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By Mike Johnson on 3/28/2018 6:21 AM

Press Release: BBC Star takes on former WWE Champion in Paisley

This Friday, 30 March, Star of BBC's Insane Fight Club and more than 10 year veteran of the Scottish wrestling scene, Jack Jester will go head to head with former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

Ahead of their showdown, Jester discussed his career to date and his thoughts on the match. 

Could you tell us a bit about your history with Scottish Wrestling Alliance?
I have a long history with Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA), I've never known the Scottish scene without it. I’ve been wrestling for 15 years, which is half of my lif,e so it has been a constant and I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength. That's really all any pro-wrestler can ask for.  

What influence has the company had on your career over the years?
SWA has gone through many transitions over the years. It has switched owners and gone through tough times like many organisations, but it has always come back bigger and stronger than before. They were one of the first companies to see something in me, back in my early 20s, and I went on to win the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship in the iconic Kelvin Hall. At the time this was not only the biggest show they had ever run, but the biggest show I had ever been a part of. It was very a very special night for me. 

You’re a very different character than many may remember from all this years ago, what led to the change? 
As far as character goes I could not be more different and I’d put that down mostly to life experiences. Back then, I was a fresh faced youngster who wore colourful outfits and weighed 12 stone (soaking wet). Now? ...Well if you know anything bout me then I don’t have to explain the changes! I’ve led an interesting life and seen and done some incredible things all of which came together to make “Big Kink”. Come back to me in another 15 years and we’ll see what I’m like then...scary thought.

On Friday 29 March you will be taking on Ryback in the Lagoon Leisure Centre: did you ever think that would be a real sentence?
Nothing surprises me anymore! The match ups I get these days were unthinkable back in the early days of SWA. We built the scene from the ground up and if I’m being honest, he should be honoured that he’s working in front of the best fans in the world. 

What should people expect from this matchup? 
I like things to be unpredictable, even I don’t know what’s going to happen. He might be bigger and stronger than me, but if he thinks he’s getting an easy night then he clearly has more muscles than brain cells.

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