodge in Brockport, New York: Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7 PM. Presale tickets are $14 general admission, $17 front row, and $10 for kids. Tickets the day of the show are $17 general admission and $20 front row. 


Main Event 

IWF Heavyweight Championship 

"Big TK" Terrell Kenneth vs.  "Moonlight Son" Mike Skyros (c)


A rivalry that has dated back over a year between Terrell Kenneth and Mike Skyros is definitely going to new levels as Skyros defends his title against Big TK. After TK laid out Skyros last show and almost caused him his title to Jordan Falco cashing in the IWF Ultimate Axess Trophy, TK has been driven to finally gain the title that he feels belongs to him since becoming a part of the IWF. But Skyros is determined to show he is the true IWF Heavyweight Champion by taking on arguably the toughest man in the IWF locker room.


"The Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs vs. "Hybrid" Sean Carr


After the show last month Brandon Thurston was suspended for his actions in attacking Sean Carr after their match. Therefore we could not think of a better person to fill his shoes as Jimmy Jacobs opponent is "Hybrid" Sean Carr! The "Zombie Princess" brings his notorious reputation and history of violence and brutality to IWF for the first time. But Sean Carr is no slouch in his own right and has a history of stepping up on the big stage and in high-profile matches. Fans you do not wanna miss this one!


Grudge Match

"A Cut Above The Rest" Gavin Glass vs. "The Legacy" Jordan Falco


This match is between two former best friends. Back in September in the battle for the IWF Ultimate Axess Trophy ladder match tensions started to rise between Glass and Falco. Once these men traded the trophy back and forth on multiple occasions both superstars have a record against one another of 1-1-1. After Falco won their final battle for the trophy, Falco went to cash in the trophy on a beaten down Mike Skyros that had seemed like we would have a new IWF Heavyweight Champion. But Glass came through the crowd and low blowed Falco when the refs back was turned and caused Falco to lose the trophy and unsuccessfully cash in the Ultimate Axess Trophy. Come this Friday we will have a grudge match which means NO RULES and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. Falco V. Glass The Final Chapter.


"The Real Mutha Trucka" Dewey Murray vs. AR Fox


Dewey Murray has made a name for himself in IWF. 'The Real Mutha Trucka" has busted his ass to earn his spot so at the last IWF show, IWF owner Ron Falco rewarded Dewey with a match this Friday against AR Fox. "The Whole Fox'n Show" aerial skills and athleticism have made him one of top stars on the independent wrestling scene today and he'll be looking to make an impact in his IWF debut. Dewey will need all of his brute strength and charisma as AR Fox will be a huge roadblock for him on his road to victory this Friday.


All this and so much more comes your way this Friday for IWF's Shamrocks & Headlocks!