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By Sam McClintock on 4/15/2018 9:59 PM


Wrestlemania weekend is in the history books and what a crazy weekend it was! Wildkat Sports represented New Orleans the only way they know how, kicking the weekend off and setting the standard for all that followed.

The biggest show in Wildkat History didn’t disappoint as it delivered memorable moment after memorable moment! The show was so huge, in fact, that a Pre-show was added to accommodate the packed 12 match card! With all eyes on Wildkat Sports they gave their fans more for their money than any other promotion. This show set a new precedent with a stacked line-up that I think over-delivered! Here'sa breakdown:

-Scott Phoenix pins Nathan Bradley after the Alley-oop

The story coming out of the show-opener is a somber one as Scott Phoenix suffered an ankle injury during the match and will be sidelined for some time. He was, however, able to work through the pain and not only finish the match but also get a win over Nathan Bradley.   Reginald Gates can’t be happy to hear Bradley has started with a loss after taking over for Fortune 5000.

-Kojak Sly pins Suede Thompson after the BBC

The House Of Harper came to the biggest stage in Wildkat History ready to dominate and they definitely started off the right way. Kojak Sly has proved to be an unstoppable monster so far, making quick work of the very talented Suede Thompson. With Hardbody Harper guiding his path, it looks like nothing but destruction for anyone who gets in Kojak’s way and I’m not sure anyone is going to be able to do anything about it either.

-Shane Taylor and Ryan Davidson defeat Buku Dao and Sexy Chino. Shane Taylor pins Buku Dao after a big splash off the top turnbuckle.

Crowd favorite Buku Dao and the always lovable Sexy Chino get a lot of love from the packed house but even with the crowd on their side, were not able to overcome the behemoth tandem of Ring of Honor's Shane Taylor and R.O.W.’s Ryan Davidson. Taylor’s decision to aid Davidson in taking out Buku still has Wildkat fans upset, but the David Vs Goliath story did not end well for the Sitsu-asian. Be sure that Buku Dao will bounce back from this, as always.

-Caleb Conley defeats Mike Dell and Barrett Brown in a Triple Threat Match.

The Main show opened with a great Triple threat between three very evenly matched athletes. Veteran Wildkat superstar Mike Dell and Barrett Brown attempted to keep the contest clean but Kaleb Conley had his own agenda. Trying to sneak the win anyway he could, which unfortunately ended up working, Conley got s win after pulling the tights on the pinfall.

-Savannah Evans defeats Rachael Ellering

Savannah Evans has represented the women’s division of Wildkat Sports proudly. She has been undefeated for some time, but her biggest test came with the 2nd generation star of Rachael Ellering. “The Queen of Strong Smile” pushed Evans to her limits, getting numerous near falls. Ellering landed a particularly nasty big boot that seemed like the end. Savannah didn’t stay down though and kept coming back for more and finally put Rachael away with the DDT. Great contest.

-Edgrin Stone and “Hurricane” Shane Helms defeat the Pump Patrol after tandem chokeslams

“Put the Cookie Down” ringing through any Wildkat arena always cues a chorus a boos, as the Pump Patrol enter the ring to continue their momentum a tthe top of the Wildkat tag team food chain. However the power of the Hurricane was too much for even them to handle. The former WWE cruiserweight champion teamed with “The Standout” Edgrin Stone. With the crowd behind them, the pair were able to put away the Pump Patrol after each pulling off a chokeslam simultaneously. Stand back, there’s a hurricane coming through!

-Matt Lancie defeats Danny Flamingo by submission

These two veteran Wildkat stars mix like oil and water. “The Chalmation Sensation” came out with his usual swagger and "The Outlaw" Matt Lancie came out with his usual intensity. Flamingo let the crowd know just how much he didn’t care about their opinion while avoiding the viscous offense of Lancie. After hitting Lancie’s arm and shoulder on the ringpost, Flamingo worked over the Outlaw’s arm for the duration of the contest, knowing Lancie couldn’t hit his devastating spear with a bad shoulder. Lancie adjusted his game plan and was able to hook a dragon sleeper to force the Prince of Paris Road to tap out.

-Jeff Cobb defeats Socorro and Jace Valor in a triple threat match

Triple threat matches, though not ever advertised as such, are “technically” no disqualification. So when this match came about, it could have been easy for hell to break loose with interference considering the factions at ringside. Jace Valor was accompanied by Mobile Home Mobsters (ZZ Labouef and Bubba Boudreaux) and Socorro was seconded by The House of Harper. The competitors made it clear, however, they wanted to defeat Wildkat newcomer Jeff Cobb on their own. The Baton Rouge Bullet and the Adapter each put in a flurry of offense but Cobb could not be denied, hitting multiple double suplexes before winning with a huge powerslam. All three men left it in the ring, however and the sportsmanship each exhibited should be commended.

-The Knight Family defeat the teams of Bestia & Damien 666 and Luke & Pj Hawx

The 1st Ever International Father/Son 3-Way Tag Match absolutely tremendous action from bell to bell. Ricky Knight and PJ Hawx were the highlight reels as they pulled off two insane top turnbuckle maneuvers, one of which was a superplex onto Ricky Knight Jr while standing (yes, standing) on Luke Hawx’s shoulders. everyone in this match shined. Bestia 666 and Damien 666 brought incredible lucha libre action while Roy and Ricky Knight Jr showed off their British Strong-style chops. After loads chaotic action, Luke Hawx and Damien 666 spilled outside of the ring. While the two tussled near the ramp, a fan attacked Luke Hawx by choking him with a chain! the perpetrator was verified to be Shane Douglas, who attacked Luke Hawx at a Wildkat event last January. During all the commotion, Roy Knight was able to get the pinfall while everyone else was distracted. Luke Hawx seems to be alright following the incident, but clearly there are unresolved issues between the Southern Stomper and Shane Douglas.

-Jonny Flex defeats Ken Dixon to become the NEW Wildkat Revolution Champion

Momentum is a word used far to often in professional wrestling but it’s very appropriate to describe the last year for Pump Patrol’s Jonny Flex. Though his cocky attitude seemed to rub the crowd the wrong way at first, Jonny Flex’s underdog determination won the crowd over. With a string of victories where he was never the favorite, Flex entered his first Wildkat championship match with gusto. Ken Dixon has also had great momentum, knocking off former Revolution Champion Socorro and even besting Revolution Rumble winner Jace Valor. Dixon dominated early and the cocky champion did not take Flex’s challenge seriously by continuing to mock the challenger throughout the bout. Flex persevered though and rallied back, hitting a DDT out of seemingly nowhere to score the win! Huge pop from the crowd for the new Revolution Champion.

-Steve Anthony defeats Mr. 450

The Louisiana Athletic Commission was a huge story all Wrestlemania weekend. The limitations these restrictions would create had many Wildkat fans worried about the epic encounter between the original Wildkat Champion and the Mecha Wolf. However, even with no 450 splashes these two put on an absolute clinic. Steve Anthony pulled out the win after an even back and forth contest but both men should be proud of their efforts. I look forward to rewatching this classic on Wildkat’s Vimeo service, ASAP.

-J Spade retains the Wildkat World Championship against Hardcore Bob Holly, Stevie Richards, and Billy Gunn in a Fatal 4-Way Match

“The following contest features the four greatest competitors to compete for Wildkat Sports,” Joel Gertner announced to the packed Wildkat crowd. The star power in this contest is a testiment to the prestige of
Wildkat Sports’ grandest prize. The Wildcard had his hands full with this challenge because all three challengers gave everything to win the Wildkat championship. Stevie Richards made a mistake early by attempting to use the knife edge chop against veteran bruiser Bob Holly but all four men took each other to the limit. Stevie broke up the pinfall attempt against all three of his competitors, showcasing why this match style is so challenging. Any man could easily have been picked to win this matchup but in the end, the 2nd best in the world J Spade proved why many are considering him the Ace of Wildkat Sports with a decisive victory.

Final thoughts:
For my money, this match delivered the best show of Wrestlemania weekend. At this showcase of clashing styles, there was something for everyone on this show. With a return to Philadelphia’s ECW Arena on the near Horizon, Wildkat Sports shows no signs of slowing down on their quest to put New Orleans on the map as home of THE wrestling promotion. Not only on the independent scene but in all of wrestling. Wildkat truly stole the show for Wrestlecon and Wrestlemania weekend. Anyone who saw this show knows the truth: If it ain’t Wildkat, it ain’t wrestling!