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By Mike Johnson on 1/19/2019 7:01 AM

WWE CWC Competitor & One Of Canada's Greatest Set For CWE Debut.

Major announcements by the day!

Fresh off the announcements of Lucha Libre legend Psicosis headlining CWE's 10th Anniversary Tour and the return of UFC Icon & former NWA World Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn on March 1st at Rookie's Sports Bar we have another groundbreaking announcement!

In what is nearly 10 years overdue, a man almost everyone in Eastern Canada consider the best wrestler in the country is coming to compete with the elite in Central and Western Canada with the official CWE debut of the illustrious Tyson Dux!

For over 20 years Tyson Dux has been highly regarded by fans and peers alike as the measuring stick of Canadian wrestling and as a trainer.

With technical wrestling ability, a knowledge for the sport, and charisma, Tyson Dux is an unmatched total package that has used his vast talents to compete around the world.

The Ontario native journeyman has been competing for WWE on a regular basis in televised and non televised matches throughout his entire career, a former member of Team Canada in TNA, had a stint with Ring Of Honor, and has competed across Canada, the United States, UK, and Japan.

Finally after nearly two decades of being on the brink Tyson Dux finally got his just due as a competitor in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic where he proved to the world and himself he belonged on the highest level of professional wrestling in our industry.

For the first time ever Tyson Dux makes his way to Canadian Wrestling's Elite on March 1st at Rookie's Sports Bar in Winnipeg, Manitoba at The Beast On Melrose Ave East ft Dan "The Beast" Severn.

The technical wrestling god that is Tyson Dux comes to Manitoba for the first time in nearly 20 years and is looking forward to proving to anyone out west that he is THE best in Canadian wrestling. Time will tell who takes him up on that challenge!

For full information on how to see Tyson Dux live in CWE on March 1st visit