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By Keith Lipinski on 6/26/2018 5:55 AM


June 23rd, 2018
Live Report By Doug Enriquez for 

Marionette Park IL (501 fans)


AAW Pro presented WRSTLING RULZ from Merrionette Park, IL last night, and WOW was it a good one. This show had it all, including great women’s wrestling, storyline builds, twists, brutality, and of course, phenomenal wrestling, and no better match exemplified that more than the main event of the show where ACH defended his AAW Championship against David Starr.

The show starts as the announcers are presenting the show, and Sami Callihan barges his way to the ring and says he doesn’t want to wait for Brody King, he wants to do this right f”cking now. Brody King comes from the merch table where he’s seated, and HERE WE GO.

Brody comes to the ring and the brawl ensues. Security comes out to break it up along with OI4K but the fight goes into the crowd. They brawl and security has trouble stopping it before finally separating the two. WOW, very  electric start.  Video:




This is the return of Rich Swann to AAW and the crowd is super into it as he jukes and jives his way into the ring.

March starts how you’d expect, with fast action, flips, and counters. Reed finally knocks Swann out of the ring and he’s left alone with Wolf before hitting Wolf with a big dropkick in the corner.

Rich Swann comes in and sends Wolf out as well before hitting a corkscrew plancha on the outside. Wolf is near the barricade and Swann comes charging before Wolf hip tosses Swann high over the barricade and flying into the crowd. WOW.

Reed and Wolf back in the ring going at it before Wolf gets the best of Reed. Wolf climbs to the top and Swann rejoins the party and comes in and knocking Wolf off the top rope. Swann leaps to the top and hits a 450 splash on Wolf and then leaps to the other corner and hits a Phoenix Splash on Reed.

Overall crazy match, which saw the finish come after Reed hit Wolf with a Cutter from the inside to the outside with Wolf on the apron. The two landed right onto Rich Swann. Myron Reed throws Stephen Wolf back in the ring and hits a 450 to pick up the victory.

Winner in 8:40 – Myron Reed


The match starts with Savannah throwing Scarlett out and then hitting a crazy suicide dive.

Back in the ring Stone hits a shoulder block and then a monkey flip. Stone climbs to the top and then Scarlett pushes her off to the outside, and Stone lands HARD.

Match ends when Scarlett hits her finisher on Stone to get the win

Winner: Scarlett Bourdeux

VIDEO PACKAGE - The Zombie princess Jimmy Jacobs


As is usual these days, Eddie comes out to David Starr’s music, and is walked to the ring by David Starr.

The match starts with a test of strength, and Moose gets the upperhand, but Eddie quickly turns it into a headlock. Eddie tosses Moose into the corner, but Moose jumps to the second rope and turns and flies onto Kingston with a crossbody.

The match goes to the outside of course, in true Kingston fashion, and the two exchange chops back and forth. Kingston eventually wears down Moose and tosses him back in the ring to lock in a deep headlock.

Moose fights his way back up and the two men start to exchange excruciating chops back and forth. They take off their gloves and these chops are reverberating throughout the venue.

Match ends when Eddie hits Moose with a big spinning backfist and then a side suplex but Moose no sells and gets up. Hits a big spear out of nowhere to pick up the victory.

Winner in 10:15 – Moose




Su comes out in crazy fashion and the crowd is eating it up. She comes to the ring with Kendo Stick in hand, but Hudson makes her give it to the referee. While Yung is handing it over, Hudson attacks and throws Su Yung to the outside.Su while she does. She throws her to the outside and into the barricade.

Su escapes into the ring and grabs her Kendo Stick. Envy sees this and tries to escape into the crowd but Su follows. Su attacks her and delivers some stiff Kendo Stick shots. From who knows where, Hudson grabs a Kendo Stick of her own. The fight goes around the audience with dueling kendo shots and the crowd cheers for a light saber battle and the two look like they’re going to have a sword fight. It’s finally put to a stop when Envy before Envy hits Su Yung with a stiff shot to the back of the head.

Match spills to the outside again and Yung is dazed. Envy climbs to the top rope, but Su Yung follows her up. The two in are in a precarious situation, teetering between falling in the ring and crashing to the outside. Envy finally takes advantage and hits a white noise to the inside of the ring.

Both women recover and Su Yung grabs her Kendo stick, and pulls off a shot right to the top of the head of Hudson Envy. She follows it up with a Michinoku Driver onto a chair in the middle of the ring to pick up the victory.

Winner in 11:34 – Su Yung


Trevor Lee gets on the mic and says that he wasn’t going to say anything until he spoke to David Starr and Eddie Kingston in the back, and they talked him up and he realized…damn, he’s pretty good!

He says this night is not about Trevor Lee, it’s actually about Trey Miguel. And not because he’s going for the AAW Heritage championship, but because WRSTLING needs more members. Jeff Cobb needs someone to book their flights, and be their bitch. He says that Trey needs to get on his hands and knees to beg, and then he will get the WRSTLING shirt and be a part of WRSTLING.

Trey says he would have to be stupid to think that he would ever join WRSTLING. Trevor attacks Trey and starts to choke him with the shirt and then flexes and taunts the crowd.

Crowd is behind Trey and he fights back before tossing Trevor to the outside. He hits a plancha on Trevor and then tosses him to the other side and hits a suicide dive. They fight continue to fight on the outside and make it back to the ring.

Trevor hits Trey with a big knee and then some European uppercuts in the corner before throwing him clear across the ring. Trevor flexes and taunts the crowd again. Trey comes back with a kick to the face of Trevor and then hits a cutter and both men are down. Both men make their way to their feet and Trevor charges at Trevor Lee, but Trevor pops Trey up. Miguel hits a massive spike hurricanrana and goes for a cover, but only gets a two count. Wow.

Trey gets up and hulks up and no sells some strikes from Trevor Lee before hitting Trevor with a big kick. He puts the champion on the top rope and hits a cutter that takes both men 3/4 of the way across the ring. Trey Miguel goes for a cover again, but Trevor Lee somehow kicks out again. Trey is showing he belongs with the big boys, in what is his his 3rd great showing in a row in as many months.

Trey climbs to the top again but this time it’s interrupted by Trevor Lee. Lee picks up the victory to retain his Heritage Championship.

Winner in 13:17 AND STILL AAW Heritage Champion – Trevor Lee


All I will say: buy the DVD for this match for if nothing else, and check out a taste of the match below. It’s everything you thought it would be and more. Brutality, tables, chairs, and lots of fighting in the crowd.

To finish the match, Jimmy Jacobs made his way out to attack Sami and he and Brody put Sami Callihan through a table. OI4K made the save and then they fought Brody and Jimmy to the outside. Sami recovered and he was PISSED and puts the ref through the rest of the table.


Winner in 13:14 – No Contest 


Video on Sami's referree ambush - AAW has announced Sami Callihan has been suspended from the 7/21 show due to this.


Sami's response via twitteriCallihan/status/1011304791824314371

VIDEO PACKAGE:  ACH says he’s missed us and he returned to Chicago. He says it’s about damn time he returned to AAW. He says that when David Starr loses, he will complain on Twitter as he always does. He finishes it up by giving a special shout out to his friend Eddie Kingston.


Wow this match was comedy gold and one of the best that I’ve seen either man be a part of. MJF started by saying that everywhere he goes, people ask him what it is like being Colt Cabana’s son. People say they look alike, but they are nothing alike because he is better than him. He asks the ref, who says is also a doctor to perform a DNA test, and he swabs both of their cheeks and brings the samples to the back.

Hilarious match overall, which has both men exactly emulating each other to further the father/son angle. The crowd chants “Colt’s Your Daddy”, “He’s the father”, and more and is very into this match. All of Colt’s gimmicks are used throughout the match by both men, before MJF plays a little dirty to take advantage of his father Colt Cabana..

Match ends when Ace Romero comes out in a doctor’s mask and says he’s a doctor. He makes the announcement and says that Cold IS THE FATHER!. MJF and Colt go to hug before Romero unmasks and reveals himself and Colt uses the distraction to roll up MJF for the victory.

Winner in 10:37  – Colt Cabana


Big concert to start the match, as we see the return of Nate Webb, who comes out to Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag, and the entire song plays, much to the crowds delight. It’s rivaled by Ace Romero’s entrance with hometown boy, PACO to I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love Tonight.

Senza Volta starts the match with PACO. Something tags himself in and then he immediately tags in Curt Stallion, playing mind games with the others. Ace is tagged in and he puts a stop to the shenanigans by taking down Stallion and then tagging PACO back in.

Chaotic match, and difficult to take notes on, so here are some notable spots:

    Jake Something back body drops Stallion over the turnbuckle onto everyone on the outside.
    Nate Webb hits a big moonsault from the top rope to the outside onto everyone.
    Ace Romero hits a destroyer to Jake Something
    MJF breaks up Ace’s pin of on Jake Something. Ace runs after MJF to the back.
    Senza hits a HUGE Spanish fly on PACO, but Jake Something is there to take advantage by hitting Black #2 on Senza.

Match ends when Stallion follows up Something’s finisher with a diving headbutt onto Senza to pick up the victory.

Winners in 9:12 – Jake Something & Curt Stallion

VIDEO PACKAGE - David Starr is talking to Eddie Kingston backstage and scolds him for his loss and not doing things the way that he told him to, which is why he lost. He tells Eddie that he does everything for him, and that he just wants to see him succeed. He says that he needs the old Eddie tonight.


Wow the crowd is HOT for Kylie Rae, and is loving every minute of it.

It’s a fast paced start and it goes quick to the outside. Kylie hits multiple chops before coming back to the inside and Kimber takes advantage by locking in a submission before just straight up choking Kylie Rae. Kimber Lee puts Kylie Rae in the corner, and Kylie Rae starts to fight back, but Kimber Lee reverses with a step up Enziguri.

Out of nowhere Kylie comes back and hits some strikes but Kimber turns it into a big German Suplex. She picks her up again and hits another, and Kylie is on dream street. Kimber Lee is on a roll and hits another German. Kimber is bring Kylie Rae into Suplex City, but Kylie turns it around and turns another attempt into a German Suplex of her own.

Kylie Kylie gets energized and is  feeling it now and she hits multiple strikes on Kimber Lee, and then rolls up Kimber Lee. Kylie continues rolling through and hits a HUGE kick to the side of the face of Kimber Lee.

It looks bleak for Kimber Lee right now, and Kylie Rae picks her up. Kimber Lee rakes the eyes Kylie Rae, and Kylie can’t see. The ref checks on Kylie, which allows Kimber to grab her brass knuckles. Kylie recovers but is caught by a big right hand with the brass knuckles by Kimber, knocking Kylie out cold. Kimber goes for the pin and gets the dirty victory. Dammit.

Winner in 13:02 AND STILL AAW Women’s Champion- Kimber Lee

After match Scarlett Bourdeux comes back out to finish her unfinished business with Kylie Rae. Scarlett leaves Kylie lying after she attacks her and Kylie needs help to get to the back.


Each match had a little something to offer throughout this show. But as an overall wrestling match, this match was the best on the card. Emotion, psychology, hard hitting, false finishes, and more. The match could have gone either way, and people in the audience were chanting for ACH and others wearing WRSTLING shirts were chanting for David Starr (including a fun “ooh ahh David Starr” chant).

New champ and old champ chants are reigning loud to start the match as both men go for a collar & elbow tie up. ACH gets a headlock on Starr, but Starr turns it into a hammer lock. Some back and forth here before we have a stand off.

In fact, this match revolved a lot between the two men being evenly matched. That is of course before Trevor Lee started to get involved. ACH charged at David Starr in the corner, but Starr floated him over onto the apron. ACH hit Starr with a forearm, but Trevor pulled ACH off the apron and the champion lands face first on the hardest part of the ring.

Starr has full control now, choking ACH in the corner. Starr locks on an arm bar, but ACH is able to fight up and the two exchange strikes. Irish whip to ACH, who bounces off the ropes, but Trevor Lee interferes again by grabbing the leg of ACH. This time the referee sees it and he throws Trevor Lee out!

The match continues with the impressive back and forth, highlighted by each man going back and forth on chops, and then non-stop forearms that any other man would have collapsed from exhaustion. The two eventually wear each other down before just collapsing. 

If you enjoy WRESTLING, this one is worth watching. ACH ends up defeating David Starr to remain champion.


After the match, Trevor Lee comes out immediately and starts to wail on ACH. The champ tries to fight back, but Starr joins in and eventually it’s futile. The champ is exhausted after his successful defense.

Eddie Kingston comes out to make the save and prevent Starr & Lee from doing any more damage. He picks up his friend and helps him to his feet. He reassures him, and then says the words “I’m Sorry”.

EDDIE KINGSTON THEN TURNS ON ACH! He savagely beats his old friend, much to the delight of Trevor Lee and David Starr. It seems that Kingston has finally fully joined WRSTLING instead of just being their puppet. Dammit! Kingston made his choice, and he continues to beat on the champion, his friend who he turned his back on.

Kingston, Starr, and Lee all pose to end the show, leaving the AAW Champion broken and beaten.

Saturday, July 21, 2018
115 Bourbon Street (3359 W. 115th St Merrionette Park, IL)
Doors 6:00pm - Bell Time 7:30pm
Front Row Stage - $50 - SOLD OUT
Second Row/Second Row Stage - $40 
Thrid Row - $30
Fourth/Fifth Row - $25
General Admission - $20
Tickets available:

United We Stand

1.  Oi4k (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Brody King & Jimmy Jacobs

2.  Bourbon Street Fight:  The MJF vs. Ace Romero

Already signed:  AAW Tag Team Champions The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett), Rey Fenix, AR Fox, Shane Stickland, DJZ