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By Rob Brodhecker on 1/5/2019 6:10 AM

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Show of the Year Report from Jonesboro -- December 27

AWE presents Show of the Year 5

Furnance 41, Jonesboro, Ga

It's been a while since I've been in a nightclub and first time going to an AWE event. Right now I'm guessing the crowd to be around 60, how many of those are paid, I couldn't guess. 11 matches are on tap for tonight, let's see how long the battery will last!

William Huckaby v Owen Knight for the Georgia Heritage Title

The crowd seems split between the two men but I think the Huck is getting more cheers. Owen dodges the tie up and hits Huck with a right. Owen trying to use his quickness to avoid the power of Huck. Huck hits some power moves and a monstrous chop that echoes around the building. Owen tries a springboard but Huck catches him and suplexes Owen. Both men exhibiting heelish tendencies. Another monstrous chop by Huck, the crowd calls for another chop and Huck delivers. Lots of mouthing off happening, this is definitely an adult show. Owen converts a power move by Huck into a DDT, both men down. Strikes being handed out liberally. Owen gets a 2 count. Huck eats 2 superkicks and a codebreaker for a 2 count. Huck hits a Spicoli Driver and then a powerbomb for the 3 count. Time 9:45. Huck wins the title. Huck stands above Owen crowing about the victory but Owen hits a low blow on Huck. Owen mouths off on Huck and spits on him. Grade it a B. A decent opening match to start the show with.

Adrian Amour and Blacklist Uno come out. Uno's in civies and says that Slade Porter is a bitch and that Slade won't be here. Gets to Supreme leader business. Changed the name to Combat Entertainment. Offers an open opportunity for someone to join the roster. King Bailey Blake comes out in a white rapper gimmick. Bailey says that he has some mad bars to drop. He teases but doesn't drop anything. Lamar Diggs comes out to answer the challenge. Uno calls him Day's houseboy, he says he could have used a different word than boy.

"King" Bailey Blake v Lamar Diggs

Diggs charges but Bailey dodges out of the way and Diggs gets rolled up for the 3 count. Time: 24. Wow, that was quick. More words exchanged

Hunter Law v Chris Crunkk

Law is rocking a Vega from Streetfighter vibe minus the mask and hand claws. The action goes to the outside for a cup of coffee and then back inside. The crowd is def behind Crunkk. Law hits a superkick and sends Crunkk to the outside. Law drags him back in and hits a jumping dropkick to the back of Crunkk's head. Law hits another dropkick for a 2 count. Law mouths off to the crowd and eats a kick from Crunkk. Both men down. A flurry of offense gets a 2 count for Crunkk. Law counters with moves of his own for a near fall. Law stomping the mat ala Shawn Micheals to set up a superkick but Crunk was waiting on him. Near fall on Law. A series of counter moves leads to a pin on Crunkk with Law holding onto the ropes. Time 7:19. More of a technical matchup than the first match. Lots of twists and turns. Grade A-. The crowd chants You got F$%^ in support of Crunkk.

CB Suave v DeAndre Jackson

CB does his signature hip swivel and gets DeAndre to charge in. DeAndre is a big boy and CB will need his quickness to counter the size and strength of DeAndre. The strategy was working until CB went up top and landed onto DeAndre's fist. DeAndre's methodical power moves are wearing down CB. DeAndre catches CB in mid-air and tosses CB over his head. DeAndre teases a cover but locks in a nerve hold. CB gets out and lands several kicks to bring DeAndre to his knees. CB locks in a sleeper. CB releases it to lands several corner dropkicks but DeAndre catches him on the third attempt. DeAndre goes up for a Vader bomb but CB powerbombs DeAndre for a 2 count. CB lands a vicious kick to the head of DeAndre for the 3 count. Time 8:20. Interesting match up but can only give it a B.

Ruthless LaLa vs Aria Blake (Queen of the Hierarchy)

Uno's back on the mic. Calls LaLa Harambe. He really lays into LaLa. Says that you don't want to mess with the 2 finger salute. LaLa turns around and into a lariat by Armour and Aria Blake pins LaLa. Time was less than 5 seconds.

ACH v Joe Black for the Georgia Wrestling Crown championship

Dueling corner tie-ups to start with. The match is a ground-based showcase, to begin with, and the crowd is appreciative of it. Holds and counters for the first 5 minutes. Action picking up now with Joe gaining the advantage. A couple of monster chops by Joe. ACH counters and gets Joe in a headlock to slow the pace back down. Joe gets a belly to back in and ACH is out of the ring. Joe follows. Back in the ring, Joe hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Another belly to back leaves ACH in agony. The action goes back out of the ring, Joe looking strong here. ACH is selling the back. Joe gets ACH over in a suplex for a 2 count. ACH trying to fight back. Chop block into a curb stomp into a kick to the head almost gets ACH the win. ACH trying to suplex but Joe blocks and they trade off trying to suplex each other. Joe is no selling ACH's chops.ACH chops Joe for a total of 13 times. Joe hits a backstabber for a near fall. Massive lariat by Joe almost gets the pin. A series of kicks followed by a brainbuster gives ACH the win. Time 18:27. The new champ is ACH. I loved this match, it had almost everything you could want in a technical matchup. Grade: A+. ACH has the mic and says that he spent 5 years in ROH and never won anything. He thanks the fans for supporting him. Side note: a video was posted later on Facebook of ACH giving the title back to Blacklist Uno. I don't know much about ACH's character but it was very trippy

A Watts Rules match: Michael Marshall v Matt Kenway (with Lamar Diggs)

The Watts Rules stip just about forces this to be a ground-based match up. Several situations where the rules play into Marshall's favor but still a rather even matchup thus far. The crowd is watching the match but not really reacting to it. Matt wants to do a piledriver but Diggs stops him. The ref tries to get Diggs off the apron and Marshall gets Matt into the piledriver for the win. Time 7:06. Have to give it a C, the crowd didn't know what to make of this match.

Adrian Amour (with Blacklist Uno) v Bshp King in a Combat Entertainment exhibition match

I couldn't understand Uno's promo on why this is an exhibition match. Both men avoiding strikes in the early going but that soon changes. Heavy blows being landed by both men. Action to the outside. More heavy blows being exchanged and some words as well. Back in the ring, both men are showing some wear and tear. I've noticed Aria Blake up on the stage. No clear advantage by either man. King hits a Spicoli driver for a near fall. King leaves the ring area and brings his timberlands boots with him. Blake attacks King while Stan is checking on Amour. Amour levels King with a lariat off the distraction for the win. Time 10:48. Grade B. Nasty Man Leroy from 1Fall Power Factory gets up on the ring apron and has words with Armour. Amour tells LeRoy to get down off the apron and really lays into him verbally. King super kicks Leroy.

Fabulous Fitness v Ashton Starr and Talon

This is the comedy portion of the show. Kiki gives Talon the Twinkie saying that Talon needs the calories. Kiki and Ashton show off their butt shaking skills. Talon and Kahuna square off, Talon uses the Twinkie to distract Kahuna from making the pin attempt save. Ash and Talon have some unique double team moves. Time `10:15

Chip Day with his crew #dayway (Sylar Cross, Lamar Diggs, Matt Kenway, and Degetz More Bundlez) v Eddie Kingston in a Lumberjack match.

Kingston all over Day in the early going but Day manages to get King out of the ring on the heel jacks side. Day in control. Kingston manages to get Day out of the ring but the other jacks don't do anything. Sylar cross comes in and blindsides Kingston. Kingston favoring the right arm. Near fall on Kingston. Kingston on the comeback. Near fall. Day comeback, near fall. Day hits double knees from the top rope for a near fall. Kingston catches Day up on the turnbuckle Chop fest up on top. Superplex by Kingston and both men down. Kingston nails a swinging backhand for the win. Time about 10 minutes. The crowd gives Kingston a standing "O". Kingston on the mic. Puts over Combat Ent.

Dog collar match: Nick Iggy v Kerry Awful

Iggy is dressed in a black button-down shirt and black slacks and says that he's dressed for a funeral. Awful tosses a couple of chairs into the ring. Both men sit down in the chairs and jaw at each other and start punching. They trade moves and the chain comes into play with Awful swinging the chain across Iggy's back. Action to the outside. they are laying waste to the tables and chairs. Awful eats the ring post. They head up to the stage area. Awful shoves an umbrella into Iggy's nether regions. Iggy backdrops Awful onto the stage. they move back to the ring area and Awful grabs a chair and smacks Iggy with it. Awful sets Iggy up against the ring post but Iggy moves before the chair hits. Iggy wraps Awful's head in the chair and rams it into the post. Back in the ring, Iggy gets a 2 count. Iggy pulls out a bag with tacks in it and dumps them into the middle of the ring. Iggy inserts a couple of tacks into Awfuls forehead. Iggy sets Awfuls head over a chair and curb stomps Awfuls head into the chair. All the refs and Josh Wheeler come out to check on Awful, Iggy chases them off. Awful's bleeding, Iggy's got Awful in a camel clutch smile. Awful's fighting back and gets Iggy down. Iggy has a Team IOU sign and says that IOU was where it all started. Iggy low blows Awful but Awful power bombs and then piledrives Iggy into the tacks. Awful get Iggy up on the top turnbuckle. Iggy trying to fight off. Awful pile drives Iggy from the top onto the chair and tacks and picks up the win. Time 15:16 Iggy's bleeding as well. Awful has the mic. Says that he was tired over the last year. Huge promo. some crowd members are crying. Says that the circus is still open and then clobbers Iggy with the mic. Lays into Iggy calling him talentless and tells the crowd to eat his ass, guess this is really the end for the Carnies. Josh has the mic to close out the show. The crowd was super into the match. They and I were expecting total destruction and chaos and it was delivered. I don't know if Iggy and Awful with have future one on one matches but if they do, they will be hard pressed to top this one. Grade it an A+

The referees were Darryl Hall, Stan Robinson and Maxx Recon.

Having the 2 short "matches" helped bring down the running time tremendously. I had never heard of Fabulous Fitness before, they are like a cross between the BodyDonnas and the BWO. I know there's a lot of backstories to some of the matches and the AWE Koolaid crowd knows them all. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Hierarchy and #DayWay going forward, especially with Uno being the supreme leader of Combat Entertainment.