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By Brian Cannon on 7/9/2018 9:00 AM

This is the OVW Report for the July 7, 2018 Saturday Night Special!




-Michael Hayes defends the OVW Heavyweight Title against Amon in a casket match!

-The Bro Godz defend the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against Shiloh Jonze and DL3 in a Bronado match!

-Cali defends the Women's Title against Jaylee in a submission match!

-Dapper Dan defends the Anarchy Title in an Evening Gown Powerbomb match against Tony Gunn!

-Ryan Howe & Justin Smooth face off in a last man standing match to determine a new #1 contender!


-Plus more!


Your announcers for tonight are Shannon the Dude & Gilbert Corsey, and Brittany & Mercy are ring announcers.


STREET FIGHT: "Double R Superstar" Randy Royal vs. "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd.

Royal throws baby powder in the eyes as Floyd enters the ring. Royal clubs him and launches him over the top rope. He hits him into the barricade, then hits him around ringside. Royal looks under the ring and pulls out a trash can lid. He smashes it across Floyd's back. Royal tries to powerbomb him on the announce table, but Floyd backflips him onto the floor. Floyd throws a chair in the ring, then back body drops Royal on the apron. He rolls Royal in, sets up the chair, and delivers a side slam on it for 2. Floyd pounds him on the mat. Floyd hits him in the corner. Royal kicks him, but Floyd fires back. They begin exchanging blows. Floyd goes for a cutter, Royal goes for the Royal Flush, Royal goes for a cutter, Floyd then goes for the Royal Flush, but Royal low blows him! He takes his belt off and whips Floyd in the back, then punches him with the buckle. Royal goes up top, but Floyd knocks the ref into the ropes and Royal crashes down. Floyd gets the belt and whips Royal, then clocks him with the buckle. Royal goes for a low kick, but Floyd clocks him again. Floyd goes out and grabs a bowling ball from under the ring! He hits a strike, right into Royal's jewels. He then hits the cutter and gets the 3.

WINNER: FLOYD by pinfall.

SURVIVOR SERIES RULES: Big Zo, "Livewire" KTD, William Lutz, BGB, & Ashton Cove vs. Apollo, Dimes, Billy O, Christian Hernandez, & Jay Bradley.

Lutz takes it to Dimes. He tags in BGB and throws him into Dimes in the corner. BGB gets the 3 to eliminate Dimes. BGB then takes Apollo down with a double hip toss with Cove, and Cove hits a lionsault for the 3 to eliminate Apollo. Jay comes in and takes out Cove with a boomstick for the 3. KTD runs in to a big slam, then Jay nearly decapitates him with a boomstick for the 3. Lutz jumps on Jay's back, but he drops back and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez has control for a bit, but Lutz comes back and takes him down with a moonsault. He tags Zo, and Zo runs over him and tags Lutz back in for a top rope moonsault for the 3. Jay gets back in and clubs Lutz and hits the Boomstick for another 3. He tags Billy O and tells him to finish it. Billy can't put BGB away, and BGB comes back with a Lou Thesz press. Jay tags in and takes BGB down with a big spinebuster for the 3. Zo fires away on Jay and runs into a big boot. He tags out to Billy. Billy dropkicks Zo into the corner. He goes for the high knee, but Zo moves and chops him into the corner. He throws him into the other and hits the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows. He slams him and goes for the Zo bomb, but Jay clubs him in the back. Jay hits a backdrop off the ropes, and Jay connects with the Boomstick. He shakes Billy's hand and pulls him into a Boomstick. He puts Billy on top of Zo for the 3 and considers himself sole survivor.


NO STRIKES MATCH: Jordan Blade vs. Meg.

Meg powers Blade to the corner. She goes for a clean break, but Blade "strikes" Meg in the throat as the ref can't see. She delivers a drop toehold and running senton for 2. Meg comes back and takes control. Blade throws down her wristband, and as the ref throws it out of the ring, Blade smacks Meg in the face. Meg is outraged and delivers several forearm shots. The ref sees it and calls for the bell.


OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE "BRONADO" MATCH: Shiloh Jonze & DL3 vs. "The Bro Godz": Dustin Jackson & Colton Cage (c).

DL3 & Shiloh attack the Bros, but the Bros reverse and take them down. They chase them around and into the ring. They throw them into each other, then both slam and bro-plex each of them. They hit Bro 69, but then Shiloh throws Cage into the post outside. DL3 & Shiloh double team Dustin. Colton throws Shiloh onto the apron and boots DL3, but Shiloh pulls his arm across the top rope and DL3 throws him back outside. They return to teaming up on Dustin, and Shiloh gets a hard chop in. Cage is back in and fires away with clotheslines and back elbows. He hits DL3 with the sideburn effect and side slams Shiloh. He splashes Shiloh in the corner, and throws him into a Dustin dropkick. Dustin dives out on DL3, then Jay Bradley runs out and takes out Cage from behind. He hits him with the Boomstick, then lays Shiloh on top of him for the 3!


BEARD vs. HAIR: "The Elite": Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler vs. OVW Television Champion "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson & Eddie Knight.

Ted gets Sam in the corner where he is worked over. Sam fights back and him & Eddie make quick tags against Ted. Eddie drops Ted and Sam hits a running kick to the head. They hit a double suplex and Sam drop toeholds Ted. He hits a hip toss, then argues with Adam. Ted charges, but Sam moves, and Ted crashes into Adam and they hit the floor. Sam goes for a dive, but they move. Eddie & Sam grab them and ram their heads into one another. As the ref gets Eddie back to his corner, Ted slams Sam off the top rope. Adam locks the sleeper, but Sam gets out with the chinbuster. Both men tag, and Eddie fires up. He takes both Elite men down. Sam does hit a dive on them to the outside this time, then Eddie dives out onto both of them. Eddie goes up top, and Adam grabs him. Sam kicks him in the head, then Eddie dives off with a flying elbow for the 3! Ted gets his beard shaved.


LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs. "The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth.

Howe & Smooth lock up, then Howe slaps Smooth in the face. Smooth rams him into the corner. Howe comes back with running forearms. They fight on the outside, then back inside, Smooth clubs him and press slams him out to the floor! Howe gets up at 4 and climbs to the apron. He kicks Smooth in the face and then backflips him to the floor. Smooth gets up at 7 and gets in. Howe runs into a kick and a big right. Howe knocks him down and climbs up top. He hits the Chart Topper. Smooth gets back up and Howe runs into a huge clothesline. Smooth goes to grab him, but Howe hits him with a big forearm shot. Howe clotheslines Smooth out of the ring, then dives through with a kick to the head. Howe kicks him on the head on the apron. He picks Smooth up and hits a second kick to the skull. Howe hits a Lou Thesz press on the floor and keeps yelling at Smooth to stay down. Smooth gets up and motions for him to bring it on. Howe goes for a suplex on the exposed concrete. Smooth blocks and hits a back body drop on Howe to the floor. Howe picks himself up in the ropes. He turns into a monstrous bicycle kick from Smooth. Howe can't get up.



They go to lock up and Jaylee gets in the ropes. Jaylee takes Cali down and goes after the injured arm. She works it over for a while, then Cali hits a back elbow and drops Jaylee. She locks in the armbreaker, but can't keep it locked as Jaylee scoots to the ropes. Cali ducks a clothesline and hits one herself. She hits the x-factor and goes for the armbreaker, but Jaylee reverses and Meg runs out and throws in the towel on Cali's behalf!


OVW ANARCHY TITLE EVENING GOWN POWERBOMB MATCH:"Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Man" Dapper Dan (c).
Gunn locks in a side headlock and Dan pulls up his dress. Dan keeps throwing Gunn off by pulling up his kilt and twirling Gunn around, dancing with him. Dan hits a big suplex and unzips Gunn's dress. Gunn rolls out. He pulls Dan out and hits him into the ringpost. Dan fires back and slams Gunn, then hits the release German suplex. Gunn shoves the ref and has something in his hand. Dan goes for a powerbomb, but Gunn hits Dan with the foreign object. He goes for a powerbomb, but Dan flips him over. He hits the 10-count punches in the corner, then an airplane spin. He rips the dress off of Gunn, then Dan kicks him and powerbombs him for the victory.



OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE CASKET MATCH: Amon (w/"The Void": Chace Destiny, Nigel, & Houdini) vs. Michael Hayes (c).

They go nose-to-nose and Amon laughs in Hayes' face. Hayes fires some shots, but Amon shoves him into the corner, choking him. Hayes fires again, and Amon starts to stumble. Amon reverses a throw to the opposite corner and clotheslines him. He hits a side slam. Hayes comes back with chops and headbutts, but Amon comes right back and clubs him. He kicks Hayes. He dumps Hayes to the outside. He clubs him across the back some more, and Hayes tries to chop him. Amon clubs him back. They continue to fight around the outside and Amon throws him into the ring post. Amon hits the STH on top of the casket. Hayes fights back as Amon tries to put him in. Hayes hits his side slam on the apron. Amon pops up, gets his chain, and hits a double axehandle off the apron. Amon goes to put him in with the chain wrapped around his neck. He gets him in, but Hayes blocks the lid from being shut. He takes his leg off and beats Amon with it. Hayes goes to the back and brings out a big metal hammer like object. Amon clocks Hayes with the chain. Amon goes up, but jumps down into a facebuster off the knee. Both men are down. Hayes reaches for and grabs the hammer. He hits Amon in the gut with it and then hits him with the chain. He hits him again with the hammer and goes to put him in the casket. He gets Amon in, but before the lid can be shut, the Void runs out to attack Hayes. They triple team him until Amon returns to the ring. Hayes starts to fire back, but the Void is too much for him. Amon hits Hayes in the gut with the hammer. He throws him out and puts Hayes in the casket. He closes the lid!



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