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By Keith Lipinski on 11/11/2018 8:11 AM

AAW Pro "Legacy" Results
Saturday November 10 - Knights of Columbus LaSalle, IL - 400 fans (SUPER NO VACENCY)

Pre Show preview with the voice of AAW Tyler Volz

1.  PACO, Mike Hartenbower & Kody Rice defeated Bucky Collins & The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) after Chicago's favorite underdog PACO pinned Devin Cutter after a cradle shock (9:18)
The amazing DJZ on why he needs to win tonight

2.  The Besties in the World (Davey Vega y Matt Flinchet) won a four way tag team match against Connor Braxton & Stephen Wolf, the impressive duo of Dante Leon & Sage Cainan, Deonn Rusman & Joe Acer after the Besties hit Rusman (an impressive youngster) with the brain damage (Fitchett hits a flying knee strike as Vega holds him up for a suplex and drops the opponent on his knee at the exact same time as Fitchett hits him).  After the match Braxton and Wolf beat down on the other two teams which led to Ryan Boz coming out and getting nose to nose with Braxton.  Wolf and Braxton beat down on Boz until PACO came in to help out Boz and cleared the ring with a chair. (8:07).

Trey Miquel pre match on the three way for a shot at the Hertiage Championship


3.   Winner gets a shot at the Heritage Championship:  DJZ defeated Myron Reed and Trey Miguel to win a championship opportunity.  High flying and fast paced, the end came when DJZ crotched Myron on the top rope and jumped off Myrons back for a DZT on Trey for the win.  (11:48) 


Welcome to AAW Mance Warner


4.  In her AAW Debut Quinn McKay defeated Allie Kat with a DDT (3:49)

The Rascalz before their match with the Lucha Bros


5. AAW Heritage Championship - 2 Out Of 3 Falls:  Trevor Lee (representing WRSTLING) defeated Rich Swann.  First fall saw Trevor on the mic to give his incredible usual Microphone performance - including mentioning how this match was being held under WRSTLING rules where count-outs and disqualifications are used - unlike AAW's usual no count-outs or disqualifications lack of rules.  As Trevor was giving the crowd a piece of his mind including calling himself "Jesus"- the referee rang the bell and Swann came from behind with a schoolboy to get the fist fall. Trevor evened up the match when Swann was counted out in the second fall.  Trevor used a double stomp to win the third fall and retain.  Was said to be the match of the evening. (21:24)

Allisin Kay pre match on Kylie Rae


6.  The Lucha Bros (PENTA EL 0M & Rey Fenix) defeated The Rascals (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) This was said to be outstanding as well. A very competitive match where both teams were being respectful of one another.  Then at some point PENTA snapped and used his hammerlock arm snap on Zachary Wentz - which he has not used for some time in AAW.  Zachary was pinned after the spike piledriver.  After the match Dezmond was very unhappy about Zachery getting injured - screaming the Lucha Brothers didn't need to hurt Zach.  Dezmond showed incredible fire and concern towards his fallen partner.  More to come here with these two great teams. (12:10)

AAW Cameras try and get a word out of Steven Wolf after his match at AAW Legacy

7. The MJF (substitute for Eddie Kingston) defeated Mance Warner after clipping Mance's knee and rolling him up.  (12:47)

8. Curt Stallion & Jake Something defeated Ace Romero & Marko Stunt after Stallion pinned Stunt after an impressive double team leading to Stallion headbutting Marko mid air.  After the match The Besties ran in to jump their nemeses as Something & Stallion have beat down the Besties post match multiple times.  They will meet again on November 24 at AAW Unstoppable  (14:41)


Allie Kat asks The MJF for a critque on her match

9. Kylie Rae defeated Allysin Kay in an excellent match.  Kylie hit a hurricanrana into a crossface (shades of Skayde) to give her momentum for her AAW Women's Championship Match against Kimber Lee on November 24 at AAW Unstoppable (10:43)

10.  Street Fight:  Sami Callihan & Jessica Havok defeated AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King & Jimmy Jacobs after Callihan pinned Jacobs after The Cactus Driver <modified piledriver>.  A brutal chaotic contest which was held inside the ring and ringside.  We saw plenty of weapons, shopping cart, garbage, tables, a signapre cane and so much more. The issue with Callihan and King is still looming (15:19)


Kylie Rae Post Match Promo on Kimber Lee and AAW Unstoppable

AAW Post Match Show

AAW Returns to LaSalle IL for the final show "Last Call" at the Knights of Columbus on Saturday Night December 9


Brody King defends the AAW Heavyweight Championship


The return of Darby Allin


Announced last night Ryan Boz & Paco vs. Connor Braxton & Stephen Wolf

The next AAW show though is Thanksgiving weekend in the beautiful Logan Square Auditorium


Saturday November 24 - Logan Square Auditorium (2539 N Kedzie Blvd Chicago, IL)
6:30pm Doors  7:30pm Bell Time
Front Row Stage - $50 - SOLD OUT
Second Row - $40 - Tickets moving fast!
Third Row - $30
Third Row Stage - $30
Fourth Row - $25
Standing Room Only - $20
Tickets Available:


1.  AAW Women's Championship Match:  Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae


2.  AAW Tag Team Championship Match:  AR Fox & Myron Reed vs. The Laredo Kid & Rey Horus


3.  Fred Yehi vs. Mance Warner

4.  The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Jake Something & Curt Stallion

Already signed:
Sami Callihan
Eddie Kingston
David Starr
Trevor Lee
Jessicka Havok
Rey Fenix
Jimmy Jacobs
Josh Briggs
Matt Sydal
Colt Cabana
Trey Miguel
Stephen Wolf