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By Shannon Walsh on 1/10/2019 7:54 AM

Pro-Wrestling: EVE has a sold-out show called “She Who Dares, Wins” this Saturday 1/12 at The Resistance Gallery in London, United Kingdom at 8pm UTC. 

This will be the 37th consecutive sellout for the group at the venue. There was such a demand for tickets it could have sold it out twice over. This event will go head to head with NXT UK Takeover over in Blackpool.

The theme of the event is the old WCW Battle Bowl concept where tag teams are put together at random to face off in five different tag matches. The winners of those matches advance to compete in the “every woman for herself” Battle Royal main event. The winner of the Battle Royal wins the Battle Bowl Ring for the right to challenge for any EVE title of choice at any event.

Names announced so far include:

Charlie Morgan- She is the former EVE Champion and a hugely popular star in the company. She worked a few WWE/NXT U.K. shows last year.

Millie McKenzie- She is the new Sendai Girls Junior Champion. She defeated Ayame Sasamura for the title on Jan. 6 in Tokyo. Her style is reminiscent of Scott Rechsteiner in the 1980s WWA 

YUU- She is a former Princess of Princess Champion in Tokyo Joshi Pro. 

Heidi Katrina- This will be the EVE debut for “The British Amazon”. She was trained by Robby Brookside and Marty Jones. She made her debut in 2012 for Lucha Britannia. She is a former ABC Catch (France) International Champion, a former REINA-CMLL International Champion, and a former Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion (with Cassandra Miyagi). She’s worked for DDT and was the first foreigner to join Sendai Girls. She has competed in Canada, Spain, Ireland, and Germany. In the USA, she appeared for XICW Detroit’s event at Cobo Center. The show was a tribute to The Original Sheik and Detroit’s Big Time Wrestling history 

Jetta- “The Princess Diana of EVE” is a regular of the group and one of their top stars. She combines wrestling with genuinely brilliant comedy and wit in her promos and body language during matches. She has wrestled for SHIMMER in the past. She was a member of “The International Home Wrecking Crew” faction with Rain and Lacey 

The promotion has also announced a show for 2/9 titled “Global Women Strike 2” at The Resistance Gallery.

EVE's official streaming site can be found at