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By Mike Johnson on 10/1/2018 10:49 AM

Friday Night - Logan Square Auditorium Chicago IL - Night One - 500 Fans
1.  Lynam First Round Match:  DJZ defeated Ace Romero with after a top rope ZDT (12:37)
2.  Lynam First Round Match:  Sammy Guevara defeated Trey Miguel after a 630 splash in a high flying fast paced affair.  Sammy a rise out of the fans by saying he wasn't here for Jim but to prove he was the best and get paid  (9:21)
3.  Lynam First Round Match:  Rich Swann upset AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee with a hurracarrana into rollup (11:26) 
4.  Lynam First Round Match:  Hot Fyre Myron Reed defeated regular tag team partner AR Fox (12:18)
5.  Lynam First Round Match:  Darby Allin defeated Jimmy Jacobs with a neck breaker off the top rope, Jimmy jumped Darby before the bell and bloodied his mouth up.  After the match AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King attacked Darby with his buckle bomb (10:48)
6.  Lynam First Round Match:  Sami Callihan defeated Moose with a crucifix after Moose attempted a senton splash (11:10)
7.  The Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) defeated Steve Manders & Joe Acer - after the match the Besties called out Stallion and Something for a brawl which brought out the tag team champions WRESTLING (2:55)
8.  WRSTLING (David Starr & Eddie Kingston) retained the AAW Tag Team Championships defeated Curt Stallion & Jake Something after a Kingston backfist and a Starr piledriver (1st defense - 10:43)
9.  Lynam First Round Match:  ACH defeated The MJF after a brainbuster (14:11) 
10.   Lynam First Round Match:  In an absolute classic - Rey Fenix defeated Shane Strickland - the ring was littered with money after the match from the appreciative fans.  (14:39)
11.   AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King (with Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Penta El 0M after the All Seeing Eye (cradle shock), former heavyweight champion Penta came very close with two Mexican Destroyers but the interference of Jimmy Jacobs and Brody's lucha stylings helped the champion retain. (1st defense 11:22)


Saturday Afternoon - Logan Square Auditorium Chicago IL - Night Two - 450 Fans 
1.  Lynam Quarter Final Match:  ACH defeated Myron Reed with his brainbuster - the fans believed the young upstart would pull off the upset during this roller coaster of a match. (9:53)
2.  Lynam Quarter Final Match:  DJZ upset Rey Fenix as he rolled thru the MMD (Mexican Muscle Buster) for the win.  Like last night, the ring was fileld with money after the match. (11:52)
3.  Lynam Quarter Final Match:  Sami Callihan defeated Rich Swann attempts a top rope hurricanrana, but Sami counters into a powerbomb and then immediately locks in the Stretch Muffler.  (15:28)
4.  Lynam Quarter Final Match:  Sammy Guevara defeated Darby Allin after a headlock takeover.  Sammy called Darby a trashbag wrestler and said he would win this match with a headlock takeover.  As Sammy brought a chair to the ring Darby refused to use it.  Sammy then hit Darby with a low blow and take him over for a headlock for the win.  (8:16)
5.  The Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) & Trey Miguel defeated WRSTLING (AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee & AAW Tag Team Champions David Starr & Eddie Kingston) when Miguel pinned Starr in another huge upset (10:32)
6.  In her first match coming back from injury Kylie Rae defeated Scarlett Bourdoux after superkicking Scarlett's Boyfriend Davey Vega, hitting a Russian leg sweep into a cross face.(10:41)
7.  Lynam Semi Final Match:  ACH defeated DJZ with the tiger bomb - ACH went into the match hurt and got dropkick by an aggressive DJZ as he was attempting to come into the ring landing on the guardrail. (3:56)
8.  Lynam Semi Final Match:  Sami Callihan defeated Sammy Guevara.  Sammy cut a promo pre match calling himself the Donald Trump of Pro Wrestling because even though you hate him - he still wins.  Sami came thru the curtain, slapped Guevara and hit a piledriver for the quick win.  Afterwards he hit two additional piledrivers after the crowd asked "one more time" (:28) 
9.  AR Fox defeated PACO, Steven Wolf, Ace Romero, Moose, and the MJF after Fox pinned Wolf.  This match featured an epic dance off.  (16:50)
10.  A Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shane Strickland match turned into AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King & Jimmy Jacobs defeated Jake Crist (with the returning JT Davidson) & Shane Strickland when Jimmy used End Time (guillotine choke) on a bloody Jake from Jimmy using his spike.  After the match as Jimmy was about to attack JT with his spike - Darby Allin run in and hit the trust fall/coffin drop on Brody King. (12:14)
11.  Lynam Final Match:  Sami Callihan defeated ACH to win the 2018 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament after a sunset flip roll-up and Sami hooking ACH's legs.  This was an absolute classic - perhaps one of the greatest matches in AAW history.  ACH kicked out at one after a Callihan piledriver, ACH hit a Tiger Bomb and a brainbuster for a 1 count.  Callihan surprised ACH with the Davey Boy/Bret Hart/Leo Burke finish to win the emotional finals.  The crowd loved the match as both men hugged and fought back tears to end the tournament.  By winning Sami Callihan gets a shot at the AAW Heavyweight Championship on Saturday night December 29 at the Windy City Classic.  (20:08)




Friday October 12, 2018
AFS Cinema (6259 Middle Fiskville Road Austin TX)
7:00pm Doors  8:00pm Belltime
Front Row - $50
Second Row - $35
Third Row - $25
General Admission/Standing Room - $20
Tickets Available:

AUSTIN 10:12

1.  Eddie Kingston vs. ACH

2.  Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) vs. Xtra Talented (Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow)

3.  Sami Callihan vs. Darby Allin

4.  AR Fox & Myron Reed vs. Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz

5.  Texas Showcase Match:  Thunder Rosa vs. Fuego Del Sol vs. Barrett Brown vs. Kody Lane vs. Jazzy J Serious vs. Andy Dalton

Already Signed:  Brody King, Kylie Rae, Curt Stallion, Laredo Kid, Rich Swann, PACO, Andy Dalton, Trevor Lee

Friday October 26 
115 Bourbon Street (Merrionette Park, IL)
6:30 Doors  7:30 Belltime
Front Row/Front Row Stage - SOLD OUT
Second Row - $40.00
Second Row Stage - SOLD OUT
Third Row - $30.00
Fourth Row - $25.00
Fifth Row - $25.00
General Admission/Standing Room - $20
Tickets Available:

Dia De Los Luchadores

Featuring the AAW Debut of LA PARK

Saturday November 10 - Knights of Columbus (209 Gooding St LaSalle, IL)
6:00pm Doors  7:00pm Belltime
Front Row - $25 - LIMITED
Front Row Stage - $20 - SOLD OUT 
Second Row - $20
General Admission - $15
Family 4 Pack - $50 (4 GA Tickets Saving You $10)
Tickets Available:


Already Signed:  PENTA EL 0M, Rey Fenix, Brody King, Rich Swann, DJZ, Jessica Havok, Kylie Rae, Eddie Kingston, Trevor Lee, Jeff Cobb

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AAW 2018 Schedule

Saturday November 24 - Logan Square Auditorium (Chicago, IL)

Saturday December 8 - Knights of Columbus (LaSalle, Illinois)

Saturday December 29 - 115 Bourbon Street (Merrionette Park, IL)