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By Mike Johnson on 9/3/2018 7:24 AM

Quick results from Southern Tier Wrestling’s “Bergman Brawl 2” at Bergman Park in Jamestown, New York 9/2:

1. “Big Mutha Trucka” Dewey defeated Ezra Elwood (w/Topher Sinclair)

2. “Buffalo Bad Boy” Brian Jennings defeated Megabyte Ronnie by submission

3. Vinnie Moon & The Mako defeated Big Jack Stevens & Kate Carney, The Patron Saints of Professional Wrestling (Mikey Everynite & Steve Gage), STW Tag Team Champions The Homewreckers (“None Of A Kind” Anthony Gaines & “The Wild Card” Jet Rebel) in a four corners match in the final of the Manny Escobar Memorial Tag Team Tournament and become the new STW Tag Team Champions

4. “The Adventurer” Stone Rockwell defeated “Eh Plus” Ryan Cassidy (w/Jonathan Ashe)

5. “The Shooting Star” Dakoda Orion defeated “The Dyad” Sebastian Braun

6. Nick Marek defeated J-Rocc, “Moonlight Son” Mike Skyros, & “Invincible” Vince Valor in a four corners #1 contenders match for the STW Heavyweight Championship

7. “Big Time” Bill Collier defeated “The Don” Rob Sweet (w/Superbeast & The Landlord) to become the new STW Heavyweight Champion