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By Mike Johnson on 2/13/2019 7:43 AM

CWE 3/1 Main Event Contract Officially Finalized.



8 Man Tag Team Attraction Match
Former NWA Canadian Champions "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom & "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada, & The Old School Wrecking Crew ("Outlaw" Adam Knight & "The Tattooed Terminator" Darren Dalton) vs. UFC Icon & Former NWA World Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn & The Cannon Corporation ("Big" Bobby Schink & "The Rebel" Bobby Collins, & "Hellbilly" Rex Roberts) w/"The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon


The challenge was put out on January 4th at Hardcore Over Haircuts by Vance Nevada, Rob Stardom, Adam Knight, & Darren Dalton for an eight man tag team match against The Cannon Corporation after the crooked stable interfered in multiple matches that all culminated in the group assaulting all four men and leaving four of the most accomplished veterans of the province laid out side by side in the ring.

In what was considered a very odd out of character thing for Kevin Cannon to do he quickly accepted the challenge with no questions asked. He didn't decline the match or try and make a stipulation to his advantage. He flat out accepted the match. Or so we thought...


The challengers challenged "The Cannon Corporation" to a match and did not specify anyone in particular in the group. As a result in what is without a doubt  no coincidence, before signing the contract and submitting it to CWE offices Kevin Cannon officially registered one of the most dangerous and feared men on the planet in UFC Hall Of Famer & World Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn as a member of his roster.

With Dan Severn legally registered under his management he is technically a member of The Cannon Corporation and viable to compete in this match and will replace Cannon himself on the team. It wasn't the only shake up on behalf of Cannon on the initial intention by his challengers as he opted to bench Jacob Creed who he sighted embarrassed the organization losing to Darren Dalton who "couldn't wrestle himself out of a wet paper bag" and subbed in his biggest talent acquisition, "Big" Bobby Schink.


With the dream team of Dan Severn, Bobby Schink, Rex Roberts, and Bobby Collins assembled the contract was submitted. There was definitely concern on behalf of Stardom, Nevada, Knight, and Dalton knowing the realities of getting in the ring with Dan Severn but never once did the tandem revoke their challenge.


CWE management however was very reluctant to finalize the contract with their stamp of approval as although Dan Severn is a professional wrestler and a highly accomplished one, he is also a trained killer who can literally murder a high percentage of the population with his bare hands in seconds and we know 

Cannon has no intention of approaching this like a friendly competitive wrestling competition.


With Cannon having what is believed to have unlimited financial resources it can only be imagined the money he lined in Severn's pockets to take out four of the most threatening enemies since his arrival in CWE. Management is beyond 

fearful of the safety of its talent and absolutely under no circumstance want to see the careers ended of any of those four men for getting in the ring with Severn.


However, after CWE submitted the contract to their attorney it was proved once again that Kevin Cannon is the "Mastermind" for a reason as given the terms this match was agreed upon and how the challenge was made the company would be liable for not following through with the drafted contract.


Therefore the match is official. Four of the toughest men in the history of Manitoba wrestling have what could possibly be their last matches as they try and defy the odds against The Cannon Corporation!



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