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By Mike Johnson on 4/9/2018 9:39 PM

HPW Wrestling


Saturday April 7th, 2018

4-H Fairgrounds

Columbus, IN


Scarecrow pinned Echo The Clown in a LOser Leaves Town Match

Kenny Kage beat Drax O"Brien to Keep The HPW Heavyweight Title

Savian Truitt vs Tim Lutz was thrown out due to interference from Ace Jackson

Ace Jackson vs Zach Pittman was thrown out due to interference from Tim Lutz & Richard Sharkey

Tim Lutz kept the HPW Cruiserweight title beating Ace Jackson, Savian Truitt & Zach Pittman in a Fatal 4 Way Dance

Dillen Swango & Buck Sexton beat the Bambino Family in A Mafia Street Fight to keep the HPW Tag Belts

Butcher Manson battled Flash Flanagan to a DDQ Brawl 



HPW Wrestling Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday May 5th with Cody Hawk Debuting and Diva Shawna Reed