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By Mike Johnson on 2/12/2019 7:45 AM

Pro Wrestling Explosion0 Galactic Resolution


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ The PhilaMOCA

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Singles Match

Beefcake defeats Green Ant


Tag Team Match

The Embassy (Ernie Osiris & Prince Nana) defeat The Untouchables (PWE Champion Alex Payne & Shane Hagadorn)

- The end came when Hagadorn tagged himself in on Payne, leading to a minor disagreement between the two, that then saw Osiris superkick/DDT Shane for the win. Payne immediately attacked Osiris, and laid out Nana, which brought out Jimmy Rave for an impromptu Embassy reunion as The Untouchables bailed. The reunion was short-lived though as Rave decked Osiris and attempted to hit Nana with a Greetings From Ghana (Pedigree) before Joe Gacy hit the ring to save,which in turn lead to...


No Disqualification Match

Jimmy Rave defeats Joe Gacy


Loser Loses Mustache Match

Anthony Greene (w/Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett) defeats Yodeling Yohan Wunderschnitzel


Three On One Handicap Match

Shockwave The Robot defeats The JOB Security


Nine Man Galactic Rumble Match

Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham defeats Angel Sinclair and Ava Everett and Hotdog Starkes and Jermaine and Jixx and Marcus Skylar and Mike Gamble and The Wild Hog


Singles Match

Sly Stetson defeats Grizzly Redwood


Sweethearts Brawl Match

Troy Nelson defeats CPA


Singles Match

Billy Avery defeats Smash Bradley via submission


The Beachbums Explode! (Special Referee: Brody )

TJ Crawford defeats Freddy Flamingo


PWE Title Match

Bobby Dempsey defeats Alex Payne (w/Shane Hagadorn) (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

- Prior to the match, PWE Promoter Erik Viking came out to inform the live audience that "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams would be unable to compete tonight due to a groin injury, but he had a replacement challenger in the man he referred to as the "Heart & Soul of PWE"...Bobby Dempsey!